One day

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One day

Next morning Jane was up early , running around the house .as aunt Regina has prepared anew list to do for me .how comes she got so many task for me so early in the morning? Jane thought ,Jane hears the door bell ring .now who could that be , Jane open the door and there you see morning sweetheart ! Kevin wink at Jane what a surprise To see me ?not much as last time but yes ! Let me in then ! We’ve got stuff to do .can you please explain what’s going on? Sure today’s the first day of the competition.what ? Anyway .I happen to be in charge of the first round .which is the personal interview.hold on ! What does it mean you happen to be in charge of this ?jane said well for one thing I’m Corey most trusted friend and for another .I’m a journalist.Kevin said which means I do interview for a living .now it makes a lot more sense to me said Jane .I’m glad to hear that .do you think we can finally start ? Kevin said a personal interview wow worrying yet exciting.I’m sure I’m gonna nail it ! Said Jane .that my girl ! Can I get your autograph after the interview? No but you can come to my after -party and get one there .hahah I’ll take your word for it kevin said we are going to film your interview and the video will be given to the judges .Jane nod alright then ,let’s start with your first question.what are your top personal values said Kevin oh ! Alright let see ..I’d say being true to yourself and others matter a lot to me said Jane .then you’re probably no very into lying are you ?said kevin sometime honestly hurts ,but I’d hate to lie to those who I love .said Jane .you have my respect for that Kevin said thank you Kevin said Jane. To the next question! I’m ready what do you look for in a man ?kevin ask it really does get personal? Said Jane he’s got to be kind and loving ! Consider me old fashioned but to me love matters about anything else said Jane that not old that’s charming ! Said Kevin haha so be it said Jane we done here you can relax said Kevin. I feel like I actually need that said Jane but other than that are you well! Ask Kevin .I’m a bit nervous ! Do you think went alright ? There only one thing I can tell you . Whoever wins your heart will be very lucky guy ! Said Kevin oh! Thank you ! I’m really touched by your kind words ! Oh I’ve nearly forgotten ! He said .what’s that ? The result of the first round we’ll be announced tonight .you must come to coreys places !tonight ? That’s pretty quick Jane thought .the good things you won’t have to wait long !said Kevin alright then I’ll be there said Jane .good luck said Kevin thank said Jane .what should I wear ? Said Jane brilliant! Now I’m ready to go Jane enters the family mansion together with others contest .the house look even bigger than aunt Reginas .whoa!I many people live here? Jane end up in the spacious hall surrounded by girls in beautiful dresses .hi I’m Jane ! The girls smiles at her willing to talk .oh hi ! You’re the girl from LA that works for Regina! I’m actually , but how rumours spread quickly .I’m Sasha! Hi Sasha nice to meet you ! Same here ! Lovely to meet someone so nice .you see few people gather next to the huge double staircase.seems like we still have a bit of time yep, that right aren’t you a bit nervous ? Me ? Not at all my mom Wanted me to take part in this contest.oh ! I’m sorry to hear that you was pushed to do it ,it’s alright my mom and I don’t get along very well but I know local traditions are important to her ,so here iam ,but what if you end up with Corey? You know it’s a competition after what he’s nice I’ll be alright with either option oh ,that interesting! A good evening to you all ! My name is Celeste I’m Corey mother and I’m so please to see so many young and beautiful faces here tonight! The guests respond with delicate laugh and although I’m looking forward to ,meeting everyone of you in person ... it’s it time for us to announce the winner of our first contest! The music starts as Celeste opens an envelope and unwraps the the paper with the winners name .and the winner is Jane of Regina house ! Please give her warm welcome ! Oh Celeste reaches Jane with her microphone a few words from the winner here you go darling. Jane take the microphone in your hands and greet the guest hello everyone! First of all I would like to thank the organisers of this contest for an opportunity to be here tonight secondly I’d like to thank my dad who is buy working right now , this contest was a personal interview and everything to do with my personality I owe to my dad the way he cared for me ., the audience respond with sound of agreement and appreciation and lastly I thank all of you my beautiful audience for your kind support! Well done Jane thank you and now we invite all of you to have a drink by the pool please be our guests ! Congratulations on your first win ! Thank you .you hang out by the pool and celebrate your victory for a bit ! Deal I’ll stay for a bit . Yah so tell me do you like it here in our small town ! To be honest when I first come I don’t like it here at all .I know what you’re saying people can be really mean here especially Thayer aunt and her daughter Kate .but the thing is the more I live here the more I discover nice people like you and Amalie.. ..the more I began to like this town! Oh thanks I’m glad to hear iam on your list of nice people of you are
! Where else would I be ! Do you know Amalia and your aunt Regina took part in the same bridal contest ages ago ? Did they ? No way ! Yeah and the good to be was Regina ex Kate father .I heard that the guy fancied but Regina wanted him so bad .that she set Amalia up and won the first prize that’s just horrible said Jane what is more Amalia and Regina where best friends before contest started .oh I really hope not every friendship here is doomed to end like that .ours won’t ! I swear to you now a toast to that !jane raise her glass and laugh,I trust you on that right I should really be heading home now .are you sure ? Sasha said yeah still got work to do and all .alright then .I’ll let you go .it was lovely to meet you Jane Sasha said same here Jane said I’ll see you around ! You put her number in your phone then hurry home .back in your aunts living room finding Corey having a cup of coffee Jane !corey ? You look stunning and this dress truly are a princess! Thanks you ? If you come to see Kate she probably be around later.actually I come to see you .oh ! I mean I’m glad to see you! Hey I heard you did well on the personal interview contest! Sorry I wasn’t there to support you! Yeah it’s a bit Assamese but you where probably busy elsewhere not really I was not meant to be there tonight I will be present next time thought that’s really good news ! I don’t want to worry about you too much I must say because you a great personality! Oh thank you ! Corey your support warms my heart and gives me keep going . I didn’t know if I could go though all the stress if you were no there for me said Jane no you are the one who inspired me .wow ! I’m pleased to hear that.suddenly corey looks away a frown on he’s face .if only I could pick my bride like a regular guy ! No stupid contest fancy words forced smiles or dam rules how I wish I lived a different life ! Jane sorry you should of. Seen this .you don’t nervous to be sorry corey .gosh I need to support him .Corey shakes he’s head can’t believe I almost lost myself !
Jane lean forwards and places a soft kiss on he’s lips ? Jane Corey looks at you inquiringly you nod your head slightly as a sign of approval .with he’s eyes closed corey gently kisses both your cheeks your noise and your lips with he’s eyes still closed he whispers . I didn’t know how anyone could resist you .no more talking ,you shiver as Corey hands travel down your back . Then he deepened the kiss holding you tight .may I ? This feels incredibly open your eyes and smiles are you gonna tell me how your feeling ? Corey looks deeply in your eyes that was going to be my question.but now you’re got to answer it yourself alright said Jane . I feel that your driving me crazy I just wanted to make u feel better and you done a good job there ! Corey holds your hand in he’s I’m feeling so much better thanks to you Jane ? Happy to hear that corey .so your back then excellent could you excuse us corey ? Yh sure. What the matter auntie? Iam afraid you have to explain yourself Jane ,I don’t quite understand.....I know your trying to steal Corey away from Kate but I’m not stealing anyone .but corey free to choose whoever he likes maybe if Kate treated him better ...shut it you know nothing life here Oww if I see you together with him one more time I will kick you out of the house is that clear ? .. I asked you a question and I want an answer... oh you nasty little thing !but don’t worry I teach you better manners now go to your room ! Alright Kate was right it this a war after all and I’m not going to lose it .


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