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Chapter two

I woke up with arms around my waist. I look around and realize I'm not at home. I look at who is holding me and forgot what to think. He was so amazing. His skin was perfect. His lips where so perfect and plump. His eyelashes where so long. I couldn't help but touch his face. His stubble felt good under my finger tips. I didnt realize I woke him up till he moved my hand.

"Oh I'm sorry." I said trying to pull it back.

"No its okay." Tyson said pulling me on top of him to where I was straddling him. "Tell me baby what is it that you do?" His question took me off guard.

"I'm a bartender." I used to work at the club we where at last night but I left to go to the one im at now. "What do you do" I asked curiously

"I own a chain of hotels." Tyson said leaning forward. I'm fully on his member now. Not that he is naked or anything tho I wish he was. "Do you have a boyfriend?" He finally asked looking at me.

"I do but I've been wanting to leave him for sometime now." I honestly said "I just haven't found a good apartment yet to move out." I added.

"Why do you want to leave him?" Tyson asked looking at me. I looked away and didn't say anything for a minute.

"He cheats on me then gets drunk and beats me." I said kinda shaking. He didn't say anything just pulled me into a hug. He rubbed my back and I couldn't help but cry. He only held me tighter. After a few minutes he was trying to clam me down. The more he rubbed my back the calmer I got.

"May I ask why do you stay with him if he does that to you?" Tyson asked now looking at me.

"I only stay because I dont have enough money to move out. See my mom moved down to Texas when my dad passed away. I haven't seen my mom in almost 5 years now. I would move down there with her but I love this city to much to leave." I honestly said

"Oh." Was all Tyson said. He let go of me and got up. He walked out of his room. About a minute later he comes back with a change of clothes for me. "If you want to the bathroom is over there." He said pointing to a door on the other side of the room. With that he walked out. I got up and went to the bathroom. I walked it and it was huge. Two mark sinks that sit together. A huge bathtub that was all white. With a huge show big enough to fit 10 people in it. I start the water and let it run for a little bit to get it hot. I took my cloths off and I'm standing in front of the mirror. I look at all the bruises Zack put on me. Some where disappearing and others looked freshly done even tho they where a couple days old. I stair at the one around my arm. I touch it and only flashes of what happened crossed my mind. I fliched a little then stopped looking at it. I just hoped into the shower. I washed up then got out. I got dressed and left the bathroom. I went to go find Tyson. I walked downstairs only to find the kitchen, dining room and living room empty. I just go and sit on the couch. I figured he was in his office.

"Miss Shelby Tyson wants to see you in his office." The maid said then turned around and walked away. I get up and try to find the maid who told me to go see Tyson. I walk around downstairs for a little bit and could find her or his office. You would think he would make his office stand out from the other rooms right. Well I can't tell. So I walk upstairs. Once at the top Tyson was standing outside his office room.

"Where have you been i asked you to come here 30 minutes ago." He said looking down at his watch.

"Sorry the maid just told me you wanted to see me then she didn't tell me where your office was." I said looking down at the ground.

"Its okay just dont let it happen again. Okay princess." Tyson said now walking towards me. Once he got to me he picked me up like a kid and put me on his hip. He walks back to his office with me like that. Tyson opened the door. Once it shut he locked the door. He walks us over to his desk and sits down and shifts me to his lap.

"Baby can I ask you something?." Tyson said looking into my eyes. I just shake my head. "Do you want me to help you move out?" He asks me. I'm shock for a second then I sit and think. I want to leave Zack but can I trust Tyson. I mean I just ment him yesterday. Well if he would have done something wouldnt he have done it while I was asleep. He doesn't seem like one of those people. I dont know what to do. I want to move out maybe I can look for an apartment for a while.

"You dont have to move in here you can get your own apartment. I just dont want you going back to him while he hits you like he does." Tyson said moving a piece of hair behind my ear. "Look I dont want to do anything you don't want me to."

"I want to leave him." I blurt out. "I mean I want to move out but I dont want you to just buy a apartment or pay for one in anyway. In fact keep all your money i dont want any of it." I said with fire to my voice. "I just need you to act like my new boyfriend so Zack won't do anything to me."

"Why should I act like your boyfriend when I want to be your boyfriend?" Tyson said while rubbing the side of my face. I just looked down feeling my checks heat up. "Baby I can take care of you if you let me. Please let me take care of you." He said in my ear.

"As tempting as it is Tyson I don't want to feel like I owe you money." I honestly said then put my hand on his chest. Wow its so hard but at the same time soft. "I will look around for some apartments." I said getting up. I could tell he didn't really like that. He just watched me walk away. I opened his office door and walked out. I went straight to his room and started looking for apartments. About two hours later I found a couple apartments I really liked. One was not to far from here and it had what I've always wanted a big kitchen but the rooms are small. The other I really liked was 30 minutes away from here and it has a really nice porch. Then I found a really nice condo. It has everything I want but it's 50 minutes from here. I just have a feeling I'm not going to be able to get rid of Tyson so easily. I think I'll go with the one closest from here. I book an appointment to go look at for tomorrow. Hopefully it's as nice as its pictures. I kinda feeling a little bit hungry. I get up and walk to the door. I open it. I really wasn't paying attention but I ran right into a hard chest. I hesitate to look up. Once I do I meet kind amazing green eyes.

"Hi." I say feeling a little small.

"Hey babygirl." Tyson said picking me up like a kid again. "Did you find some apartments?"

"Yeah I found a couple I like 2 of them are close to here but one is 50 minutes away but I really like it." I said looking down.

"Its what ever you want. I'll see you now matter how far you are." He said moving his hand from around my waist lower.

"Tyson can I ask you something?" I asked looking at him now.

"Anything baby." He said sitting down on the bed then moves me so I'm sitting on his lap.

"Are you seeing anyone?" I asked nervous about the answer.

"If I was seeing anyone I wouldn't have brought you home with me." Tyson said looking at me.

"So your not with someone?" I asked kinda confused by what he ment

"No im not seeing anyone." He said a little irritated

"Oh." I said and leaned forward so my head was now on his shoulder. I want him alli want is him. I have never felt safer in my life then right now. He pulls me in so my chest was right up agenst his. I just sit there for a minute or two before looking at him again.

"Tyson." Before I asked him anything the door bell rang. He kissed me on the forehead and gets up. He puts me in his chair.

"I'll be back baby." With that said he leaves the room.
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