His Light, Her Spark

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Till The Last Rose Aparts Us

"Hey, Krackles! Hi, girls" said Xavier.

"Hey, Xav" they all replied.

"May I have all of your permissions to steal her?" he asked with a smirk. "N-". Before I could answer, Hope beat me to it.

"Yes! Take her away!!!" she replied.

"Thanks" he said. "Hey, wait! I never agreed to anything. Dash, put me down!! XAVIER!!".

Suddenly, Xavier started to carry me on his shoulder. "Dash, everyone's looking" I whispered. "Stay still or you'll get your punishment in front of them" he warned.

"Since when do you say things like this?" I ask.

"Since I met you. Plus you're the only one who doesn't fall for me" he said. It's quite the opposite, Xavier. "Now, that you've already made me the school's gossip, atleast tell me where we are going" I whined.

"Just wait and see".

After 5 minutes

After we reached, Xavier finally put me down. "The school's garden? Really, Dash?".

"Kyomi, I've got you something". He then pulled out 14 roses. As I took the roses, I realised something about the roses.

"Dash, why is there a fake rose though?" I ask.

"Because I'll love you till the last rose petal falls" he said. Oh my god, that was the most sweetest sentence anyone has ever said to me. I started tearing up due to the happy moment.

"Kyomi, I-I didn't mean to make you cry" he said with worry. "Y-you probably had better proposals than mine which I've also added a cringy line to it" he continued to say.

"These are happy tears, moron!" I said while laughing a little.

"Hey, I'm throwing a party tonight. Will you come?" he asked with a hint of nervous in himself.

"Yea sure, babe" I replied teasing him. Xavier scratched his head and kept looking at another direction. "Is the famous Xavier Dash blushing?" I smirked.

"I--I---I'll pick you up a-at 7 sharp" he said and ran off. I laughed behind him.


At Hope's Dorm Room

"WHAT AM I GOING GO WEAR???!!! Esto es literalmente una emergencia de moda!!" I screamed in panic.

"Kyomi, cálmate. We'll help you. Go and try on these dresses" Hope told me.

After 5 tryouts of the most cleavage dresses

"Girls, this is getting ridiculous. None of these dresses fit my personality. I don't wear things like this. Skirts are one thing but dresses that make me look like a whore is a different thing" I exclaimed.

"I knew you wouldn't like those. So, I brought this dress as a back up" said Daisy.

The dress given by Daisy was a short red dress. The dress hugged my curves perfectly and immediately gave me confidence. Other than that, the top of the dress was made out of lace and the bottom was more of a silk type. After I wore the dress, the girls looked at me in awe.

"Damn, I see a goddess!" said Daisy.

"Slay it, girl. With that killer dress on, Xavier would definitely have a problem with keeping his eyes away from you!" said Hope.

"Please....stop. I don't look that great if I'm being honest" I said with a sad time as most of my bruises were showing. I can never forget the incident that happened to my family. The night where everyone left me.

"You look extraordinary! If you're worried about the bruises, we can cover it up with makeup" said Daisy. "N-no, it's okay" I replied. I can't let them see all of my scars. I have a lot of scars on my body; werewolves scratch scars that I've got after a few battles with them, my training scars, the incident scar and the scar that reminds me of my family.....el por siempre para amar y apreciar scar.

All of the vamps have it, no matter if you're family is still with you or not. The scar is to remind us of where we came from and to love our family for an infinity. We were born with that particular scar which in the human world, it is known as a birthmark.

"Cheer up! You look increíble! You don't even need makeup because you look perfect just the way you are!" said Hope.

*Knock Knock*

"I think that's Xavier" Daisy told as she walked up to the door to open it for our guest of honor, Xavier Dash.

"Is my girl ready?" he asked with a smile. I swear to the Queen of Halloween, his smiles are the one of the most warmest smiles I've even seen. I then quickly put on my not-so-high heels and replied, "I'm ready".

"Krackles, estás preciosa" he complimented. "Gracias, Dash. No te ves tan mal" I said.

"Okay okay, out you go!" shouted Hope. Hope pushed both me and Xavier out of the room with force.

As I began to lose balance of my feet, Xavier caught me like he always do.

"You alright?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thanks, Dash" I thanked him.

"You know, you're the only person who I let to call me Dash" he whispered to me. I could feel my cheeks heat up. I'm pretty sure I'm as red as a rose right now.

"Come on. We're gonna be late for the party" he told me. After that, he interlocked his fingers with mine. His touch sent chills to my body. I already knew what my feelings were trying to tell me. It was that I have officially fallen for Xavier and I'm also deeply in love with Axel. However, I have to deny these feelings towards the both of them because I can't be anyone's lover. Especially Xavier Dash and Axel Grimmer because they deserve better a girl.

A girl who isn't me in every way.


Kyomi: Can I borrow a quarter?

Xavier: What for?

Kyomi: I want to call my mom and tell her I just met the man of my dreams.

Xavier: I'm the man of everyone's dream, Krackles.

Kyomi: Jerk.
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