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My Tempting Mistake

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"TIME of death?" "2:38am" *********** Elijah Carson black the number ONE player! He doesn't care about love unless it comes to his family. He's got TWO rules never to marry or fall in love. He wants to show his father he isn't going to fail like him. What will happen when his father tells him he can only be the CEO of the company on Two conditions, and that he is to force get a PA and a real girlfriend so he can stop ruining Carson's reputation. What happens when he gets a sexy PA and he asks his best friend since childhood Annette Hendricks to be his pretending girlfriend? Annette Hendricks, daughter of Anna Hendricks is sweet, feisty and a beautiful girl. She has been in love with Elijah even though he treats her like a sister and a best friend. She gave up on Elijah's love but what happens when he asks her to be his fake girlfriend. ***One thing is for sure, there is never a peaceful life for a Carson let alone when a Hendricks join in and there's a sexy PA in the middle!***

Romance / Drama
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“Good things we’ve been through
That I’ll be standing right here
Talking to you about another path I
Know we loved to hit the road and laugh
But something told me that it wouldn’t last
Had to switch up look at things different see the bigger picture
Those were the days hard work forever pays now I see you in a better place
How could we not talk about family when family’s all that we got?
Everything I went through you were standing there by my side
And now you gonna be with me for the last ride.”


Third person’s POV.

All their life they had one another. But one thing about life is peace and happiness never last. When you least expect it then it strikes.

“A twenty-three-year-old. The patient lost lots of blood. We have to start operating.” The doctor said taking the patient to the emergency room.

“Get ready everyone.”

“The patient isn’t responding.” The nurse said.

“The patient went into cardiac arrest.”

“Come on we can’t lose this patient.” Another Doctor said taking the defibrillator.

“Do you think the defibrillator is going on to help, it has side effects, mom.” The nurse said worried.

“At least most patient live for years after it. Come on charger it.”

“Charging...five hundred.” The other doctor said.

“Clear!” But there was still no respond.

“The heart rate is getting slower.” The nurse said in a terrified voice.

“Charge it again.” Her mother commanded.

“And clear!”

“Still no respond. Do it again.” There was still no respond. They were losing the patient. All they heard was the sound of the machine of the flat line.

In a blink of an eye, they lost the patient. There was nothing else they could do.

“The patient is gone.” The doctor said putting down the defibrillator.

“Time of death ?” Another doctor asked the nurse

“02:38 am” the nurse replied sad. “This isn’t what we get paid for mom.”

“I know but it’s too late.” The doctor replied to her daughter. ” How old are they ?” The doctor asked one of the nurses.

“I think they a couple mom, they both twenty-three.” The nurse replied taking the file.

“Too young. Thank god at least the babies have one parent left. ” The doctor said relieved that one of them is alive.

“But it’s not right.” Another nurse said.

“Come on. Its too late. Let’s go give the family the news.” The doctor said as they left the room.

“Doctor.” Sofia said running to the doctor.

They all gathered around to hear the news.

“I’m so sorry but there was nothing we could do.” the doctor said giving them her condolences.

“Not my baby, please not my baby.” Sofia broke down into tears.

She fell on the floor screaming and crying.

“I’m really sorry we did everything we could.” the doctor said apologizing to them.

“Didn’t---.” Anna didn’t even finish talking when she broke into tears as Marko held her.

The doctor told them everything that happened.

“Oh my god nooo. Not my baby god please bring my baby, nooo.” Sofia said not stopping to cry.

“This can’t be true.” Anna and Marko both started crying.

Hours later Sofia finally decided to be the one to tell Elijah everything that happened after Anna signed the papers.

“We will have to be strong for Elijah’s sake. If you keep crying Anna, Elijah will be broken too. I know you are Annette’s biological mother but we all love her too. Sofia went to tell Elijah everything so when he comes here if you could just hide the fact you are hurting a lot it can help Elijah accept Annette is gone. So please, for Elijah can you stop crying. Annette would have never wanted to see you all broken.” Benjamin told her.

“You are right.” Anna agreed with Benjmain. “Annette would have been angry with me if she saw me crying now.” She giggled wiping her tears. “She always said she never wants to be the reason someone cries.”

Life one moment you standing with everything you love and before you know it you’re fighting to save everything you love. The most terrifying scary truth is that none of you know when that moment is.

You don’t know you are about to lose everything. When you are about to lose your love once.

Not until you are fighting for it. At some point we all have to lose someone. To fight for someone. And before you know it its already over.

It’s already too late.

All you have of that person is only going to be memories. Because you were once adored, loved, respected and even worshiped.

And the saddest thing is you not prepared. You don’t want to lose that person. So you fight for it.

All you can do is pray that the pain is not the only thing you have left of that person.

Death is the certainty.

Hard times are inevitable.

But all you can hope for is to overcome it.

Elijah picked up his daughter not knowing they just lost Annette.

Elijah’s POV.

“You know your mother is annyoing. She will never agree to let me name you, Red.” I chuckled. “You so tiny and beautiful Red Carson Black. I hope you take after your beautiful feisty mother. I made your mother go through a lot but I promise from today onwards she will be the only women in my life. Your mother agreed to marry me Red and she won’t run away this time. My time of playing around is over. Your mother won my heart little Red.” I explained putting her down. I quickly picked up her twin and I fell like fainting. I know I didn’t get shot but right now I don’t know why I’m hurting so much when I finally have Annette. I hope she wakes up when I go see her now.

“I would name you Orange if your mother wasn’t the annyoing bullying Annette. I hope she likes Ryker Carson Black becaus--.” My head started pinning. I was completed fine so why I’m I getting sick now. Why do I feel like something bad is going to happen after everything we went through. “Ryker you look just like my father. I hope one day you turn out to be just like him. He is the best father in the world even though I always say he isn’t. I would never trade anything for both mom and dad--.” I stopped talking when my headache got worse. I started to Ryker and all of a sudden my mother entered the room.

“Eli.” She mumbled wiping her tears.

“Mom don’t cry. I know you don’t want to be a grandmother yet but you love children.” I replied putting Ryker down.

“The babies were just born a few hours ago.” My mother stated. “And now they will go through a lot because of life.”

“What’s wrong mother, why are you crying?” I asked and as soon as she opened her mouth I started talking again. “Is it because I named them Red and Ryker. Don’t worry mommy, they will have three names. Annette and you and Mom Anna can name them too. Just look at Ryker he looks just like dad and look at Red she’s just like her mother.”

“Eli can you please listen to be.” My mother said.

“I am listening.” My mother took me out side the nursing room. I started talking again before my mother said anything.

“She’s gone.” My mother shouted after I wouldn’t stop talking. “Annette is gone.” She cried and I giggled.

“I’m Elijah Carson mother. I promise I’ll bring her back home now please tell me why both my children have red hair.” I complained.

“Elijah she’s really gone honey. You can’t bring her back.” I wiped my mother’s tears.

“I know Annette likes disappearing but don’t you worry. I’m sure she didn’t go far. I’ll bring her back.” I stated.

“No Elijah. You can’t bring her back when she’s gone.”

“I did bring her back once, I’ll bring her ba---.”

“She’s dead.” Mom shouted interrupting me. “She went into cardic arrest and died hours ago.”

“Is the media here.” I started laughing. “You are getting good at jokes mother but you should never joke about death.”

“You have to accept it Elijah. Annette is gone and she won’t ever come back again. Elijah I’m sorry.”

“No.” I snapped shaking my head. “Annette would never leave me. She promised to never die before me and she would never break that promise.”

“It’s not up to someo--.” I ran to Annette’s room not listening to my mother. My mother must be lying to me. She must’ve made a plan to test my love for Annette. That must be it. Annette is still here.

I opened the door and there was no one inside. The doctors must’ve moved her to another room.

“Doctor.” I shouted and she looked at me. “Where’s my fiancee, Annette?” I asked.

“You propsed to her?” My cousin questioned but I didn’t care to answer his question.

“Mr Carson we are really sorry for your lost. Annette p--.”

“I asked where is my wife, I didn’t ask for condolences.” I shouted.

“Sir, we took her body to the mortuary.” The doctor replied and the whole family came to me.

“You did what? Who gave you permission to take my wife to the mortuary as if she’s dead.” I shouted as tears formed in my eyes. How could they do this to someone who isn’t dead. My Annette would have never do this to me. She is not dead, I know she isn’t. They must’ve kidnapped her.

“Her mother signed the forms.” The doctor said and I started crying

“They are lying to me. Adrian, Annette would never die. She can’t leave me after she promised to be my wife.” I wiped my tears. “Mom Anna is selfish she can’t do this.” Adrian hugged me and I took that chance to take his gun out.

“Elijah, give me the gun.” My dad shouted but I shook my head. “Please son, just give me the gun.”

“No.” I snapped walking backwards. “If anyone takes one more step, I’ll shoot them.” I warned them and Adrian tried to walk closer to me so I quickly loaded the gun. “I’ll shoot you.”

“Elijah, won’t you listen to your mother? Please give me the gun, you will hurt yourself or someone else.” My mother said.

“I always did everything you asked me but today I won’t do it.” I wiped my tears. “And you calling yourself my mother.” I pointed the gun at Mom Anna. “You always said I am your son but today you finally showed me your true colours. I never knew you were so heartless. How could you allow them to take Annette to the mortuary? Why did you kill my finacee. I had a right to decide if--.”

“Calm down please.” Uncle Marko interrupted me. “I know you loved my daughter but that does not mean you can blame Anna. She’s Annette’s mother and she is also hurting Elijah.” I started laughing at his words.

“She’s hurting?” I questioned and they all looked at me confused. “How can someone without a heart hurt? She’s so heartless, she has no feelings. She doesn’t care about anyone.”

“Shut up Elijah. That is enough.” My father shouted.

“You right.” I agreed “From today onwards, I am also dead. Red and Ryker are not my children. They both died with their mother.”

“Elijah have you gone mad.” My sister shouted. “You can’t punish the children.”

“Tonight I Elijah Carson Black died along with my wife Annette Carson Black.” I threw the gun away and ran out of the hospital.



Hey guys It’s me the author of falling for Mr billionaire and other books. I just wanted to tell you guys before you read further that if you haven’t checked out the first book falling for Mr billionaire (1&2) then do so because I think it would make more sense if you read that book before this one. BUT if you don’t want to read that book then it’s also fine because this book can be still be read. See you in the next chapter lol.

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