My Tempting Mistake

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Chapter 1

Elijah’s POV.

“ANNETTE!” I called her as I took my seat on the table.

Annette and I have been living together since we graduated from high school. I’m the one who offered her a place to stay because her parents Mom Anna and Uncle Marko didn’t want her staying alone. But that was the biggest mistake of my life.

“What the hell do you want?” She asked me as she came out of the kitchen.

“Food.” I mumbled. “I’m starving, sister.”

“Fine. I’ll bring your tea so long.” she replied rolling her. She quickly turned around and left for the kitchen.

That was too quick, I used to beg her for hours just to make food or bring me water, but today she’s definitely up to something. I wonder what she wants?

“I made such a good tea that you’ll never forget my Elijah.” She smiled walking with the cup of tea.

“You know I drink coffee but I’ll just have this tea for your sake.” I looked at her confused and she put the cup of tea on the table.

She left for the kitchen again before I could say a word.

I always preferred coffee over tea but looks like I’ll just have to be grateful for the tea today.

I started to drink the tea but before I even swallowed it, I spit it out.

“ANNETTE” I shouted.

“Was the tea tasty?” She started laughing.

“Very tasty, what did you put in the tea?” I questioned putting the cup down. “I swear I’ll kill you one day.” I mumbled.

“I would love to see you try.” She replied taking a seat. ” By the way there was two full teaspoon of salt, and of course one teaspoon of your favorite chilly powder in that tea.” She continued. “So did you enjoy it, brother?”

“I wish I didn’t let you live with me.”

“You scared my boyfriend away Eli, you just want to see me die alone.” She said narrowing her eyes at me. I hope she didn’t find out I took revenge on her and drugged her ex to cheat on her. But I know her well, I know she would never love someone like Eros. As much as I hate to say it, she was too nice to be with someone like Eros. Anyone who gets to marry my sister will be the luckiest person on earth.

“Don’t worry I also have a surprise for you.” I smiled.

“What are you up to?” She questioned.

“I tried, you know.” I said acting sad and sorry. “You know Elijah can never do anything wrong.” I tried my best not to laugh.

“You did it again you son of a--” she didn’t finish the sentence. She got out of her seat and ran upstairs.

Damn, I’m such a sweet handsome genius.

I ran after her to witness how her face will be when she sees all her short dresses burnt.

“What the” she said trying to calm down. I tried not to laugh but I couldn’t help smiling. “You dead meat Elijah.” She said turning around

"Shit.” I can’t believe I forgot to hide again.

I quickly tried to ran but as soon as I turned around she already had my arm.

“Let me go.” I shouted. All she ever does is use violence to sort me out. “I’m going to be late for work.”

“You know I would’ve put you in a coma long time ago, If you weren’t Mom Sofia’s son.” She said as she push me to the wall with both her hands on my neck. Sometimes I wish she wasn’t a girl or else I would beat her up.

“You know my mother was in a coma.” I could hardly breath because she was chocking me.

“Next time I won’t be as nice as I am today.” She replied taking her hands off me.

“Do you even know the definition of nic--”

“Did you say something?” She asked, interrupting me.

I swear if she didn’t look at me so scary I would at least have some confidence in defending myself. “Nothing just that you are beautiful, baby sis.” I smiled.

Annette has changed a lot since prom night. The day I came back home from Milan she became the girl I used to play with when I was a kid. This is the Annette I loved, the one who used to beat me up when-ever we fight but yet I miss the Annette who used to do everything I say. The one who used to do my homework and give me everything I wish for. My little sister who cared about me.

I left her room and went straight to my room. I’m hungry but I almost died without eating. I’m even late for work and Dad said he has was going to tell me something important today.

I quickly changed my shirt because of Annette and then went straight downstairs.

“I’m going to leave without you.” I yelled as I opened the door to go out. “What the?”

“Good luck with work.” Annette shouted sticking her tongue out. “I love you, brother.”

“Anne please.” I ran to the car yelling and pleading but she didn’t stop, she left without me.

I can’t believe she took my car. My fucking car! How did she even steal the car keys again? Now I’ll be late for my meeting with Father. I know he will definitely kill me.


“Sorry da--boss.” I entered his office, trying to catch my breath.

“Why are you late, Elijah?” My dad asked me as he spin his chair to face me.

“Car problem.” I said taking my seat.

I still can’t believe that stupid taxi dropped me the street after Melder. I had to run a whole street just to get to here. What a stupid taxi driver. I swear I’ll get Annette back.

I wish I could pay someone to eliminate Annette for me. I can bet a billion dollar no hit man would take an offer to kill her because that girl is just too much to deal with.

I still don’t even know why I helped her, telling her parents she can live with me.

“I got you a present.” My dad said as he took a file out.

“Okay.” I looked at him curious.

“I want to make you the CEO of my companies.”

“What’s the catch?” I asked interrupting him.

“There is no catch Elijah.” He replied.


“Anyways, not all my companies. I’m in my forties Eli, I’m not leaving anytime soon.” He said folding his arms across his chest.

“You getting old.” I mumbled making sure he didn’t hear me.

“What did you say?” He questioned.

“I love you, dad.” I quickly answered.

“Your mother decided to make your sister and brother to take over some of the campanies. She thinks it’s not fair for you to be the only boss.” He quickly ignored what I said and I nod my head smiling. “Oliver will take care of my hotels and company in Italy and Emily can take care of the hospital in New York and my hotels. You of course are the first born and the heir to most of my companies. Emily behaves and so does Oliver that’s why they will take over in two years time when they graduate.” He continued. “Eli, My first child who is the wild one has a condition before you become the CEO of any of the companies. Your mother--”

“Hold it dad. Are you saying they get to to be the boss of hotels and a company when they twenty and I had to wait till I turn twenty-two.” I shouted. I do love my siblings a lot but what my father is doing isn’t right. It isn’t my fault the media always has something bad to say about me.

“Elijah, your name is trash. Everyone calls you playboy so if you think I will let you take my companies down with you, then you are wrong.”

“But Dad, how is it my fault that some people are jealous of my looks.” I replied.

“Are you not the one that beat one of my business partners?” My father asked and I smiled.

“I was a kid.” I defended myself.

“That was last year now let’s talk about the condition.” My dad started. “Your mother and I thought it would be a great idea if I made you the CEO of my companies only after you obey my conditions.”

“But you said there’s no catch.” I reminded him.

“These are conditions, Elijah.” He said pausing for a minute and I just nod agreeing with him. “Your first condition is the one your mother and I came up with but the second condition is because you are always late.” He said as he closed the file.

I hope these silly conditions don’t include a wife and children.

“What are the conditions?” I asked nicely.

“Your second condition is easy. You have to get a PA for yourself because I can’t expect you to be late especially when you have an important meeting.”

“I already have a puppet so don’t worry.” I always knew my idiot Annette would be useful one day. She doesn’t have a job, she always gets fired because she beats her boss up or one of her co-workers or even the clients. She has some serious anger issues, I have to help her get rid of.

“That is sorted now the second condition is because you have a different women every week in your bed.”

“That’s a disgusting thing to say dad, I’ll tell mom.” He is right about that but I’m still a kid. I have to enjoy my life.

“Well, you can tell her but she already knows, that’s why we have a condition.” He said giving me a devilish smirk.

What the fuck are my parents up to ?

“The condition is simple my boy, very very simple.”

“Get to the point, please.” I sounded impatient but I was so damn curious about what the condition is.

“Stop sleeping around and get a real girlfriend who your Mother and I will--”

“Are you fucking serious?” I said interrupting him.

“Don’t you dare rise your voice at me, Elijah. You know you ruining the families reputation, you got worse then your cousin. You are the topic of every damn paper. Every single day you are the front page of the magazine with a new girl. Elijah Carson son of the billionaire Benjamin Carson with the star Actress Susan.” He said angry. “Wait that wasn’t my favorite, my favorite was when you and that model were seen leaving a club together. So if I was you I would get my priorities straight. You don’t want to give your mother a heart-attack one day, do you?” He got up angry.

“Of course I never want mom to die because of me.” I said remembering everything my mother did for me. My father didn’t even know I existed till I was three, but my mother did everything in her power to raise me until she met my father again.

“So, what will it be, son?”

“Fine I’ll do it, but excuse me for today.” I storm out of his office.


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