His Light, Her Spark

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Teasing The Playboy

Kyomi's POV

The sun was reflecting towards my eyes and I rubbed both of my eyes to get a clearer vision. It was already morning. Wait a minute- I feel too warm for some reason. I--I'm in his arms? Oh no. I tried to get up but he just pulled me closer until our lips were touching. No no no! This can't be happening!! Not only that our lips were crashing onto each other but he keeps pulling me closer causing our lips to touch more. Suddenly, I felt my eyes change color.

"Crap!" I scolded myself, "What the heck are you dreaming about, Dash?!" I asked myself while doing an inner eye roll.

This needs to stop. However, a little tease wouldn't hurt, right? I stroked his hair gently and let my fingertips run down his face. I then brushed my thumb through his scarred eyebrow. How'd you like that, playboy??


"What are you doing?" he asked in his sleepy voice. Our lips slowly started to drift away. Thank goodness for knowing how to control myself or else he would've noticed the change in me. Phew! Then, he took both of my hands, tighten it with one of his, rolled on top of me, and asked again, "What are you doing?? Stroking my hair, giving me chills with your fingertips, and brushing my brow. I was awake all this time, Krackles".

"Let go of me, you moron!" I said while narrowing my eyes at him. Okay, maybe teasing him was a bad idea. I could already hear Daisy in my head saying, "Ya think?!". I struggled in his grip but soon realized that there was no point in doing that when Xavier was stronger than me. Talk about going to the gym every day. I'd rather stay indoors and eat my favorite fast food called McDonald's. Oreo Mcflurry, yummm.

"You enjoyed it, didn't you?".

"What are you talking about, Dash?" I asked while still trying to free my hands from his grip.

"The kiss....you enjoyed it, didn't you? he asked again but more elaborately.

"N-no! Y-you crashed your lips onto mine, not the other way around. Now, get off me" I pushed him with all of my strength but failed. Okay, maybe hitting the gym at least once won't be so bad if, by all means, I can get away from him. Suddenly, he pushed me back down causing both of us to lose balance and fall on top of each other. Instead of running at the moment, I simply caught him with my arms. My back started to ache and it was not because I hit the floor but because something that I've been trying to hide for years wants to show itself.

Don't you dare!

I smiled weakly when Xavier slowly got up. Not enough to sit up but just enough to see my face closely. Those eyes of his were filled with hunger and lust. I shut my eyes as quickly as possible and shove him to get off me. I can't let him get to know the real me. That's never gonna happen. Ever. I rapidly took my towel and my favorite black dress to the bathroom. God....one night with him, I'm already craving for him and messing up. Luckily, I have school today. My first day. How exciting!


After my quick shower, I heard the doorbell rang. I opened the door and already knew it was someone I was expecting, Daisy.

"Hey, Daisy Duck!" I greeted. She pushed past me and looked around my room. Okay, woah!

"Oh, my cheesecakes! You're in a room with not only one but TWO famous boys in the school?!?!!! The charmer and the playboy hottie!! It's such a huge matter and you didn't care to tell me?! I'm so disappointed. I'm stuck with MR-I'M-SO-COLD-AND-HAVE-NO-FEELINGS dude" she whispered when she spoke about her dormmate. She's so goddamn lucky! She's stuck with MR-WHO-IS-NOT-A-PERVERTED-JERK while I am. Not one but two!! She talks about this as if it's a good thing to be stuck with them. Me, Dash, and Erick. What a disaster.

But since she got all of her hopes up, I shouldn't be the one to burst her bubble. Dream all you want, Daisy Duck.

"Yeah, about that...I don't have your number but your roommate could be The One" I told.

Yesss, change the topic. The only thing that I'm accurately good at. I should be meticulous about what I'm saying especially about them. If one of them pops up behind my back, it could end up being appalling. I know, I know. I've been watching too many K-Dramas and romantic movies but can you blame me?

"Oh, I didn't realize that you don't have my number" she nervously laughed and continued, "I'll give it to you when it's recess. You're sitting with us, right?" she asked while checking her notebook.

"Us?" I asked back.

"Me, Axel, Jax, Emma, Mia, and Dexter but only if you want to. It's the week where Axel and I sit with the cool group. It is a funny habit that the both of us have which is changing our recess group twice a month." she explained. "Remember when I told you about Mr. Cold?"

"Yea, of course" I replied with a nod.

"That's Axel".

"Axel?" I asked with wide eyes.

"Why do you sound so surprised? Have you met him?"

"Yes and I think he's kinda cute" I blushed. "Omg! Ayomi is sailing!!" she screamed.

"Huh? What's Ayomi? D--does he have a girlfriend or something" I asked nervously while bitting nails. I don't know why was I scared if he had one but I was hoping he doesn't.

"Noo! A is for Axel and Yomi is for Kyomi, you!" she told.

"Shut the f*ck up, Daisy Duck" I covered her mouth with my hand, scared that someone could hear us but I felt relieved that he not in a relationship yet.

"Let's just get to class and stop bickering, kay?" she said in a muffled voice as I was still covering her mouth. I lowered my hand and agreed. "Eww, Daisy! Seriously?! You licked my hand and now it's all wet and disgusting!!" I said furiously. "Sorry not sorry," she said before running to the classroom. "Hey! Wait up!" I called, trying to catch up with Daisy who had long legs. Short girl problems.

At the classroom

Oooohhhh cookies! A--a--axel is h-here. Abort! Abort!! ABORTTTT! Just walk into the class and hope that the teacher doesn't acknowledge you, Kyomi. Just walk and--

"Oh! Look, class. We have a new student joining us today. What's your name, child?" the teacher asked me with the sweetest smile.

--Welp, that didn't work out. Apparently, all of the teachers will eventually notice the new kids.

"Heyyyyyyyyy there, everybody! My name is Kyomi Blake. How's it hanging?" I waved to the class. Awkward.....

"Wonderful!" the teacher exclaimed. It would be wonderful if the boys weren't drooling, teacher. Ugh! Boys. Even a little cleavage turns them on quicker than a switch. Oh, come on! I just showed my shoulders and my waist. How's that a turn on?! Unbelievable.

"Okay, Nyomi. Go find yourself an empty seat and sit. If there's none, just sit on the floor because you don't have a choice since you joined us a little too late" she said sarcastically.

"Teacher, it's Kyomi. Do I need to spell it? Because I can if you want the spelling to my name. It's K-Y-O-M-I. Alright?" I corrected her.

"Yea yea, whatever. Just sit Ms.Drake" she said.

"IT'S BLAKE!" I corrected her again. "I get it. Now, sit your butt down or I'll put you up for detention!" she said with a bored face.

And the question still lingers in my mind. Why do teachers always get our name wrong? It's not even that hard! I looked around the classroom and there was no place for me to sit except beside Axel. Ahh, crumbs! What are my chances?? Hold on--is my eyes playing with me or something? Where's the chair?! Are you kidding me?!?!

"Heyya, Kyomi! Daisy took the chair from here all of a sudden. B-but you can sit on my lap if ya want to" he said.

I knew it! That Daisy Snake. Oh, tiramisu.

"T--thanks, Axel". What? I had no other choice. And I'm not gonna sit on the floor if that's what you're thinking. Floor equals to cold and cold equals to freeze my butt. So, no. I slowly sat on his lap. After I did, he held my hips and adjusted me on his lap. He even carried me a little as if I weigh as light as a feather. He sure knows how to make this girl's heart flutter. Right then, my mouth and my fingers felt funny. Uh-oh. Not again. As the time flew by, it was soon recess. Thank god.

Recess Time

I joined the group Daisy was talking about before. Yes, the 'Cool Group'. I took note of the canteen and it seems like this school is also classified into a few more groups. Namely, the Popular Girls, the Jocks, the Athletes, the Mean Girls, the Pretty Plastics, the Smarties, the Good Weirds, the Bizarre, the Monsters, the Sensitives, and the Unneighborly. As I was scanning around the canteen for more groups, Daisy pushed me and simply said, "Ladies first!". "Ladies what---whooaaa! Watch out!".

Daisy pushed me so hard, I landed on the bench and I fell on someone. Axel Grimmer. This girl, playing cupid. My face fell flat onto Axel's chest and my hands were holding onto his shirt for support. I quickly adjusted myself like a lady on my seat and whispered to Daisy's ear, "I'mma kill you". She chuckled at my threat. I groaned annoyingly at her.

Out of nowhere, my left eye was caught up with dust. I couldn't open my eye. Tears began to fall when I felt pain. Axel offered to help me and I gladly accepted it. Then, his big hand held my face and gently blew some air towards my eye. When I looked into Axel's eyes closely, I saw the stars, a full moon, and a thousand galaxies. At last, it hit me. Mate. How's this possible?! I'm not supposed to even have one!!

Dash's POV

Once I sat down with my group, I searched for her. She was talking to Clamentine. To look like I'm listening to whatever my friends were saying, I had to look at them as well. After a few minutes, I glanced back at Krackles table and I was shocked to see Axel kissing her. Wait----why do I care? She's not my friend nor mine. I glanced one more time and they were still kissing. That's it! I'm taking her away. That nerve of his!! That half-witted pretty f*cked up boy.

I stood up from my bench and head to their table. My eyes were only focused on Kyomi. "Kyomi, we need to talk!" I said while grabbing her right wrist."Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" she fought. I pulled her and started to walk wherever my feet would take me. "I-I'll catch up with y'all later, kay. Woah. Slow down there, s'mores! This ain't a race" she said while looking at me angrily. "Where are you taking m--The lockers? THE BOYS LOCKERS?!?! Have you lost your mind? There are other boys h--". "Don't look at them! Just look at me" I told her.

Kyomi's POV

As I was complaining about why I shouldn't be here, Xavier pushed me hard against his locker and blocked me with his right arm. He looked at me intensely and that's when he mentioned, "Don't look at them, just look at me". Okay, Mr. Over Protective, GET ME OUTTA HERE!! Esto es una locura. De todos los lugares, me ha traído aquí. "Do you know why I've brought you here?" he asked, tilting his head to the side a little. No, I'm not a mind-reader. If I knew, I wouldn't be looking at you so blankly.

"N--no, Dash" I replied.

"I want to make a deal with you and I won't accept your denial, okay?".

"I'm listening," I said as I crossed my arms.

"I want to make a one-month deal with you," he said. "Uhm..." I started.

"Shut up, Krackles! Let me talk" he said sternly. "Why am I Krackles?? What is Krackles?!" I demanded an answer but Xavier ignored my questions.


"If I could make you fall in love with me in a month, you'll have to become my girl and mine only! If I don't, I'll leave you alone" he explained.

"Ohh puh-lease. I'm one hard nut to crack, Xav and I think Axel might be the-" I stopped and froze unexpectedly. Xavier questioned me with a raised brow on why I'd stop. I unintentionally glanced at a naked boy, that's what! I quickly grabbed Xavier's shirt and stuffed my entire face on it.

"What's the matter, Krackles?".

"I-I accidentally looked at a naked boy. I didn't mean to! I told you that coming here was a bad idea" I hit his chest playfully while still stuffing my face on his shirt. He then wrapped his arms around me and lowered his head to whisper to me by the ear, "The deal starts tomorrow".

"Get.Me.Outta.Here!!" I whined. "Chill, Krackles. As if you've never seen a boy without clothes before" he joked. Well, that's the thing! I haven't unlike you. I'm still a virgin, stupid. I've only kissed boys, not f*ck them. However, this jerk has probably seen a lot of girls...ughhh! Yuck!! Stop thinking about it. All of a sudden, I felt someone lifting me because my legs were no longer touching the ground but wrapped around someone's waist, Dash. My body is so betraying me at the moment.

"Come on, we're going back to the dorm. You have Physical Science, right? Me too. We have a free period" he said. Haaa...what a relief! Free period. What if the boy I saw was in my class?? That'll be humiliating. I began to wrap my arms around his neck, straighten my posture and got my face out of his shirt when we stepped out of the locker's room but instead of the chin-up, I chin-down. In other words, I looked down-sideish again. Wait--is he going to carry me until the room??!! I finally chin-up.

"Dash, you can put me down now. We're out of the room already. You don't have to carry me until there because if you haven't noticed, I have legs that were gifted by God to walk" I told him but he still didn't wanna listen to me. He just replied, "Nope! Not gonna let my princess walk, babygirl". Stubborn playboy. "PUT.ME.DOWN.OR.ELSE.I'LL.NEVER.TALK.TO.YOU.FOR.A.WHOLE.YEAR" I scolded him. Then, he finally put me down like a child.

"Okay okay, fine. Geez. Why are you mad at me? Did I say something??" he asked with puppy eyes. Bloody hell, not the puppy eyes. Like a shot, I felt my eyes about to change colors. Oh, red velvet cake, once more?!

"Yes, you did. Now, leave me alone" I said at a rate of knots. My whole body was reacting weird towards both Xavier and Axel today. If I let this continue, my true self could be revealed. So, I walked away. I even heard him groan behind me. He called me a few more times but I continued to walk. Soon, I was in the dorm. I was too tired to deal with everything that was happening. I lay on my bed and decided to catch some Z's.


Kyomi: Knock Knock!

Xavier: Who's there?

Kyomi: Axel.

Xavier: Axel, who?

Kyomi: Axellent photographer!

Axel: Real funny.
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