His Light, Her Spark

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Even Drunk Me Can Fix You Up

"Ow ow ow ow owwwww!!!". The sunlight shone through my eyes as I woke up. I don't wanna go to class. Hmm...I wonder if the old trick would work. The ' I'm super sick and need to rest ' trick. It should work fine considering I can make amazing sick voices and I can also write awesome sick letters. It's not the best thing to do but I just wanna lay in bed and relax. Now, where is my guitar? I walked to the cupboard and took out the guitar that I bought with my own money. Then, I started to sing with the lyrics that came to my mind.

Your love is a lie,
But that lie is the one that makes me high.
Ohhh, I'm losing my mind,
I can't tell if I'm the one that you desire.


Your voices play in my head, (in my head)


I don't even know what to say,
You had once called me babe.
Now, I'm the one sitting here crying,
You're over there just laughing.


If I knew your love was a lie,
I wouldn't be screaming,
On my bathroom floor,

Suddenly, I heard a knock. I looked at Xavier but he was still snuggling in his blanket and sleeping peacefully. Fine. I'll get the damn door! To my surprise, the whole gang was here. Okay, cookies!


Why does he look hotter today and when did his smell get stronger?!! Just then, Daisy caught my attention by eyeing at me. I know that look. It's the can-I-have-your-permission-to-stay-here look! I'm not gonna agree on that even if my life depends on it!

Sweet Kyomi: You seriously don't wanna take up on this offer?! Am I hearing you wrong?? Because I just heard you said that you won't let your friends which includes our boy, Axel, in your room!

V: Gurl, you just made Sweet Kyomi mad. That ain't good.

Risky Kyomi: Mmmmmphhm!!

Sweet Kyomi: Oh, shut up! I taped you for a reason.

Girls, stop fighting. They're not coming in and that's final!

V: It's so cute when you think your the one in charge. Sometimes, I feel like we need to remind you that we are the ones who can control you if we want to especially me.

Sweet Kyomi: It's also cute when you think that life just goes easy on ya. In reality, it does not.

When Daisy barged into my room as quick as lightning, I realised what Sweet Kyomi meant. Life does not go easy on you. Not only did Daisy got into my room without permission but she also made me fall. Luckily, I didn't. Axel caught me.

He caught and looked deep into my eyes. He looked into 'em so deep, I got lost in his. Slowly, he let his fingertips run down from my face to my hips. My immediate reaction caught his attention. He squeezed my hips a little to my surprise and I let out a moan escape from my mouth. He smirked at my reaction. Darn, the side effects for not accepting the mate bond. I'm not an easy girl but damn this boy knows how to turn me on!

Subsequently, Daisy called out for us.

"Earth to Ayomi! If you're about to do inappropriate things outside, you're gonna get caught by the principal!!" she yelled. I stood up and adjusted my clothes. After that, I took Axel's hand and led him inside.

"Finally. Took y'all long enough! Come on, we're playing truth or dare. Alright, who's in??" Daisy asked with a smirk on her face.

"Me!" said Scarlett.

"Me too!!" replied Hope.

"Me three!!!" continued Zaylee.

"Count us in as well, Daisy" told the boys.


Scarlett. Barely 15 and loves sky-diving. Single. Rich but not spoiled. Likes to travel but prefers her bed at most times. She's the only child in her family. She was born in the orphanage but was raised by the wealthy. She's sweet and beautiful.

Hope. Loves BTS. She's an OT7 but she adores Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung. She's a party animal. She's addicted to red wine. Taken by Zac and she's pretty cool to hang out with!

Zaylee Bree. An all time favorite gamer. She's popular and can beat anyone at any game even if that someone is a professional. She's approaching her age to be 15 as her birthday is on December. There was this one time where Zaylee bet $200 on winning the basketball game to a group of frats and she won. Go Zaylee!

Zac Washington. He's 16. Taken by a 14-year-old-girl named Hope. Zac was an introvert until he met Hope. He didn't like to be in big crowds and so on but ever since he laid his eyes on Hope, he became an extrovert just like her. I guess opposites attract! He also plays the guitar really well. Nowadays, girls admire him for that and Hope is responsible to scare them away to show who's the boss.

Ryker Pierce. Lost his parents at a very young age. He's strong mentally and physically. Zac's best friend and loves to play football. He lives with his aunt and uncle. He has a crush on Scarlett but he tries not to show it as much as possible. He is also Zaylee's twin brother. They'd always fight like cats and dogs. He is also a gamer so, he'd always compete with Zaylee.

Ezekiel Ambrose. He's 16. Loves outdoor activities and he's a famous player bit he's not as famous as Xavier. He flirts with everyone except his friends and family. He is ranked as the 3rd player in the school. He's bisexual and he loves one night stands. He's both of Zac and Ryder's best friend. He also loves to play cupid and he is Scarlett's brother.

Then there's Kyomi Blake, Axel Grimmer and Clamentine Daisy. That's the gang.


Xavier was sleeping and because everyone was willing to play the game, I decided to wake him up. The more, the merrier! As soon as he woke up, all of us gathered in a circle and started the game.

"Okay, Zay! Spin the bottle" commanded Daisy. When the bottle stopped, it pointed towards Ryker.

"Oooohhhh. It has stopped at Ryker! Ryker, truth or dare?" asked Zaylee.

"Dare!" said Ryker boldly. "Fine, then. I dare you to kiss Scarlett for 10 minutes. You can't chicken out!" Scarlett reminded him.

"S-sure. No problem!". Ryker crawled over to Scarlett and sat closer to her. When Ryker kisses her, Scarlett surprised him by giving in. "Awwww, what a sweet couple. I ship it! My turn" said Daisy elatedly.

As the bottle stopped spinning, it pointed towards Hope. "Oh goody!! It's J-Hope!!!" said Daisy.

"Hush, Daisy. Just ask the question" Hope said with a bored face.

"Kay kay, truth or dare?" asked Daisy.

"Truth. I'm playing it safe" said Hope proudly. "Part pooper. Alright, tell me when is Kyomi's birthday without hesitating" Daisy grinned.

"I..um changed my mind. I'd rather do the dare" said Hope with embarrassment. "Yippee! Play bad cop with Zac in the storeroom for 15 minutes!" said Daisy with a sneaky smile.

"Okey dokey. Let's go, baby! You're the criminal and I'm the cop. Bad cop. I have the handcuffs" she said as she headed to the storeroom with Zac trailing behind her.

As you can see, my friends are fearless. They're brave, chamriy, enthusiastic and so much more. That is the main reason why whenever it's their turn, they pick dare. Besides, Hope. I chuckled at the thought. It was not long until my turn came and I chose to do a dare. I mean, why not? Then, I regretted my decision.

"Uh-uh! No way!!" I rejected.

"You have to do it. You need to kiss both Axel and Xavier!! It's part of game to finish your dare" she stated. What did I just get myself into? Welp, here goes nothing.

I crawled towards Axel to face him. His dark hazel eyes were the prettiest eyes I've ever seen. I cupped his face with my hands and kisses him. The kiss was nothing like how I imagined it to be. It was urgent, rough but gentle and so satisfying. Xavier's kiss felt different. It was wild, passionate and a kiss that make any girl go crazy.

"Enough games. Let's drink!" I exclaimed. After a few hours, everyone was drunk. Xavier and Ryker has passed out on the couch. Scarlett and Zaylee were kissing each other. Hope was telling Daisy about her ex's from her first grade until the day she met Zac. Ezekiel and Zac kept drinking bottle after bottle while I watched them with a giddy feeling.

Suddenly, I heard a glass break.

Woah, what was that?! It wasn't coming from downstairs, it was from the attic. When I heard another glass break, I decided to walk upstairs using the ladder that leads me to the attic. When I arrived there, I found someone. I was so drunk, everything was spinning for me. I shouldn't have drank six bottles of champagne. I think it was Axel, just guessing since he was the only one not to be found downstairs. He was looking at the circle-shaped window. The ray of moonlight shone on him beautifully. I tried to walk straight but i failed miserably and tripped on my steps.

"Ugh!" I said in annoyance when my shoelaces came lose. "Kyomi?" I heard someone ask.

"A-axel? Is t-that you??" I said in a slur. "Gosh, your breath stinks. How much do you drink?" he asked while trying to help me stand up.

"M-maybe f-f--four" I told, hiccuping on every word. Axel shook his head in disbelief. I pinched his cheeks and said, "You're so cute! Wait a m-minute. Why is y-your face s--s--so wet??" I asked. "Oh, nothing" he replied. "L--liar!" I called out. "No, I'm not!!" he fought back. However, I knew deep inside, he was crying.

Axel POV

I keep denying it as many times as possible but she just knew. She hugged me right after calling me out.

"Y-you kn--know, you're t-t--too handsome to be crying" she said. She really know kow to make me smile. I just wish that she would accept the mating bond. Why isn't she accepting it? Why would I be fated to be with someone who is afraid of accepting our destiny? Who is she?

"My parents passed away on this day" I said, pouring my heart out. "You know why I purple you?" she asked without being nervous. She's probably high and that's the exact reason on why she's talking like this but what if she isn't? What if she meant every word she's saying at this moment? Dang, she's confusing.

"You love me?" I asked back. "Yeaaaaaa, I heart you b--because you're s-strong inside a-a--and out. You don't have to be strong all the t-time, ya know?? Y-you can cry i-if you're breaking. That doesn't make y-yourself weak" she said while hugging me and closing her eyes. Soon, her breathing became even.

She passed out, holding onto me. I've always thought that as an Alpha of the pack, I can never show my weaknesses but today, she had taught me that crying isn't any sort of weakness. It's just being strong with tears.

"How can someone be so perfect without knowing it?" I whispered under my breath.

"No no no! Stop!! You need get them too!!! Arghhhh!! You can't leave them!!" she screamed in her sleep. I hushed her, held her tighter in my arms and stroked her hair with my fingers. She whimpered in reaction. After a few more strokes, she stopped crying. The question still lingers in my head.

Who are you and what the heck happened to you in the past?


Zac: Why did the M&M go to school?

Hope: It wanted to be a Smartie.

Ezekiel: Why doesn’t the sun go to college?

Kyomi: Because it has a million degrees!

Daisy: Why couldn’t the leopard play hide and seek?

Zaylee & Ryker: Because he was always spotted.

Scarlett: Why does Humpty Dumpty love autumn?

Xavier: Because Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Axel: How did everyone get drunk except me?!

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