Pieces of the Sun

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From now on, there will certainly be lots of hurdles, lots of fights, lots of things to fix along the way, lots of things to remember. But this time for sure, I’ll make sure to take his hand, to pick him up when he falls, and walk with him all the way. This time I’ll make sure not to run away. This time, I promise to... “Stay...” Just as sunflowers look up for the sun, just as notes follow one another in a perfect rhythm to make a music score, Mio and Mei will walk down the memory lane to find each other again, and solve the mystery they're bound to, so they would fall in love without boundaries and restrictions. ⓒAll rights reserved

Romance / Mystery
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To all people who experience love (not like I’m the expert), just learn to trust.

To all my readers I know it’s sappy just pretend I’m not the one who wrote this, and don’t think of me while reading.

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