Charlie Ever After

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4o| Charlie

Being back on campus feels nice— it feels right. It's been almost a month since I found my mother unconscious and two and a half weeks since I've last talked to her. She has tried reaching out multiple times. The first week she called over and over again, leave text message after text message. But I think by now she's finally got the hint that I'm not ready to talk yet. The calls and text messages have dwindled down to only once or twice a day. She's adamant that she hasn't drank, hasn't taken a pill— anything since the night I last saw her. The innocent child in me wants to believe her, but the more realistic side of me knows that she's full of shit.

I push back from my desk with a sigh and run my fingers through my knotty waves. I was in the middle of writing one of the most important papers of my freshman year— a paper I've been trying to write for days now, and I can't stop the incessant thoughts from pushing past the barrier that I tried to build around them. My cellphone vibrates against the wooden desk, causing me to jump. After everything that happened, I've definitely been more on edge than normal. I grab the device and hold it up, studying the screen. I was hoping it was going to be Tanner, but instead it's a random number. The area code is Tucson, but it's no one that I know— at least someone I don't care enough about to save their number. I quickly open the message and scan it quickly, my blood instantly running cold.

I know you were home a few weeks ago. I missed you.

There's only one person that the message could be from and just the thought of him makes me running for the bathroom. I kneel in front of the toilet and dry heave until I can't anymore, but nothing comes up. By the time I sit back against the cold tile, I'm covered in a mask of sweat and salty tears.

How the fuck did he get my new number? How could he have known that I was home? The thoughts cause a chill to course down my spine. Has he been watching me this whole time? I look down at my shaking hands and ball them up together in my lap, trying to calm my trembling fingers.

A few more minutes pass and I finally calm myself down enough to peel myself off of the floor and make my way back to my bedroom. I lean down slowly, picking up my cellphone that I must've dropped on my way to the bathroom. My fingers quiver around the device as I open up my message list, clicking on the thread with the unknown number. I read the message over a few more times before hovering my finger over the delete button. I press my finger down and the message clears from my screen. A breath escapes my lips that I didn't know I was holding and I walk over to my bed, climbing in and wrapping myself in my blankets. My body is still shaking but I can feel a cast of numbness— that's all too familiar— wash over me.

I wake a few hours later feeling slightly better mentally, but as I slowly sit up in bed, my body feels like it's been hit by a tractor trailer. A groan escapes my lips as I sit up against the headboard. "Fuck." I mutter, looking around for my phone. I finally find it shoved under one of my pillows and wake the screen to find about fifteen missed calls and thirty text messages— and that it's five pm— I slept most of the day away.

I thumb through the calls and messages. A few are from my mother— begging me to give her a chance— as if. Some are from Lydia, and Scout, but a majority of them are from Tanner. Guilt swells in my gut as my thumb hovers over the call icon. Finally pressing down, I hold the phone to my ear and within two rings he answers.

"Are you okay? I've tried calling and texting you all day." He sounds out of breath and worried— it does nothing to ease my guilt.

"I know. I'm so sorry. I must be coming down with something. I haven't been feeling well all day and fell asleep around noon." The guilt only grows. This is the first lie I've ever told Tanner, but how do I tell him that Gavin texted me? It would worry him, and the last thing I want is to strain our relationship. He just came into my life, I can't lose him already.

"Why don't I come over. I'll bring you some dinner and tea. We'll lay in bed and watch movies all night." I can hear the smile in his voice which just makes the corners of my lips quirk up. "Or I can come pick you up and we can relax here."

"Either works for me." I smile to myself, instantly feeling my spirits start to lift, but the guilt is still taunting me from the back of my mind.

"I'll be there in fifteen. Pack an overnight bag."

A giggle escapes me. "Okay, bossy." I grin and force my body up and out of bed to gather everything I'll need for a night away from home.

"I love you. See you soon." With our final goodbye we both hang up.

The boy wasn't kidding when he said he'd be here in fifteen minutes, because only fourteen minutes later he's knocking on my dorm room door.

"Come in." I call to him as I'm shoving all of my belongings into a canvas drawstring bag.

I hear the door open and shut behind him before feeling his strong arms snake around my body and pull me close. He litters soft kisses on the exposed skin of my neck before spinning me around to face him. His eyes travel my body from head to toe, taking extra time to travel over my face and search my eyes, before he lifts a hand and places the back of it to my forehead, checking for a fever.

"You're forehead is a little warm. How are you feeling now?"

I shrug my shoulders. "Alright, I guess. My stomach just hurts." My hand subconsciously goes to my stomach— just thinking about before is making me want to run to the bathroom all over again.

"You're not uh—" Tanner starts but I stop him with a glare before he even has the chance to continue.

"Not a chance, buddy." I roll my eyes and smack his arm playfully as he lets out a relieved sigh.

"I think it's just everything that went on the past month with my mother, and getting back into the swing of things with school." I shrug my shoulders and look down at the floor, knowing I'm lying straight through my teeth. Not that I haven't been stressed out because of school and my mother, but that's the least of my worries right now.

"You ready?" I ask as I sling my bag over my shoulder.

Tanner studies my face for a moment more before nodding his head. He still doesn't look convinced, but chooses not to fight me on it. He wordlessly takes my bag from me, shouldering it as he grabs my hand and laces his fingers through mine.

"I missed you." He smiles down at me before pulling me into him, wrapping his free arm around my waist and presses his lips to mine in a sweet kiss.

I can't help the smile that tugs at the corner of my lips as I kiss him back, stealing one more before we pull away. I lick my lips, the taste of Tanner leaving me feeling completely intoxicated.

He's grinning down at me when I look up at him. A blush warms my cheeks. "What?"

Tanner shakes his head with a wicked smirk contorting his lips. "Nothing. You're just beautiful, and I love you." His smile is earth shattering and I find my heart beating fiercely behind my ribcage as his eyes hold mine.

I finally break free from the trance he has me under, swallowing hard before I'm finally able to reply, "I love you too. So much." My words come out almost breathlessly as his smile only grows.

He gives my hand a small squeeze and starts walking towards the door. I'm almost surprised my feet comply with my brain, because for a moment I thought I'd forever be stuck in that spot— reliving that look he gave me over and over again.

We make it to his house in a matter of minutes and when we walk through the door, the house is completely silent— which is an odd occurrence in this house.

"Where are the guys?" I ask, looking around.

Tanner shrugs his shoulders, making his way to the kitchen. He busies himself grabbing a mug out of the cabinet and hunting down a box of teabags. I can't help but smile as I watch him, my heart aching and melting at the same time.

I walk into the kitchen and stand behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist, leaving a soft kiss against the hard surface of his shoulder blade before resting my cheek against it.

"You're perfect." I whisper softly.

I can feel his body shift underneath me as he turns around to face me. He looks down at me, cupping my face in his warm hands. I can't help but lean into the sensation, closing my eyes and reveling in the comfort.

"What's wrong?" He asks softly.

When I open my eyes and look into his, they look sad and worried.

I bite my bottom lip, chewing on the skin and going back and forth with myself, whether or not I'm going to fess up or not.

I choose or not.

"Nothing is wrong." I smile up at him. My smile isn't fake, but it's definitely forced.

I can tell in the way he turns away from me without as much as another word, that he doesn't believe me.

When he turns back around he hands me a cup of tea— made just how I like it, honey and milk. A small smile is gracing his lips as he places his hand on the small of my back, grabbing my bag off of the kitchen island and leading me upstairs to his bedroom.

He lets me crawl into bed first, holding my mug of hot tea as I get comfortable before he hands it back to me. I take a tentative sip to make sure it's not too hot, before taking a much larger gulp. The warm liquid instantly soothes my insides.

Tanner strips off his shirt, letting it drop into his dirty laundry pile, and I can't peel my eyes away. The way his shoulder muscles flex as he lifts his hands above his head, to the way his forearms pull taunt as he starts unbuckling his jeans. I can feel my heart racing as he pulls his pants down, kicking them aside. My eyes travel from the top of his head, dropping lower and taking their sweet time taking in the curve of his ass— for a guy he has the cutest butt in the world, I don't know how I never noticed it before.

"Like what you see?"

I'm snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of his voice. "Um—"

"You're practically drooling babe." He lets out a hearty chuckle and I can feel my entire body heat up in a blush.

He rolls his eyes playfully and makes his way over to the bed, crawling in and over to me. He grabs the cup from my hands, placing it on my night table before he tugs my body on top of his. He doesn't kiss me. He places a hand on my cheek, running his thumb lightly across my skin, causing goosebumps to rise over my entire body.

I lean into his touch, my eyes fluttering closed.

"You mean so much to me. I just wish you would trust me with some things."

I don't even know how to reply, but I don't have to because he pulls me in closer and presses his lips to mine.

A soft gasp escapes my lips as his tongue traces my bottom lip, begging for access. I open my mouth and meet his tongue with my own, our tongues doing their own little dizzying dance while our hands trail over every bit of each other that we can get ahold of.

The animal in Tanner comes out as he flips us over so I'm pinned beneath me. I can't help but giggle as he glares down at me with so much passion flooding his eyes that the giggle catches in my throat, almost causing me to choke.

His lips crash back into me and I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him as close as space will allow— but somehow I'm still left wanting more. I rake my nails gently down his back before tugging at the waistband of his boxer briefs, only getting them halfway down.

"Hold on." He growls in my ear. "You're still far too clothed for my liking." He looks at me with a wicked grin spread wide across his lips before he slowly lifts my shirt over my head, laying tantalizingly soft kisses all over every exposed inch of my body.

A soft moan escapes my throat as he gently nips at the tender skin of my collarbone, immediately remedying the sting with his tongue and lips. He trails his kisses across the entirety of my collarbone before moving his kisses up my neck and finally reaching my lips.

I kiss him furiously as I tangle my fingers in the hair at the back of his head, grabbing my favorite little patch as I tug him closer to me.

He reaches behind me and clumsily toys with my bra clasp before sliding the straps slowly down my shoulders. He tosses my bra to the floor before continuing his kisses— this time his mouth is focused solely on my breasts, making sure to give each nipple just as much attention as the other.

My fingers rake through his hair as my thighs tighten around his waist, pressing my core to the bulge in his briefs, just needing to feel something.

Tanner's eyes flutter up to meet mine, and he has the most devilish smirk spread across his lips that it makes my stomach drop. He's going to kill me in the best of ways.

He continues his kisses lower, down my chest and slowly down my stomach. I self consciously suck in and am met with Tanner's intimidating glare.

"Don't you dare." He reprimands.

I just nod my head and watch as he continues his path of kisses, stopping at the waistband of my leggings. He looks up at me once more as if asking for permission. With one nod of my head, he goes back to work.

A content sigh leaves my lips as I feel his kisses trail from hip to hip before he tugs my leggings down, throwing them across the room.

"You have the biggest shit eating grin on your face right now, and I'm loving every fucking minute of it." Tanner growls, looking up at me.

I can't help but to giggle as I run a hand slowly through his hair, moving the few strands that were falling in his eyes.

"All for you, baby." I retort.

His smile is so bright that it could light up the whole room, but within milliseconds, he's back to business.

He nips at the thin later of skin that's stretched over my hip bones, causing a surprised gasp to fall from my lips.

His mouth moves even lower and I can feel his warm breath in all of the right places, teasing me in one of the most irresistible ways.

"Please." I beg, but he doesn't relent, his grin only widens before his eyes return to my body in front of him.

He slides down even further, positioning himself perfectly between my legs, resting his hands across my waist. He works magic by leaving the lightest little kisses from the insides of my thighs, moving in closer to where I want him, until finally his mouth makes contact with my throbbing core.

There's still a barrier of fabric between us, but god his mouth feels amazing. He must think I've had enough teasing because just as I'm about to lose my shit, he leans up and grabs the thin waistband of my panties and tugs them down before letting them fall to the floor.

His eyes travel down my body— from head down, until they finally land on my exposed sex.

"Fuck." He mutters as his hands roam my thighs.

He leans back down, positioning himself in front of me, looking up at me as his tongue trails slowly up my clit.

A breath hisses between my teeth as my head falls back, my hand grabbing for the top of his head until I come in contact with his hair, grabbing a fistful.

He sucks that sweet bundle of nerves between his lips, rolling his tongue across it at the same time— nearly causing me to go into cardiac arrest.

I moan out his name, tugging at his hair as I push his face further into me. He swirls his tongue sloppily across my clit before sucking it into his mouth again. He presses two fingers against my entrance before slowly sliding them in, my mouth falling open in response. He arches his fingers up towards a spot that I didn't even know existed, causing me to see stars.

"Don't stop." I barely get the words out as he starts massaging the sweet spot that he found with his fingers while flicking his tongue across me in ways that have my body exploding in an inexplicable sensation of fireworks that erupt in every single nerve ending of my body.

"Cum for me baby. You're close, I can feel it." Tanner's raspy words send me over the edge.

I clutch at his hair and let out a loud moan. My thighs tighten around his head and my back arches off the bed as I meet my peak in a wave of utter bliss.

Tanner comes up for air after a few moments and I lunge at him with my lips, pressing them to his with a hunger that I didn't even know existed within me.

I can taste myself on him and that just makes me even hungrier.

I want him. No, need him. Now.

"Fuck me. Please." I whimper against his lips as I try working his boxers down.

I finally get them past his thighs and he slides them down the rest of the way before kicking them to the floor. I wrap my legs around his waist and can feel the head of his erection press against my core, causing me to shiver.

Tanner leans down, kissing my lips sweetly before he grabs my leg and forces me onto my side. He positions himself against me one more time before he pushes in, and in this new position, I can feel every single inch.

"Fuck." The word falls from my lips in a slow moan as he settles inside me.

"Are you okay?" He asks almost nervously, but when I nod my head yes, the fire returns to his eyes and he grabs my hips before thrusting back into me.

A constant stream of moans fall from my lips as he increases speed, before I abruptly pull away from him and position myself on my knees, my ass in full view.

I look back at him, biting my lip nervously. The dumbfoundedly happy look on his face only puts me at ease. It takes him a moment or so to snap out of his trance before it finally registers in his mind what we were in the middle of.

He grabs my hips, positioning the head of his cock against my entrance before pulling my hips back to meet his— his entire length sinking deep inside of me.

His speed starts off slow but when the sweet little words: "fuck me"— fall from my lips, he digs his fingertips into my hips and slams into me with such force that it shifts me up further on the bed.

"Yes." The word falls from my lips in nothing more than a whisper as I feel my whole body contract. I'm about to lose it.

"I'm gonna—" Tanner doesn't even let me finish.

"Cum with me. I'm so close." He breaths out.

I grin and try to hold off as long as I can, leaning up and grabbing a fist full of his hair. He reaches down in front of me, rubbing my swollen clit and within seconds, my legs are buckling. I can tell Tanner is close too because his movements start to become sloppy, like he can't control himself any longer.

"I can't hold it anymore." I whimper.

He kisses right under my earlobe before finally whispering, "Cum for me baby."

His words alone send me over the edge and I can feel my body quivering as I try to stay upright on my knees. Tanner does a good job holding my weight but after a few more thrusts, Tanner slows to a stop and pulls me up against him, capturing my lips in his.

"I love you so much. I'm going to marry you one day. I hope you know that." He grins and his words, and the way they make my heart race, only prove to me how far gone I am for him.


A/N: OOF this is a long one. But you guys deserve it for being so patient with me. I've given up on editing before posting, because then it just sits for even longer. So excuse any typos. I do plan on pulling the story once it 's finished to edit and revamp. ENJOY! Don't forget to vote and comment!<3

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