Deadly Infatuation

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When Lexi meets Max again at his sisters wedding after all these years apart, she still feels the crush she had on him when she was fifteen. However, even when things seem to be looking up for Lexi and Max reciprocates his feelings, his ex fiance Sarah does not like this and seems to have a vendetta for Lexi. (Cover is made courtesy of @LACannon)

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Hi guys,

This is a first edit of this version so I haven’t been checking for grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes yet. I’m doing it this way because then I have more time to write the chapters quicker. I will edit it once the book is complete ❤️

Have fun reading ❤️


“Woo! Go, Lydia!” I cheer from my seat as I watch my best friend take her first dance as a married couple in the center of the dance floor.

“Thanks, Lexi,” she shouts gleefully back, making the guests in the marquee laugh.

The infectious feeling of the wedding has reached everyone else as well as they drink merrily and clap in time to the symphonies of the band from their seats.

I’m relieved that today has gone smoothly without a single problem. And I think it’s largely thanks to having the wedding here on her parents’ vineyard in Oregon.

I can see why she chose to get married here as the sun setting low in the sky, turning the sky into hues of oranges, reds, and crimsons above the vineyard is absolutely breathtaking.

The marquee itself looks beautiful and is filled with white round tables that have gold and pink confetti sprinkled all over them.

I can smell the delicate essence of the flowers in the air that Lydia picked out at my store only a few weeks ago. Lilies, pink roses, and lavender.

They’re dotted all around, filling the marquee with a vibrancy of color.

It took two days for me to set it all up, but it was completely worth it, as the end result is spectacular.

“Don’t they look happy?” my mom says in awe as she watches them.

I turn around in my seat and look into my mothers light blue eyes. The mirror image of mine.

“Yeah. They do.”

“Just think, that’ll be you one day,” she jests, swirling her glass of wine around in the air.

My lips curl up and I push a loose pin back in my braided bun. “I need to get a man first.”

“True.” She grins. “But you’re still young, and you have plenty of time to give me grandbabies.”

My eyes go wide at the mention of me having a baby.

“Yeah, that’s definitely not happening anytime soon.”

“I’m in no rush,” she says with a happy smile.

As I turn back briefly to watch the happy couple sway on the dance floor, I can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness.

I wish my dad was here to see them as he knew Lydia when she was just a little girl, but sadly cancer took him away from us a year ago.

I grab a napkin off the table and dab my eye.

My mom holds my other hand on the table and gives it a gentle squeeze. “I miss him too, honey.”

I give a teary smile, grateful that she knows me so well.

“Do you ever, you know, think about finding someone?” I ask delicately.

I hate the thought of her living in her house all alone. I know she has the dogs, but it must be lonely for her at times.

A sad smile crosses her face. “Sometimes, but I loved Arthur for forty years, and I’m not ready to let go of him just yet.”

I nod my head in understanding.

I hope I will have a love as strong as there’s. It’s not often that childhood sweethearts stay married as long as they did.

I take a sip of my wine and change the conversation to a more happy one, and we soon laugh at our own stories of the preparations for the wedding.

It’s not long before the bride herself comes over to drag me out of my seat.

The white train from her dress glides across the wooden floor, causing the guests to watch their footing as they walk by her.

“Come on. I need a dance with my maid of honor,” she says out of breath as she stops directly in front of me and puts her hand on my shoulder.

I shake my head. “Oh, no. I’m happy to sit here for a bit.”

“Nonsense! You normally love a good dance.”

She pouts and places her hands together in a prayer sign. “Please! Just one and I’ll leave you be.”

Sighing comically, I turn to look at my mom to ask if she’ll be all right alone for a while.

“I think I can cope, dear. Go on, have some fun,” she encourages.


I kiss her softly on the cheek and then rise from my seat.

The moment I’m standing, Lydia takes hold of my hand and pulls me onto the dance floor.

The song is a little more upbeat than the previous ones which makes me shake my butt twice as hard.

Our dresses flow around us as we twirl and dance along the great dance floor, and I notice a few of the guys are standing on the sidelines, watching us with eager eyes.

I blush from their stares, knowing that the cleavage spilling out from my dress is giving them quite a show as my breasts move up and down to the rhythm of the music.

Sadly, though, the only guy I’m happy with checking out my body is nowhere to be seen among the mass of guests.

Until today, I hadn’t seen him in eight years. And it seems my crush on Lydia’s brother is as still strong today as it was back in my teens.

Lydia convinces me to stay on the dance floor for two more songs before I gladly abandon her with her husband and head to the bar to down a couple of shots with some of the other bridesmaids.

The bartender fills out four empty glasses with some clear liquid and then slides them over to us.

We each pick up a shot and clink them together.

“Here’s to a great wedding!” one toasts as we take a shot.

I feel a slight burn as the tequila runs down my throat, but it’s soon replaced with a warm feeling over my body.

“Here’s to Lydia and Oliver,” I toast, downing another tequila.

As the bartender fills out our third and final shot, another of the girl’s shouts. “And here’s to amazing sex tonight!”

We all cheer and laugh before I down the shot and slam the empty glass on the bar top.

All of a sudden, a deep cough sounds behind us, causing all four of us to turn around.

My breathing halts as I take in the smoking hot brother I was looking for earlier. Max Right.

“Did I hear you toasting to great sex ladies?” he asks with a panty-dropping smile.

“Um,” I respond, dumbfounded as I look up into his emerald green eyes.

The bridesmaid who I barely know saunters up to him and strokes the arm of his gray suit. “You heard right. And as it stands, I’m still searching for my partner,” she purrs.

He gives her an uneven smile and subtly shakes her off. “That’s very flattering of you, but I’m afraid I have to decline your offer.”

I do a little dance on the inside as he turned her down, yet I have no idea why as she’s incredibly attractive and outshines all of us girls standing here.

She huffs, seeming displeased with his rejection and immediately steps back to the bar, clicking her fingers for a glass of wine.

He bends his head down to me which causes his light brown hair to fall forward.

“I actually came over to see if I could have a dance with you, Lexi. Lydia wants me to dance with the maid of honor for the photographer.”

I gulp. “S-sure.”

I take hold of his outstretched hand as he leads me away from the bridesmaids, and I quickly turn my head back to them.

While two of them look over the moon for me, the girl with the black hair scowls.

Oh, well.

When we reach the middle of the dance floor, he let’s go of my hand and I fumble with the chiffon material on my dress, not knowing how I should hold him.

The band switches to a slow melody, and Max takes the lead and lifts my hands, wrapping them around his neck.

I give a shy smile, which makes him laugh deeply.

“You are cute, Lexi.”

I can practically feel my cheeks heat as the flash of a light goes off to the side, and sure enough when I turn my head to see what it is, the photographer is standing there with his camera poised in the air.

“Pretend he’s not there,” Max murmurs, moving my chin back to face him.

“Mmhmm,” I manage to respond. My mouth feeling as dry as the Sahara right now.

He takes a slight step closer to me so that our bodies are flush together, and then wraps his arms around me, with his hands sitting on the small of my back.

We begin to move on the spot, and I find that I’m a little wobbly on my heels from the amount of alcohol I have consumed, but luckily Max holds onto to me tight and keeps me upright.

After the third time I step on his feet, I apologize. “Sorry. The drinks are beginning to get to me.”

He smiles reassuringly. “No worries. I’ll make sure you won’t fall.”

“Thanks. The last thing I want is to be caught on camera with my ass in the air.”

“No, we wouldn’t want that,” he replies with humor in his voice.

We dance for a little longer in a circle, occasional flashes of light coming from the camera to capture this moment, and when we’re halfway through the song, Max leans down and whispers against my ear. “You looking stunning tonight.”

I instantly have shivers go down my spine.

“T-thank you. You look handsome too,” I stutter, looking up at his angelic face.

He gives a deep throaty chuckle and moves his thumb back and forth against my back.

His touch electrifies my skin, and I lean even closer to him, resting my head against his chest.

All too soon, the song comes to an end and Max releases me from our hold. I’m about to turn away thinking that’s it, but he places a hand on my shoulder.

“Would you like to go for a walk through the vineyard? I remember how you used to love running through them with Lydia when you were younger.”

I nod my head, glad that he doesn’t want to leave me just yet.

He takes my hand again and leads me through the throng of dancers, and we exit the dance floor at the back and duck out of the tent.

I immediately notice the drop in the air outside the warmth of the marquee, causing goosebumps to form on my arms.

Somehow Max sees this and offers me his jacket.

“Thank you,” I respond gratefully, placing my arms into the sleeves.

His scent lingers on the jacket, and when he’s not looking, I take a small sniff, relishing the musky scent.

As we make our way down to the edge of the vineyard, we make small talk about the day’s events and noting how the weather has held up nicely for the couple.

I can’t remember the last time we ever talked this much, but it seems easy to talk to him.

What do you make of our first MC and other characters so far? Can you picture the wedding? 👰🤔

Thank you for reading! Please vote and comment! ❤️


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