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Chapter 3

Tysons pov:

I leave my sweet angle in my office to see who the fuck is at my door. When I reach the door I look throw the pep whole and see my ex. I open it knowing she won't go away till we talk.

"What do want?" I asked kinda pissed off

"Daddy i made a mistake i just want to be with you." She said and throw herself on me.

"Dont call me that and dont you have a place where only hoes like you stay." I spit back and shove her off me.

"Oh come on daddy you know you still want this." She said and bent over to only reveal her naked self under her skirt. I couldn't help but laugh at this point. "Why are you laughing?" She said a little angry.

"Because you think this pathetic display of nudity is going to get me back." I continue to laugh. "By the way I would rather be with a cat before being with you ever again. Your nothing to me. Also I have a sexy ass girlfriend waiting for me in my office if you dont mind." I said shoving her out of my house then I slammed the door on her. I turn around only to find my princess att he bottom of the stairs. I know she heard it all. I just looked at her. Shelby got upnand walked over to me.

"Who was that?" She asked as I picked her up.

"Trust me no one you ever have to worry about." I said to her while looking in her eyes. Man Shelby make me want to give everything up just to be with her. If she asked me i would sell my house and everything I own to live in a box with her. She just has this thing about her no one else has. I love how she knows what she wants.

"Shelby when do you have to go look at that apartment?" I asked her while walking up the stairs.

"Tomorrow at noon." She said while holding on to me tightly. I look at my watch and its almost 11 o'clock. I'm getting tired so I know my princess is sleepy. "Do you want me to stay here till I get it?" Shelby asked. In shock I dont know what to say.

"If you want to stay you can." I said. She just nodded her head then laid it down on my shoulder. I got up the stairs and head straight to my room. I put my princess down and she just walk over to the bed and lays down. I head to my bathroom. I shut the door behind me and look in the mirror. My stubble is starting to become long but it can wait a couple more days. I brush my teeth and strip down to just my boxers. I walk out and see my princess all curled up half asleep. I smile and walk over to the bed. I got in and pulled Shelby close to me. She turns around to face me. She puts her finger tips on my beard.

"You look good with a beard." She said while rubbing back and forth.

"Thank you." I just now noticed that I was touching her bear skin. Its so soft. Its like I'm touching a baby's skin. "Baby." I said while rolling us over so I'm on top of her. Slowly she lends forward. She kisses my lips and it feels like fire just went through my whole body. I couldn't help but deepen the kiss. Shelby snakes her arms around my shoulders and into my hair. Fuck this girl is going to be the death of me. I grind myself agenst her. She responds and grinds back. Fuck I want her so bad. We fight for dominance and I end up winning. I explore her mouth with my tongue. As I pull away a bite her lower lip. I heard the amazing sound come from her lips.

"Fuck baby i want you so bad." I whispered in her ear. Shelby didn't move. It was like she was frozen in her place. "I'm sorry." I said and got up. Before I could go anywhere she grabbed my arm. I turn to face Shelby. She was just looking down at the bed. I could see tears falling onto the bed. I get back into bed and just hug her. She just sits there and crys into my shoulder. I dont want to assume I did anything. After about 10 to 15 minutes Shelby stops crying.

"I'm sorry." She whispered to me.

"Baby there is nothing to be sorry about." I said pulling her face back so I can look at her.

"But you want me and I'm just here crying like a hot mess." She said while

"Hey its okay. Whats wrong baby?" I asked pulling her on to my lap now.

"I just thought you would want someone better looking like that one lady who came over." Shelby said trying not to cry.

"Why would you ever think that?" I asked softly

"Because she called you daddy and basically throw herself on you." She said looking down at the sheets.

"Baby girl I dont want her at all trust me. I honestly would rather die then be with that witch ever again." I honestly said as I hold her face in my hands.

"Do you mind me asking what happened?" She asked while rubbing my chest.

"Well she would rather spend my money go hang out with her friends and fick random dudes behind my back then actually try to be with me." I said a little tense.

"Tyson." Shelby whispered

"Yes baby." I said

"I left Zack." She blurted out

"You did?" I asked a little shocked

"Yeah I just need yo go get my stuff." Shelby said while getting up.

"Baby its like 10 at night we can't do it right now." I said getting frustrated because its late and I dont want to leave her here alone.

"But I need my stuff. Look he has my kitten and I'm not leaving him there. Ether you come with me to get him or I go get him myself." She said with fire in her eyes. I know she is not backing down.

"Fine. I go get the truck." I said getting up and putting my cloths on. Shelby had just got her sweats on and is now putting on one of my long sleeve shirts. Fuck I dont know what it is about her she is just everything I've ever wanted. I just need her to know me better. I need to tell her about ddlg. I need her to understand what it's about and I need her to understand somethings about it to. We both get dressed and head to the truck.

"Tyson please what ever you do dont hurt him." Shelby said and stopping me for a second before we got to the truck

"If he even lays a finger on you a swear it will take everything in me not to kill him." I snapped not really meaning to just from what Shelby has told me of what he has done to her it'll take everything in me not to snap his neck the moment I see him.

"Tyson promise me you won't hurt him." She demanded

"I can't." Was all I said and turned on my heal to walk towards the truck. I got in the truck and waited for her to get in. Once she was in a buckled my seat belt and waited for Shelby to do hers. "Are you going to tell me where your old house is?" I asked coldly

"475 hill cherry drive."was all she said and looked out the window. I knew she would be mad at me. I just can't see myself not hitting him. I'm going to try to do what she asked me to because I dont want her to leave. I type the address into the GPS and pull out of the garage. Damn it I hate her being mad at me but ugh this is passing me off. After about a 30 minute five we pull up at the house.

"You stay here ill go get my kitten well its kittens." She said about to jump out.

"Wait how many kittens are we talking about?" I asked now a bit irritated

"Only 3." She said

"Okay good I thought it would be like 7 or 8." I said. Shelby just jumps out of the car and heads to the door.
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