His Light, Her Spark

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I quickly grabbed my schedule from the principal and headed to the door. I opened it and stepped outside to find the classes myself because I doubt that someone like Xavier would take me on a tour. Yea, real funny. I ain't laughing. Suddenly, I felt a grip on my shoulder.


But no, it wasn't Xavier. Xavier was still inside, arguing with the principal. I still wonder how is he even able to argue with someone with that much power? Guess I'll never know. So, who's this?

"Hey! I'm Axel. Axel Grimmer".

"H--hey". Oh my god! What a stupid move!! Did I not learn anything at all at Interact Club?! Interact Club was a club that I used to join in my old school before I moved here. The club was known to help many with their communication skills and here I am, stuttering in front of a boy. Wonderful.

"I'm Kyomi Blake. Nice to meet you". Well, at least I know how to say my greetings. I gotta say thanks to Taylor Swift for writing a song called Blank Space. That helped!

"So, I'd like to be friends with you and I'd want you to sit with me and the gang if that's okay, of course". Straightforward, I like it.

"Sure! I'd be glad to". Then, we kept on chatting as we've met years ago.

Dash's POV

As soon as I walked out of what seemed like the hell's door, I saw her. However, I couldn't approach her because "pretty boy" was with her. I didn't entirely notice her in the principal's room before but now that I've seen her closely, she does look a bit cute. Even worse, it just came to my senses that I've gone to the same school as her. I smiled at that thought.

How come I didn't notice her before? What was so different about her that I've only noticed her in high school?

I shook my head at the unnecessary thoughts I was having. Okay, seriously! When is he gonna go so that I can complete this f*cking tour?!! I waited. And waited. And WAITED. That's it! I'm going in!!

Kyomi's POV

"Okay, let's go," said Xavier while looking at my eyes with tense.

"Oh, hey man!". Xavier casually waved at Axel and they both immediately did their friendship handshake which looked pretty cool. "Hey! Let's just get this tour over with already," he told me. I said my goodbyes to Axel and followed Xavier.


After we finished, we went to the principal's office again to say that we've completed the given task. Then, the principal turned on the microphone and announced that all of the dorms will have a mixed-gender starting from today and that we will remain in the same dorms till we're 17 unless mentioned otherwise.

"All of you will have to cooperate with your dormmate! I know this is very sudden but the choice has been made!! The dorm keys will be given out by Ms. Clarkson. You may collect your keys after all of your lessons are done. If you have a free period right now, I'd advise you to take your dorm key immediately. In addition, your dormmate will be chosen randomly. Thank you for your attention". Just like that, he turned off the microphone.

"Sir, may I get my dorm key right now? It would be really helpful for me considering I have a bunch of luggage with me today" I asked with a lower tone, hoping I was polite enough for him to let me settle in my dorm. As a yes, he nodded. "Thank you, sir".

As soon as I walked out of the office again, I wandered into my thoughts. What was her name again? Ms. Clerksson? Ms. Larkson? No, that doesn't sound right. God, I can't remember! Whatever. I just can't share a room with Dash. While I was lost in deep thoughts, I bumped into someone. Classic. Luckily, it wasn't a he but a she.

"Oh, my guacamole!!! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry and I'm sorry!!!! PLEASE DON'T MIND MY CARELESSNESS!!! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry and I'm sorry" I pleaded many times. Way to go overboard with the 'sorry'.

"Girl, chill! It's fine. You're new, am I correct?" she asked me.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Yea, kind of. Oh silly me! I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Clamentine. Clamentine Daisy. Great to meet ya!!" she greeted.

"I--I'm Kyomi Blake and it's my f-freshman year actually," I told her nervously.

"Cool! Hey, I'm going to collect my dorm key. Wanna join?"

Of course, I replied with, "Sure!". It didn't take us more than 2 minutes to reach the counter.


"Clamentine Daisy Sedwick".

"Your room number is 300 and here's your key".


"Kyomi Blake, ma'am".

"Room 355 and this is your dorm key".

Well, at least I'm in the same apartment as Daisy.

"Yay! We're in the same apartment!!" said Daisy enthusiastically. Exactly my thought, Daisy. Exactly my thought.

"I guess I'll see you later then, Daisy," I said with a smile. "Alright, Kyomi! Best of luck for your dormmate!" she said with a wink. I rolled my eyes and said, "Whatever, Daisy Duck". Then, we both chuckled and went to our room.

In my room

As I entered the room, I was wowed. "Holy moly, a heaven of cookies! This room is enormous!". I can't lie but the color of the walls was magnificent. Then, a bed caught my attention. "Now, that's what I call a bed!".

I started bouncing on the bed like a 5-year-old. "Wohoooo!!! Best. Day. Ever!!!!".


After a few minutes of being a complete child, I went to take a cold shower. I know most of you would question, "Why cold and not hot?". Well, that's because I love how the cold water would drop on my body. I don't even care if I freeze. I grabbed my luggage and unzipped it to grab my towel. I walked to the bathroom and closed the door.

Dash's POV

5 minutes later

"You know what, bro? What you did in the principal's office was lit! Right now, the whole school knows about it and they're already talking about how epic you were. You're f*cking famous, man!" my friend complimented me.

"Yea yea, I doubt that because I'm already famous among the girls, bro. They just can't resist me at all" I said with a smirk playing on my face.

"Holy f*ck!" he swore.

"What?" I asked, not knowing why he was so surprised.

"Look. At. That. Angelic. Body!".

Kyomi's POV

*still in the bathroom*

Wow...I think I've spent way too long in the shower. Thank god no one is in the room yet. If there is anyone....then, consider themselves lucky!

*stepping out of the bathroom*

*humming stuck with you*

Oh crap! Why are there two boys?! Even worse! My crush is here and I'm f*cking naked. Talk about goddamn timing! Great, now they're even drooling and I'm still in complete shock. Boys. Even a little cleavage can turn them on quicker than turning on a light switch. Legs! WHY AREN'T YOU WORKING?!!!

Dash's POV

The moment she stepped out of the bathroom, my eyes widen. Not only because she was just in her pink towel but it's also because she's hot! The water droplets from her hair were dripping down her body real slowly. Wait a minute----am I seriously drooling over her? I can't seem to look away either. S--she was too perfect. When she started to cross her arms, that's when I came back to reality.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer. By the way, why are there two of you here??" she asked as her cheeks puffed with anger. Cute.

"I might as well take a picture for a memory of a goddess body designed by your mum. Also, Miss Pink Towel, this is our room. So, you better get out or get back into the bathroom for me to have sex with you like you wanted" I said, narrowing my eyes at her, filled with lust.

"No, you get out! This is my room too!" she said, ignoring the fact that I wanted to take her right now.

"No kidding, man. But there are three awesome beds here. In conclusion, no one has to leave. We're all staying together" said Erick.

"I'm sorry, who are you again?" she asked my friend with a confused face.

"I've never once introduced myself to you but I'm Erick. Erick Williams. You look fineeeee, girl" said Erick. And that's when she realized that she was still in her pink towel.

"Eeeeeek! TURN AROUND" she ordered.

"No, I don't want to" I fought back.

"TURN AROUND OF I'LL HIT YOU!" she told, holding a glass vase.

"Fierce. I like it".

"Just turn around, you moron".

"Fine. I will" I told her, finally admitting my defeat. I counted to five seconds, thinking that'll be enough time for a hike to dress up. If she's not dressed, might as well be a good devil to her. 1.......2........3.......4.....5!

"I'm done," she said. There she was, standing with her oversized black hoodie with a rose image right in the middle. Wearing that innocent smile on her heart-shaped face. Pulling down the ends of her hoodie to her knees. Biting her lower lip out of embarrassment.

"I--I'm taking the middle bed. Y'all c-can pick the bed on the left and the r--right. Anyways, do y'all have some r-rules I need to know about?" she asked nervously. Welp, this is gonna be fun.

"We do!" I told.

"We do? Oh yeah....we do!" Erick said after he got the hint.

"Number one, don't test my patience. Number two, I'm sleeping beside you on your bed. Number three, do not dare to ask me about the silly rumors you'll hear in the school nor bring up my past. You will not like the consequences. Are we clear?"

"Wait----what the f*ck was number two, again? Sleep in my bed?! You mean TOGETHER?!?! I have a boyfriend!!!" she argued.

"By your face expression, you don't have a boyfriend and yes, I meant together".

"Well then, you could've just said that you wanted my bed. It's just 7 words. I want to sleep in your bed. Not that hard, ya know?" she said as she twisted a strand of her hair with her pointer finger.

Is she playing innocently with me right now? I said sleep together and she thought otherwise. I always get what I want. I got the looks, money, intelligence, and girls! But her? She's too innocent.

"You're sleeping with me, princess. I order you to do so".

"You can't order me! You're not the boss of me!!"

"Oh, petal....so innocent....I'm the principal's son, sweetheart". Suddenly, she slapped me.

"Just because you're the principal's son, it doesn't give you the right to boss me around!".

"Ooooooohhh....the burn" laughed Erick. Erick was laughing so hard, he couldn't stop. That nerve of hers! When she was about to go in for another one, I grabbed her wrist.

Kyomi's POV

That nerve of his! He thinks he can boss me around because he's the principal's son! However, I kinda wanna admit that he's cute when he's angry and I did lie about the boyfriend part. Ugh! What am I thinking about?! Now is not the time! I'm still mad. So, I slapped him. I know that was evil of me but he deserves it. Then, I remembered that he has asked me to sleep with him. Ughhhhh....he's crossing the line! He deserves another. But this time, he caught it. He dodged my slap and grabbed my wrist, looked deep into my blue ocean eyes.


The look was so intense, it made me want to kiss him so bad. My head was saying no but my body was reacting otherwise. HE. IS. TOO. CLOSE. TO. ME. Then, he began trailing kisses all over my neck. Darn it, my sensitive part. I moaned in pleasure. He knew too well what he was doing. I wanted to say something but he smirked and gently bite down on my neck, almost giving me hickeys.

F*ck you, Xavier f*cking Dash! Then, I finally voiced out, "F-f-fine! I-I'll sleep with you, D-Dash!".

Heat. All that I felt at that time was the heat. Nothing else. Please let go of me already, Dash. After I voiced out, he finally let go. Damn, that was wayyyyyyyyy too much. TOO. MUCH. FOR. ME. TO. HANDLE. God, send help!


Kyomi: What a disaster. Like if you love wearing hoodies like me!

Xavier: I know right. Such a lovely disaster. Comment if you love to take control like me!


Xavier: To you.

Kyomi: Piss off!
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