Bitter sweet love

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Jenna had a perfect life, until something terrible fell on her. It seems that everything takes an unexpected turn, full of surprises and disappointments. She doesn't know if she'll be well, if she can be cured...

Romance / Other
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Sometimes I wonder if I make good decisions that will help me in the near future. Every time I feel how I mistake , no matter how long I think about them. I am always wrong that everything will be fine and that nothing bad will happen. Most of the time I feel that I am a blind person, who does not see beyond the pupil of an eye, who hides so many things, emotions...

Although I try to hide my emotions every time a person lies myself, I feel how my soul fall apart, little by little, leaving only a thread of light. I know I don’t have anyone who can be called a “friend,” but I try every day to tell myself that no one deserves me. Instead of suffering, I pass besides people like a ghost, which doesn’t like me and gossip about me on my back.

I try to hide myself in the shadows, so that no one notices me, in the strong sunlight that caresses my face and hair the color of browned chestnuts.

I recently met someone who radically changed my life, who turned me into a new girl. She was reborn from her own ashes, like a phoenix bird.

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