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Chapter 5

Tysons pov

Fuck I fucked up and I fucked up bad. Shelby left. I was just trying to get a womans perspective on what I should have done to apologize. Now I dont know if I can. The worst part is a just let her walk out. The way she looked back at me like she was begging me to tell her to stay. I couldn't. I knew if I asked her to stay it would only take a bit longer for her to walk away. I knew asking Hallie was the worst idea I have ever had in my life.

"Oh daddy now that she is gone maybe we can get some time ourselves for once." Hallie said rubbing up and down my chest.

"Get off me." I said pushing her off of me and walking past her. "Look I dont need you anymore you can just leave." I added before heading to my office. I got to the door of my office and I had an amazing thought. Of I call around to different hotels one of them should have her in the roster. I open the door and lock it behind me. I start calling around to different hotels. Eventually I got a hit. Shelby is at the night inn a few minutes from here. I basically ran to my car and practically throw myself in. I started the car and headed towards the hotel. I got there and pretty much ran inside. I rang the bell sitting on the desk and waited. A old man came from the other side of the door.

"Can I help you young man?" The old man asked.

"I just need to know what room is Shelby risinburgs room is at." I said looking at him

"May I ask what its about." He asked

"I fucked up really badly and I really need to apologize for what I did and I dont know if she will accept my apology." I said looking down at the floor.

"Well young man let me tell you. As long as your honest and is willing to work with her im sure she will be willing to listen. If she doesn't accept your apology just know you tried. Not everyone is will to stay and work it out but fine the person who is." The old man said. "Room 17." He added.

Walking around trying to find her room. I finally went upstairs and it was the 3rd on the left just as you got to the top. I walked over to the room and stood in front of the door. I stood there for a second thinking about what to say. What do I tell her? How do I explain what happened? You know what im not going to lie to her. I knock on the door and wait till she answers. As I'm waiting i just pray she answers the door. 2 minutes later the door swing open and Shelby was standing infront of me with blood shot eyes almost looked like she was crying and feel asleep. I just want to pull her in and tell her everything's going to be okay but I know she will just reject me. Her face lights up for a sec then went stone cold.

"What?" She asked coldly.

"I can here to apologize." I said looking at her.

"Apologize for what your a grown man you can have who ever you want." Shelby said and tried to shut the door

"Its not what you think I was asking her how I could make it up to you because I scared you." I honestly said.

"Tyson look i get what your trying to do. Your trying to act like she wasn't there to please you every needs." She spat at me.

"No its not like that I promise." I said pushing the door back open so I could walk in. All Shelby does is step aside. I walk in and shut the door. She just stands there and doesn't say a word. "I fucked up and I want to apologize because I shouldn't have invited Hallie over. I also shouldn't have scared you. I feel really terrible for what I did." I honestly said and looked her in the eyes.

"Tyson you dont have to lie for her." Shelby insisted

"I'm not lying." I said softly

"Tyson if you just want her why won't you just say so." She said now crying

"Because Shelby i dont want her." I said and turned on my heel to leave. "Shelby I will always want you." I said and left

Fast forward. Its been a week since I have heard or seen Shelby. I dont know if she even wants to be with me anymore. I just hope she listened to me. If so ill hear from her soon. I just can't stop thinking about her. I wonder what field of work she does. I just really want her back. Man I really did fuck up didnt I. Walkimg out of my office at the building.

"Hey boss some lady is here to see you she said it was an emergency." My desk lady said to me

"Let her in ill be waiting in my office." I said turning around to go back to my office a couple minutes later I heard a knock on the door. "Come in." I kinda yelled

"Tyson." I heard my angle say. I spun around in my chair to see Shelby standing in the doorway. Damn she looks amazing. I get and walk over to her. I let her slide past me to sit in the chair infront of my desk. "Look im not here for you." She blatantly said "I'm here because of the job you offered me."

"On yeah." I said walking over to my desk. I pull out her employment records and application. I look through it. "So why do you want this job?" I asked her now looking up at her amazing eyes.

"Well for starters my college told me I can apply for a internship and that whats i was here for." Shelby said looking down at the ground

"Oh the internship. I'll have someone come up right away to come get you. I said and grabbed the phone. "Yeah we have another intern." I said to the lady on the other end.

"Alright be up in 5." She said and hung up

"She will be up in a little bit." I said and turned my back to her.

"Look Tyson I just want you to know I miss you." She said really softly almost to soft to hear but I heard her. I just turned around and looked at her.

"You dont think I miss you." I said looking down at her.

"No not now since you have your ex back." She spat at me. I just get up and drag her off her chair. I pick her up and call my internship.

"Never mind I will bring her." I said to the lady on the other line.

"Yes sir." Was all she said and hung up. I throw her on my couch. Shelby tries to get away.

"Get off of me Tyson." She finally said.

"If I wanted my ex I wouldn't have went to your hotel room. If I wanted my ex she would be here instead of you but she is not. Shelby I want you." I said looking down at her

"Then why did you let me leave that night?" She asked looking at me.

"I dont know i really wasn't thinking. I was already pissed off because I had a shitty day at work I found you in my office. Normally I wouldn't be so mad but you went throw my things and found the photo of me and her together. I just dont want you to see things like that when that was before I had you." I honestly said

"Why don't you want me to see things like that?" Shelby asked putting her hand on my face.

"Because I want that photo to be of me and you." I said giving her soft lips a kiss. She kissed me back and deepend the kiss. "Baby does this mean you forgive me?" I asked pulling away a little

"I don't know depends on if I can go home with you tonight." Shelby said rubbing up and down my body. Fuck she makes it so hard for me to do things. She dipped her hand over my cock rubs it through my pants then smiles. Fuck I want to pound the shit out of her.

"Keep playing and see if I dont take right here on this couch." I said grabbing her throat not hard just hard enough for it to feel good. She bit very bottom lip and closed her eyes. "Fuck baby I could fuck the shit out of you right."

"Please." I heard ever so softly.

"Are you sure?" I asked looking down at her and she just nods her head. I start kissing up her neck and nibbling on her spot on her neck. Shelby keeps grinding harder on me with each love bite. I slowly take her shirt off. I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. Not that I dont care. I just dont want other men to know that. From her neck I kissed down to her breasts. Sucking in on nipple and playing with the other. Switching nipples I continue to play with her. I want to take her right her but I stop and put her shirt back on her. The look of pur lust in her eyes got me excited for her to wait till tonight.

"Baby come over tonight." I demanded her. She lends up to my ear.

"Yes daddy." She whispered. I moved so that I'm sitting up on the couch. I'm kinda shocked she would say that to me. Shelby sits up adjusts and gets off the couch. "Tell them I'm on my way down." She said looking back at me. "Can you tell me where it is."

"Baby let me take you down." I said with a devilish grin. With that being said I loop my arm around for her to grab and proceed to go towards the elevator. I pressed the button for 12th floor. Well its going to take a while since my office is on the 23rd floor.
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