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Chapter 6

Shelbys pov

Tyson looks so good. Hes wearing an all black suit. Fuck he looks good. He noticed I was checking him out but he doesn't say anything he just walks over to me.

"Like what you see baby girl?" Tyson asked biting my ear.

"Yes daddy." I moan quite in his ear.

"Your coming home with me tonight. You better be done with everything by 9." He said and smacked my ass. "Dont be late or else. He said while rubbing my ass. His other hand slid down my front and starts playing with me.

"Tyson." I said as he just left me standing there hot for him.

"What princess?" He asked hitting the emergency button that automatically stopped the elevator. I dont know if we are in-between floors or if we are right at the floor.

"What are you doing?" I asked a little confused.

"I just stopped the elevator thats all." Tyson said then walks over to me. "Before we do anything baby I need to know one thing."

"Okay what is it?" I asked confused

"Why did you leave? He asked

"What do you mean why did I leave?" I asked him

"I mean what I just asked." He plainly said

"I left because I thought you called over your ex to fuck her while I was there." I said looking down.

"Hey I wouldn't do that to you ever." Tyson said lifting up my chin so I'm now looking at him. "Baby I ment it when I said she means nothing to me."

"Then why was she there?" I asked

"Because I panicked and she is the only female I know so I asked her what I should do to apologize to you." He said looking at me straight in the eyes. I dont know what to believe he looks like he was telling me the truth but damn I have this feeling something more was going to happen.

"Tyson I believe you but your ex tried to tell me you still wanted her." I honestly said.

"Baby if I wanted her you think I would be all over you, ooo girl if only you knew how much I think about you." Tyson said leaning into my ear. "I can't stop thinking about how to make you feel good." He said while licking my ear.

"Tyson." I said weakly as I put my hand on his chest.

"Yes princess." He said now looking at me.

"I think she still wants you." I said honestly

"I know princess but I dont want her." He said while back up a little bit

"What happened?" I asked flatly

"I thought I told you?" Tyson asked

"Yeah you did but you just said she cheated but from what I heard there was more that happened." I honestly said

"What did you hear?" Tyson shot me a look of pure anger. I kinda got scared

"I heard that she made you stay and that she cheated on you with your friend. That was all I heard then she asked you to get to point basically." I said kinda fast

"Oh." Was all he said then his look softened. "Here's what happened. Me and her started dating. It was okay for a little while. Then all of a sudden she started going out regularly when she never did before so I knew something was up. So I did my own investigation with my friend not knowing she was fucking him. I finally found out when I spotted both of them together eating out when I was with my two brother and 3 sisters for dinner. I didnt tell her I found out I just went along like I didnt. She started to take advantage of that so she started to get abusive. I finally got feed up and tried to leave. Everytime I would she would come back every time." Tyson said turning around. He lifted his shirt and I could see twitch marks that turned into scars on his back. "When I tell you she means nothing I mean she means absolutely nothing to me." He said pulling his shirt back down. I dont know what to say. I feel really bad for him for what happened but I also want to celebrate because if she didn't do that he wouldn't here with me right now. As fucked up as that sounds. He walks back over to me and he's standing inches away from me.

"Tyson what do you want us to be?" I asked plainly. Tyson didn't say anything just looked at me.

"I don't know." He said dropping his eyes to the floor almost disappointed in the answer. "I'm sorry." He just hung his head

"Tyson I like what we have but I dont want to be dragged around." I said looking at him. All of a sudden he just kicked the control panel hard but not hard enough to brake it and it starts again. He didn't say anything when I got off the elevator. The rest of my day was a blurry. I remember walking up to the counter and talking to the lady and she showed me where I would be and thats it. I'm just laying in bed when I got an idea. I looked at the date and it was Thursday. I could go to the bar. I also wanted to know if my still had that storage unit with all the stuff I had that she ended keeping of mine when she moved to her new house. I bet there is some shit in there. So I call my mom. The phone starts ringing. It rings about 3 times.

"Hello." My mom finally said

"Hey mom." I said.

"Hey sweetheart. What you need?" She ask

"I was just wondering if you still had that one storage unit of mine?" I ask

"Yeah I do but now I have put some stuff in there to since I know your ex has all your shit. He won't let me take them for you." She said

"That bastard." I said and slammed my fist down on the bed.

"I know I tried. My mom said

"Do you mind if I come by and pick the key up? I really need to get a drink tonight." I honestly said

"No ill just leave it in the mailbox and you can swing by and pick it up. I know how that feels." My mom said and hung up. She has always been like that. Small talk. I put my phone on the bed and get up. I'm in sweats and a sweater I got from Tyson. I take them off and rummage through the clothes Tyson gave me. I picked out this cute acid washed Pink Floyd crop top tee shirt with a pair of black leggings that made my ass pop. I throw on a pair of socks and grabbed my black and white high top vans. I grab my car keys and head towards the door. I open it and walk out lock it back up and walk downstairs towards the parking lot. I reach my car and get in. To my moms I go. I get to my my moms and pull up to the mailbox. I open the door and reach in. I felt the key and grabbed. I honked the horn and left. To the bar. I'll look through that stuff tomorrow. I get to the bar and walk in after I lock up my car. I sit down at the bar.

"In here on a Thursday what happened?" My regular bartender said

"Male problems." I said

"Spill im here for the tea. Plus who am I going to tell." He said with a girly flare to his voice.

"Well I asked this guy what we are after we have been massing around for a couple of moths and he said he didn't know and he was sorry about that." I said honestly as he pushed two shots infront of me.

"Tequia. Sounds like he doesn't know what he wants. Ether he's holding on to something or he just needs time to be in a relationship again or girl he's just plain massing with you. Ether of them but the first two sounds more like it." He said and walked away. Me and him talked some more. I had a couple of more drinks and after about 2 hours I want to leave. Its only 9 now I can have my friend to go get my car. I called a cab. I got to my apartment building. I walked up to my apartment and unlocked the door. I shut and locked it after I walked in. I just walked to my bed and passed out.
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