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Chapter 4

Shelbys pov

I knock on the door and wait for Zack to open the door. He finally did.

"What the fuck do you want?" He spat at me drunkenly

"Look im just here to get my cats and ill leave." I said slipping past him.

"Okay." Was all he said and went to the couch not even closing the door. He must be really fucked up. I head to my old room and found all three kittens under my bed. I pull them each out from under the bed. Putting one im at a time into the cat carrier I had in my closet. Im almost done I just have to slip passed Zack one last time and then I'll never have to see him again. I walk out of my room and I catch zacks attention right away. I can see Tyson watching everything as the door was still open. Zack stands up from the couch and he just stands there.

"Look im sorry for what I have done to you Shelby I hope you can forgive me some day." Zack said and sat right back down on the couch. I just stood there frozen. I didn't know what to say. "Look you have every right to be upset and leave me. I know I was the best boyfriend. I mean shit lookat me im a fucking mess. I'm a pill popper on top of an alcoholic." He gets up again this time walking over to me. He just drops his head on my shoulder and starts crying. It kinda broke my heart a little to see him like that. "I'm so sorry." He continues and starts kissing my neck. I felt really uncomfortable. I just want to crawl into a ball and wished it wasn't happening. I know exactly what he trying to do and its not working. He pushes me agenst the wall hard. I dropped the cat carrier. He grabbed both of my wrists and held them above my head really fast. I didnt have time to react fast enough. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tyson enter the house. In one swift motion I was turned around to a knife in my throat and a hand around my hair.

"How about you show that new man of yours what a real man can do to you." Zack said while the hand around my hair drops to between my legs. I squirmed a little bit trying so his fingers wouldn't touch me. I look at Tyson with horror. I hate to have him see me like this. "How about we show him how much you missed me." Zack said grinding himself on me. I can see tysons eyes go black with rage. I just want him to hold me right now. Tyson is about at his wits ends at this point any longer and he will snap. Zack yanked my pants down and started playing with me through my thong. Tyson I think at this point doesn't care hes almost running at Zack. Before Zack could do anything Tyson was on top of Zack. The knife wasn't even sharp enough to even cut me. If I dont get Tyson off of Zack soon Zack is going to be beaten to death. Not that I care I just don't want to see Tyson go to prison.

"Tyson." I said grabbing him arm. He just pushed me off of him hard. I hit my head on the wall behind me hard. I start to cry. Tyson admit lying stopped and picked me up. He grabbed the kittens and walked to the truck. He set me in the passenger seat the set the kittens behind me and got in the truck. "Tyson." I said almost not audible.

"Why would you think going in there alone was a good idea." He snapped angerly

"I wasn't thinking I just wanted my cats." I said trying not to cry.

"Your lucky I didn't kill the fucker." Tyson snapped. I didnt say anything. Tyson started the truck and pulled off fast. He speeded till we got back to his house. When we got home Tyson went straight up to his office. He didn't say anything else to me. I just went to his room and laid on the bed. I couldn't help but cry. I must have cried myself to sleep because when I woke up again it was light out and Tyson wasn't in the bed. I get up and head to the bathroom. I do my thing then leave. I get back in bed and dont leave it all morning. Finally around 2 I get up and head downstairs to eat something. I walk into the kitchen and start looking through the fridge and pantry to find something to eat. I found some pasta sauce and some pasta noodles. I had to look through all the cabinets till I found a pot big enough to cook the noodles in. I poor some water in the pot and put it on the stove. I waited till the water started to boil then I put the noodles in. About ten minutes later the noodles where done. I searched the cabinets again for a strainer. I found one and put it in the empty sink. I strained the noodles and throw them on a plate with some sauce and parm. I mixed it all together and sat down at the table. After I ate I went put to the back yard. It was huge and amazing. The pool was on the other side of the garden. On the other side of the yard was a basketball court and the extention of the garden. The garden was huge. Every flower you could think of was in it. It had a water fountain that flowed into a little river that went around the garden. In front of the garden was a space for partys nothing special it was just a back porch but it was huge. There was swings set up on the porch along with two in the garden one on one side and one on the other. I noticed I had the whole house to myself. Tyson was gone to the office. I got curious and started looking around. This house was huge and beautiful. Each room had a king size bed with a view of garden and mountains. Finally I got to his office. I know I'm not supposed to go in but I'm really curious. I open the door and it was pitch black. I turn the lights on and go straight to his desk. Sitting on top was a bunch of papers nothing really important. Some pens and pencils. I started to go throw the drawers. The top one was unlocked the first piece of paper I pulled up was all my information. Where I lived, my name, number, what year I was born, where I was born all the way down to what time and where. I mean everything was there. The next piece of paper I pulled out was a drawing of me. It was amazing. It looked so real. The next one was another sheet of paper like the one I found with all my information on it but this time it was a man and his name was crossed out. So I go throw all of the papers some where drawings of me and others where pages like the guys page I found. Some had women's names on it and others had man's names. It was like that till I got to a picture of Tyson with that one laby that was here. They looked so happy here. They looked like they where in love. What really happened that he isn't telling me. Hes hiding something from me and I dont know what it is but I want to find out.

"What are you doing in here?" Tyson asked scaring the shit out of me.

"I was just curious." I said

"Out now." He said pointing to the door. I put down the photo that was in my hands and he froze. "Where did you find that?" He said almost jumping down my throat. I just pointed to the drawer that was open. That when he grabbed my arm and pulled me out of his office. "Dont you ever come back in here ever again you understand." Tyson snapped hold my wrist tighter then he already was. It was starting to hurt.

"Tyson stop your hurting me." I said

"I said do you understand me." Tyson almost yelled at me while gripping my wrist tighter.

"Yes." I said almost in tears. He let go of me and I ran to his bed room and slammed the door. I wanted him to know I was upset. I just laid in bed crying. I must have fell asleep because when I woke up again it was dark. I look at the clock and its only 9. I dont know and don't care what Tyson is doing. I get up and go downstairs. I hear Tyson talking to someone but I dont pay attention. I just walk into the kitchen and make myself some sandwiches. I also grab a bottle of water and head back upstairs. I got a glimpse of who he was talking to and it was that lady that came over. Why is she in the house? Why is she even here? I sit on the kitchen floor and listen to what they are talking about.

"Damn it you never fucking listen to me do you Hallie?" Tyson said im not sure what they are doing.

"You dont listen to me asswhole. I told you if you wanted me leave every fuck buddy you have and just be with me Tyson." She said

"Wow dont spin this around and act like I was the one cheating when you fucked my best friend behind my back for a year and a half. Oh but now you want me back. No." He said

"Tyson you cheated on me just as much as I cheated on you." Hallie said

Thats not fucking true. You made me cheat on you because everytime I asked you to leave you refused." He spat back at her

"Tyson thats a fucking lie and you know it." She said.

"Oh really ot was because I remember you telling me your not leaving." Tyson said

"Oh shut the fuck up Tyson you know thats not why you called." She said. Thats it i had enough. I got up and ran upstairs. I made sure everyone heard me. I started packing what I had. I throw cloths into my suit case. I put my 3 kittens back into their cat carrier. I'm aboutt o put the last of things in my suit case and call a cab. Before I could do anything of that Tyson came in.

"Hey where are you going?" He asked trying to sit me down.

"I'm leaving you obviously want to be with her and I'm just in the way." I said and put the rest of my things in my suit case. "And to think I thought you where different your just like everyone else." I spat at him and carried my things out of the room.

"Please baby let me explain please." Tyson said trying to get me to stay

"Explain what Tyson? That you want her and miss her and im just in the way of that." I said and started to call a cad. Its now like 7 at night. I'll just have to get a hotel room.

"Yes may I get a cab to the nearest hotel." I said to the person on the line.

"That will be on the next 15 to 20 minutes." The person on the other end said.

"Thats okay and thank you." I said walking out of the house to go sit on the curb. Tyson said or did nothing when I walked out. He just watched me walk out. Its okay tho because I dont need him. About ten minutes later my cab arrived. I hopped in and head straight for the first hotel. Once I'm there I get my room and a settle down a little bit. I just ordered pizza and watched movies till I feell asleep.
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