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Her name is shelby. She loves to party and have fun. She never liked the fact that men always gave her attention. Until she meet a man named Tyson. They hit it off and she doesn't trust herself falling in love with him but she can't shake this feeling of something. She doesn't know what it is but she feels something. Read more to find out.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

It was a every dry and hot day. I live in a tiny town in Arizona. Its almost always dry. I have been looking to move out of state for a long time but cant find a good place pick up and move to. I've been thinking somewhere in Louisiana or Texas or maybe Utah. I dont want to be to hot or to cold of a place. I'm really thinking about Louisiana only because I really like it there. Me and my family used to go every year for summer brake. Now my parents go over seas summer brakes. They started doing that when my 2 brothers left the house. My oldest brother James got degree in bio chemistry. My other brother Henry got a job with Ferrari repairing cars. I on the other hand live with my boyfriend. I'm working on getting some sort of bio degree. My goal is to be able to breed and sell reptiles. I know thats am odd thing to get into but I think the morphs that you can get are absolutely amazing. Like the banana ball python morph. Anyway I'm just getting ready to go to the club. My piece of shit boyfriend is out again fucking his side piece. I put on a black crop top that exposes my pierced bellybutton I put a really cut ring in. Its a chain that wraps around my waist. I'm also wearing a really short skirt thats leather. It has a slit down the side. I throw on some knee high boots and walk out the door. I lock it behind me and head download to the parking lot. Once in the lot I see my boys pulling up. I quickly get in my car and start it. I watched as he just walked inside. He didn't even walk over to see where I was going. Wait did he even notice me? Oh well. I put my car in reverse then pull out. I put it back in drive and head towards the club. On the way to the club i couldn't help think of all the times that bastard has cheated on me. I pulled over into the parking lot of steak and shake. I pulled into the line to order my food. I was the only on there. I kinda found that odd since steak and shake is really good. I pull around and roll my window down to order.

"Welcome to steak and shake what can I get for you?" I laby said throw the mic.

"Yeah can I get a Frisco melt with some cheese fries. Let me also get a grilled cheese and some fries. Thank you." I said looking at what I ordered.

"Frisco melt, grilled cheese, cheese fries and a regular fry." The laby said

"Yes." I answered

"Okay your total is 23.18 at the window." She said.

I pulled around to the window and get my wallet out. I pulled out 2 20 dollar bills. The lady opened the window.

"23.18." She said. I handed her the 2 20s and waited for my change. She opened the window again. "16.82."

"Thank you." I said and she closed the window. I pulled up to the other window and waited for my food. About 10 minutes later the laby was at the window. She handed me my food and I said thank you and drove off. The melt is before I drink and the grilled cheese is after I leave the club. I dont drive home obviously. I sit in the club parking lot and eat my melt and cheese fries. I get done and get out the car. I lock it up and head towards the entrance of the club. Lucky I used to work at this club. I just easly slip by the bouncer since he knows me and everyone else here knows me. I walk up to the bar and sit down on the stole in front of my favorite person in the world. My best friend Savanah. She is the only person I can trust at the moment.

"Hey bitch what up?" I yelled over the music.

"Working you know people miss you here." She yelled back giving me my usual drink. A mango martini with two shots of rum. Savanah just knows and gets me. We have been friends since the 6th grade. "Wheres asswhole at?" She asked

"Zacks at home. He probably didn't even care i left." I said and grab a shot of rum. I gulp it down and look out at the dance floor. Savanah walks back over to me with a drink.

"That guy over there told me to give this to you." Savanah said pointing to the guy. I follow her finger to see a very sexy man. He was dressed in a nice grey shirt thats but not to tight. He had on a pair of really nice jeans. He had black hair with piercing green eyes. Hmm he looked good. Almost to good. I didnt even notice him walking towards me.

"Wow you are beautiful." The stranger said in my ear.

"Thank you. I said as mu checks become red. "Your really handsome." I told him

"Why thank you babygirl. Would you like to dance? He asked i just nodded my head. He grabs my hand and leads me to the dance floor. I start swaying my hips he joins in and follows my movements. We dance for about an hour or so.

"Do you want to get out of here? Tyson asked. He finally told me his name after about 20 minutes.

"Where to? I asked still dancing

"Anywhere." He said and took my hand. I just let him take me where ever he wanted. I dont know what it is about him but he just makes me fell safe. Almost like we have known each other for years. We get out to the parking lot and he walks towards this really expensive car. I think it was a Aston Martin. It was all black. He walks around to my side and opens the door for me. I get in and he shuts it. He walks around to his side and gets in. With that we drive off. Tyson still hasn't told me where we where going.

"Where are we going?" I asked looking out the widow as I watched the city go by.

"You will see soon princess." He said and put his hand on my thigh. He rubbed it a little bit then put it back on the stirring wheel. The way his hand felt only thigh felt so good. Man he is really something or it might be because I'm drunk. After a while of looking out the window I must have feel asleep.
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