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A story of love, regret, sorrow, pain and loss.

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Chapter 1 Memories

Last night, I saw you.
You were sitting there, I guess waiting for some thing..
And I was here, in the dark, far enough from you.
I watched you look at your wrist watch and then gaze around as if you were looking for someone.
I stayed here and watched you for a little more time..
You stand up and look around, seems so worried and sad. You get your phone out of your pocket and I think, someone's calling. You take a sit and held it to your ear.
You took a deep breath as you turned off your phone and place it back on your pocket.
I was about to reach you when I realized, I shouldn't.
So I just stayed to where I was sitting and watched you walk away.
The next day, I saw you again.
You're with her. Sitting on the coffee table at the opposite corner to where I was sitting.
You look so happy with her.
And I see how sweet she was to you.
You smiled at her and your eyes shine as you stare at her.
You held and kiss her hand as she wipe the mess that the coffee made to your lips. .
I watched how sweet the both of you to each other.
And as I watch you being so happy with her, I didn't notice my tears were falling.
"Ahm..Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt you but I guess you need this."
I looked at the handkerchief the guy offered.
Then I gazed to his face.
T'was your cousin. He smiled at me.
I smiled back a little and said,
" Oh hi..." The only thing I was able to say.
The I glanced back to you, I saw you laughing like a kid who heard a joke.
I looked at her, she was laughing too. Flawlessly in her own simple way..
"Ahm... Arrianne?.." He said trying to have my attention.
"Yes?" I answered.
"I hope you don't mind but can I share the table with you?" He asked.
" oh sure, no problem. Have a seat." I said as I look back to you.
I cant help to stop myself from watching you from afar.
I watched you from here, as you helped her stand and held her hand as you two walk out of the café...
I watched the both you till you're out of my sight anymore..
Then I reached for my cup of coffee and took a sip.
I glanced to Drei, he was staring at me.
"You really love him, aren't you?" He asked.
I looked down, my tears fell. Without saying a word, my action served as an answer for him..
"Why don't you fight for him?" He said.
"You've seen how happy he was, right? I don't want to take away that happiness away from him. That's what he deserved. To be happy." I said staring at the table where I saw you a while ago.
"Yeah I know he was. But it doesn't mean that you should stop, and just sit here watching him go with someone else."
I looked a him with a frown. Yeah he was right. But... I can't.. I really can't.
"I got your point.. But.. I'm not brave enough to ruin the happiness he had right now.. I'd rather sit here, shred my heart to pieces seeing him with someone else.. If it's the best thing to do.."
Then I saw how his expression changed. I can see it in his eyes.. I see the pain.
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