His Light, Her Spark

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Daddy Axel

As soon as I woke up, I found myself being held by Axel. I found it extremely comfy to sleep with him. Okay, that's weird to the max! Axel started to wake up. The sunlight was shining in his sliver eyes and it made him even more attractive. Curse the sunlight for making my mate look fantastic!

"Wakey wake---"

"No....five more minutes" he told. He k-k--kissed me to shut me up. He actually kissed me to shut me up! Bats, this boy will be the death of me.


I was so hungover and dang, I reek of alcohol. My visions were still blurry. I need a warm shower and a cup of Expresso. As soon as I walked down the staircase to the living room, my eyes were only locked on Xavier. Is it just me or is Xavier still looking perfect even when he's sleeping?

I tip-toes my way to the bathroom.

My family always said I was the bad child,
Throwin' me away into a bad pike,
All my life been puttin' on a fake smile.

As I was singing in the shower, I heard the bathroom door opening. Spiders! I must have not locked the bathroom door. I peeked through the curtains to who it was. Axel Grimmer. Right, how could I forget that I woke him up as well? I quickly threw on my green crop and my underwear then covered myself with a towel. I thought after that I could hide myself from Axel but things don't exactly go the way I plan it.

"Aaaaaaahhh!!" I screamed and jumped of Axel.

"What is it?" he asked.

"T-t-there is a b-b-b-bug!!!" I exclaimed. Axel took a look at it and laughed at me.

"Why are you l-laughing?" I ask. "Because that 'bug' you mentioned is a cute butterfly" he said while still laughing.

"Stop laughing!" I scolded him. Wait, what is he doing? No!

"Axel, stop. Don't!" I warned. Axel walked to the butterfly, picked it up and brought it closer to me. My grip on him got tighter at the moment. He then finally let loose of the butterfly.


"Yea?" I answered.

"Is jumping on people a regular thing for you? Also, do you jump on people while being half naked?" he asked playfully. Oh, crumbs and cookies! Of course not. I do not jump on people like this!! "S-sorry" I apologized. As I was getting off him, his right stopped my right leg from touching the ground and he placed me back on him just like how I jumped onto him.

"You don't think that you can get off that easily, do you now Kyomi?" he asked me.

Wow, the way he said my name was just....wow! I wanna know, who in the world of Dracula taught this boy to say a name like that?! It better not be the YouTube Shorts.

"Yes. I'm pretty sure I can". He kissed me and asked again, "Are you sure?".


"Not so confident now, huh?" he grinned. "Just shut up and kiss me!" Valentina, my inner vampire, said to Axel.


His kisses were nothing but rough. Well, I and Valentine enjoyed this side of him. Slowly, his hands started wandering under my towel. His touch sent chills to my body.

"Say it" he told without breaking our kiss.

"Say what?" I asked him as I nibbled playfully on his ear.

"Say my name, Kyomi" he demanded. My mind went blank.

"Say it or I'll do something that won't let you walk properly today" he whispered. His fingers were already starting to play with my underwear. Many unexpected moans came out from me and he was smirking at me.

V, control yourself!!

"I can't help it! I sense an alpha in him and it makes go wild!!" she replied.

"Say it!" he ordered.

"A-axel" I said in a small voice.

"Louder, Kyomi. I can't hear you" he teased.

"Daddy, you have not been a good boy" I said to tease him back. I giggled softly at my perfect comeback. Then, Axel slammed my body against the bathroom wall while kissing me more rougher.

"And who's fault is that? You! You make me do things I don't want to!" he growled.


I don't even know how but we somehow ended up in the bathtub. Axel then turned on the water and let the water flow till the bathtub was filled with water. Breaking the kiss, Axel pushed me in the bathtub to my surprise. I moaned in pain. My back hurts but I didn't care. Well, it was more like Valentine didn't care. Axel jumped in next which caused a lot of water to splash out of the bathtub. However, before Axel could lean in for another kiss......

"Whoever is in there, could you like come out already? I really need to use the bathroom!"

.......we got interrupted. Damn it! Axel stood back up on his feel and sign languaged to me to go out first. No no no! You can't ask me to leave now!! I swear I'm gonna break the bones and drink their blood of the person who interrupted us.

I do as said. As I opened the bathroom door, the girls smirked at me, seeing Axel right behind me. I felt my face turn red. I mouthed to them, "Don't you dare say a word".


"Okay, spill the tea now!" Daisy said while smirking and crossing her arms. "Nothing is going on" I lied.

How am I supposed to explain to her that I'm actually Axel's mate and haven't accepted the bond yet? Also, the fact that I'm attracted to Xavier and that's probably known as cheating in the mating rules since the day our ancestors wrote it down is literally freaking me out??!!!

"So, the both of you just happen to be in a bathroom together?" asked Zaylee with a raised eyebrow.

"Totally!". Well, apparently that's exactly what happened.

"Omg! Look, it's Axel!" Hope screamed.

"Wait, where?" I searched.

"Hah! Caught you, liar!! Something DID happen" Hope pointed out.

"Maybe it did or maybe it didn't".

"I knew something was happening between Ayomi!" said Daisy with excitement.

"Alright, I'm pressing the rewind button" said Scarlett.

"Ayomi is the ship name for Axel and Kyomi" said Daisy.

"Hey! No fair. I ship Xyomi" screamed Hope which made the heads in the canteen to turn and look directly at us.

"Turn around people! Nothing to see here!!!" Daisy shouted at them. "Speaking of your badass, here he comes" continued Daisy.

"Omg! He is!!!" Zaylee squealed.

He really was coming towards us. I could feel his eyes locked on mine. I wonder what he wanted.


Kyomi: Let’s commit the perfect crime together. I’ll steal your heart, and you can steal mine.

Axel: I don't want to go to jail, Kyomi.

Valentine: Damn, rejection!

Risky Kyomi: That gotta hurt.
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