Charlie Ever After

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16 | Charlie

I hear grumbling and rustling around the room, stirring me from the deep sleep I was in. I sigh and crack an eye open, watching as my new roommate shuffles around the room, tearing open boxes and rifling through their contents.

“What’re you doing?” I yawn.

She jumps, I guess not expecting me to wake up so easily- but how could I not? She was in no way being as quiet as I could only imagine she thought she was being.

“I’m Charlie by the way. It’s nice to meet you.” Leave it to me to be polite in a utterly rude situation.

She gawks at me for a moment more. “I’m so sorry. I’m Scout.” She rakes a hand through her long and wavy blonde hair. She has a fairy like appearance to her. Her hair neared her butt, no makeup but natural beauty that makes me feel like a troll living under a bridge. She has on a simple pair of tan yoga pants and covering her torso is a Grateful Dead t-shirt that looks almost as old as me “I’ve seemed to have misplaced my phone charger, and I’m talking to this really hot guy.” She lets out a groan of frustration which causes me to giggle.

“What phone do you have?” I ask her, throwing the blankets off of my body before sitting up, stretching out my back.

“An iPhone.” She huffs as she digs through yet another box.

I yank my charger out of the wall. “Heads up.” I say, waiting for her to turn to me before I toss the cord her way. She catches it and throws her hands up in victory.

She runs over to me, grabs my face and kisses my forehead in a super dramatic fashion. I’m stunned for a moment, my brow furrowed in confusion. “You’re a life saver, Charlie.”

I laugh at her odd show of affection and shrug it off. I glance over at her as she sets herself back up in bed, crisscross applesauce- charger already plugged into the wall and her phone.

“This guy must be a real winner.” I laugh, laying on my stomach as I watch her fingers fly across her screen.

“Oh, he’s just really good at sexting-- and he’s really fucking hot!” She squeals, drawing out the “really”. I already like this girl. I may not be ballsy enough to be sexting some guy, especially with my roommate mere feet away from me- which on one hand is a little weird, but I like her confidence and outgoing personality.

I check the time on my phone and it’s nine am. There’s a few texts floating on my screen, but the first one from seven-thirty this morning is the one that makes me grin.

Good morning. I hope you have a beautiful day. :)

My stomach does somersaults as my fingers hover over the screen. I type out a few messages before settling on something simple.

Good morning! I hope you have a good day too. Thank you again for last night... It was magical!

I threw in the last part at the last minute, I didn’t want to chicken out. The only person I’ve ever really flirted with was Gavin, and even then it wasn’t much- but with Tanner it’s all that comes to my mind, cute little quirky remarks or compliments- then I start thinking about his lips and my mind runs wild.

I bury my face in my pillow and stifle a squeal as my stomach flip flops. I look over at Scout, suddenly remembering that there’s someone else in here. Her eyebrow lifts in response but a smirk rises as the corner of her lips.
“Get it girl.” She says, her attention shifting back to her phone screen, her eyes widening and from my position I can see she’s received a picture. I laugh and angle by body away so I can’t see anymore before I check my other messages.

There’s one from each Isaac and Lydia, a few in our group chat and then there’s one that I’m not even half expecting. There’s a message from my mother. My stomach sours as my thumb hovers over the notification. I gulp down my insecurities before I swipe up on my screen, setting my phone to “do not disturb”, before setting it down on my night side table. I lean up on my elbows looking over at Scout who’s fingers are still flying faster than light across her keyboard.

She must sense me looking. “What were you dreaming about last night by the way?” As soon as she says it my gut squeezes with nerves. Ever since the night... with Gavin, I’ve been having nightmares, to the point that I wake up choking, feeling like his hands are still wrapped around my neck, feeling his presence lingering almost like a ghost. “Don’t worry, you weren’t moaning or anything- you just had the biggest shit eating grin on that I’ve ever seen.” She lets out a giggle and turns her full attention to me.

My nerves slowly melt away at her teasing- so I didn’t have a nightmare. I don’t really remember what I dreamt about, but I usually wake up remembering my nightmares. A big ass smile tho? There’s only one person I could’ve been dreaming about... and in a way I felt guilty, or almost slutty for feeling this way. The fluttery feeling deep in my belly, the giddiness, just a pure sense of... happiness? I guess we’ll go with that. I’ve known him for two minutes, how does someone possess the ability to turn me into a pile of mush after no time at all? Am I being stupid, foolish, letting another guy swoon me into believing they’re this magnificent being?

“Are you hungry? I’m absolutely starving!” She says emphasizing the last word as she pouts across the room at me.

I break out of my train of thought and look back at her. “Yes.” Is all I reply as my stomach growls.

Within an hour we’re seated in a booth at Rosy’s diner. The place definitely has it’s charm. Scout is sitting across from me, sucking down her milkshake faster than I thought humanly possible.

“Ugh, just watching you is making my brain hurt.” I say, rubbing my temples at the imaginary brain freeze I was feeling.

“Oh, when you grow up in as small of a town as I did then you tend to find things to occupy your time. Me and my best friend Tristan would have milkshake drinking contests all the time at the diner by our house. We’d walk there every day. He’d order a strawberry milkshake, and I, chocolate.” She recalls the memory with a hint of sadness that makes me wonder if Tristan passed away, but before long Scout speaks again, answering my question.

“Stupid scumbag broke my heart, now I don’t have anyone to have milkshake drinking contests with when I go home.” She huffs a dramatic breath of air before returning her mouth to her straw.

I giggle, twirling my straw around my drink, taking sips in between. “Well, I’m no Tristan but I’ll definitely have milkshake drinking contests with you... or at least try.” I laugh again.

“Aw, you’d do that for me?” Scout asks as she places her hands over her heart. She says it in a teasing tone but I can tell there’s sincerity behind her words.

“Well duh, that’s what roommates are for!” I grin and there’s a silence that stretches between us as we enjoy our milkshakes and meals- it’s not an awkward one, but I can’t help but glance up every time the bell above the door dings, hoping it’s Tanner walking through the door.

Scout notices me glance up for the third time. “What’s up? Are you expecting someone?” She turns her body, looking towards the door, when she doesn’t see anyone our age she turns back to me. She questions me with her glare but I just shrug, taking a long gulp of my milkshake. Her eyebrows raise up in disbelief but she doesn’t question me any further.

Once we finish our meals, we hang back in the booth for a little bit, talking. We talk about school, boys we’ve dated. I tell her about Gavin, painting him as a completely different person. I don’t usually lie, or fabricate things... but the last thing I wanted Scout to feel towards me was pity. Especially since we’re already getting along so well. She asks me if I’ve ever kissed a girl, let alone stept with one. In middle school, even in high school there were definitely a few times where Lydia and I had experimented, most of the times were for stupid party games but there were definitely a few kisses that broke the barrier of funny and playful. Even after those nights though, nothing came between Lydia and I’s friendship. We’re stronger now than we’ve ever been and neither one of us saw that coming to an end anytime soon.

I didn’t tell Scout any of that, but I did fess up to kissing a girl before, she didn’t say I had to disclose who it was. I grin to myself, taking a sip of my milkshake before tossing the question back at her. “How about you? Have you ever slept with a girl?” I ask her and her confident, care free attitude has me feeling a bit jealous- I always wished I could go about life without a care in the world what people thought about me.

Scout just nods her head as she slurps down the last sip of milkshake. “Yeah, once. It was nice, just super awkward afterwards.” She shudders. “Don’t think I’ll do that ever again.” We both giggle and for once in my life- other than last night, I feel the possibility of a happy, fun life- one I could’ve only dreamed about. Was this what it was like to be in college? To finally be an adult.

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