His Light, Her Spark

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Mixed Signals

I kept turning my face on my pillow but I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about the deal. I've read too many romantic stories and I've watched too many romance movies to understand where this will all end. First, they'll start a simple deal that is totally harmless. Then, they'll do a few flirting. Lastly, they'll fall in love. Oh, biscuits. I'm in trouble, aren't I? Keeping my real self hidden is already irritating and now, this deal that Xavier has made. Is it because I didn't give myself to him? Or is it because he hates me and just wants to annoy me? Either way, both of the options weren't good. Ugh..get him outta your head, Kyomi! At that point in time, my angel and devil side came. Here we go again.

Sweet Kyomi: Gurl, get your head in the gameee! You do know why we moved here right?

Risky Kyomi: Are you talking about the first reason or the second one?

Sweet Kyomi: Both!

Risky Kyomi: Oh, puh-lease luv. Let the princess have some fun. Her crush finally has some feelings for her. Let her live a little, won't ya?

Y'all, cut it out! Y'all always do this whenever I have a crush or two. By the way, Devil Kyomi is right just for this time.

Risky Kyomi: I'm always right. Churros here is always the wrong one. Anyway, what are you gonna do about Mate?

V: Yeah, what about Mate? You're not gonna abandon him, right? You do know there'll be consequences.

Sweet Kyomi: Okay, who let V in here?! Why are you even joining our conversation?!! No one wants you here. Scram!

Risky Kyomi: We all want her to go but she's got a point there. Is it...ya know...possible to have two mates?

I don't think so. All of my kind has only one mate. It's not possible. One of them has to be a mislead. Maybe I'm just reading the signs wrong?

Sweet Kyomi: Or maybe it's time!

V: Hell, yeah! I've been waiting for this since the 100th year!


Risky Kyomi: It's time to play hard to get. Xav needs to know how to treat you right! If I wasn't tied up by Churros, I would've let him carry you and let the whole school know you're his. I mean you like him, he likes you simple equals to mutual feelings. So, what's the stop?

I don't know. Something tells me he won't handle it and something screams in me that he's the definition of danger.

Risky Kyomi: Aren't all mates means danger? But it doesn't hurt to try. If he can handle you, I'm sure he can handle that. Don't stress yourself out and get your head out of the goddamn pillow because our player is coming. Remember, if you feel like he's the one, then he is! Sparks don't appear without a reason.

Sweet Kyomi: For the record, I love Axel. He's just so cute!

V: Agreed.

Risky Kyomi: Guess who's gonna cry today after riding the highest rollercoaster ever?

Sweet Kyomi: Oh, Toasted Coconut Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies.


After I knew what I had to do, I went take a cold shower. The moment I stepped inside the bathroom, I took off my clothes. I mean who doesn't before bathing? Well, obviously not me for sure.

When you fall, you can lean on meeeeee,
Cuz you've never seen,
Never smelt,
Never heard,
Never felt the....
The rainnnnnn~
Never felt the rain~

Yes, I'm a huge fan of Ariana Grande and Tones & I. I just adore their songs so much since I find their songs relatable. It was not that long till I heard footsteps nearing my room. It was none other than the famous Xavier Dash. At that moment, I stepped out out the bathroom with my clothes on. One glance at him and I can already tell that he has become an Angry Bird. Take Red for an example. His hands turned into fists, his teeth were clenched and he was cursing under his breath. Wow, he really is mad but in all honesty, I don't care.

Okay, why is he pacing so much?? Oh, carrot cake. He's frickin' punching the wall!! Oh, Fudgy Chewy Brownies. He's bleeding! No, lemon tart! I wanna help him but I just rejected him and I'm not sure if I should help him. Oh, Swedish Almond Cake. The more I look at the blood, the more I started to feel dizzy. Just imagining how his blood would taste is killing me! Control yourself...

"Okay, Kyomi. Just be a big girl and get the first aid kit!" I mumbled to myself.


Great! There's no first aid kit. Ugh...st*pid hospitalities! We don't even have a first aid kit. We pay the school fees every year and they can't afford a damn first aid kit! So, it led me to no other choice but to take out my lucky handkerchiefs. I took one of my handkerchiefs, poured cold water into a blue pail, walked straight to Xavier and took his hand by force. There it was again, the eye contact. I can't believe I'm enjoying it. However, this time, he was the one to break the eye contact. Welp, I guess I deserved it.

Without hesitating, I wet the handkerchief and dabbed it on his hand.

"Ouch, Krackles!" he winced in pain. "Don't be such a baby, Dash. It's dangerous if you don't cure your hand quickly. It might lead to many side effects that you may not be aware of" I said to him, dabbing the wet handkerchief onto his hand slowly and carefully. I then sat down on the bed and slid closer to him. I needed to get a better look at the bruise and I also had to try my best to not show how much I loved the taste of human's blood. The blood pack I usually have at home is not as tasty as their blood. That's a disappointing factor.


I did it! I successfully stopped his hands from bleeding. Thank cookies, I've brought both of my lucky handkerchiefs. Also, thanks to my amazing nursing skills that I've learned over the 200 years, the bleeding stopped. As soon as I finished tying the other lucky handkerchief on his hands, I got up to wash the bloody handkerchief. However, I was stopped. Xavier reached out for my right arm and pulled me towards him. The pail I was holding dropped on the floor without splashing a single drop. I don't understand the Physics or Science for that but it did save me from cleaning up a blood puddle.

"Eh--" I gasped when I realised I fell on top of him. "Look at who's falling for me?" he said jokingly. This bastard. That minute, I slapped him or so I thought I did. He caught my hand and told, "Gotcha", in a sweet yet soft tone.

He rolled me over and now he's the top one. Again! Our eye contact. I'm starting to think that this is gonna be our regular thing between each other. We stayed like that for many seconds quietly. Not awkwardly. Just pure silence. I looked deep into his eyes and simply stared at his beautiful dark emerald coloured eyes. All of a sudden, his lips parted leisurely.

"Go on a date with me tommorow at 7 pm" he said boldly, smirking that I'll say yes for sure at this point. Though, I knew he was trying to discipline me. So I replied, "If you wanna show your dominance to me, do it right" I groaned. I pushed him off, leaving him speechless. After I got up, I continued, "Even playboys can't control me. What makes you think that you're any different from them?? Boy, give up".

At last, I walked away.


Kyomi: Why did the Oreo go to the dentist?

Axel: Because he lost his filling.

Daisy Duck: What is an astronaut’s favorite part on a computer?

Kyomi: The space bar.

Xavier: Y'all need help.
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