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Rumer is a high school senior with something to prove. To herself she needs to prove that she can make it through college. She has a mildly troubled past with a secret to hide. Can she stay focused on her main goal? Marcel Montana is a hood drug lord. He rarely lets any in. His goal is to find his way out of the business. He wants something to fall back on and he tries new things. Who will cross him? Who will remain loyal to him? Will he fall to his knees. What happens when these two meet in the most unexpected way? Started: January 4, 2021 Completed:

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1~ breathin

“time goes by and I can't control my mind, Don't know what else to try, But you tell me every time, "Just keep breathin and breathin and breathin and breathin"~ Breathin Ariana Grande

Rumer Alise Jackson POV


Ugh. Oh dear God! Somebody make it stop. Ugh!

I guess its time for me to get up. So I do.
Can't be late for my first day of senior year. I mean I'm happy on the inside but its just too early. I groggily make my way my to the bathroom, and turn the water on hot with just a little cold. Don't judge me I have to wake up somehow.

I brush my teeth and take my shower and get out of the tub. I do my facial routine and slip on my clothes. Since today is a big day, you know your girl gotta look cute. I put on my underclothes then, I slip on my pink pants, and my pink shirt, that shows a little of my midriff, and then leave the bathroom. I check my phone and see that I have exactly one hour to get to school.

I go to my room and put on my shoes. I go to my vanity and put on fresh lashes,and lip gloss. I put my charger, gum, wallet, and lip gloss in my purse. I check again to see that I have 45 minutes left, so I decide to take pictures, and scroll on Instagram.

I put my phone in my purse, and walked out of my room. I walk down the hallway to see the one person I have to see before I do anything. I open the door, and to my surprise, she already up.

"Mommy!" My baby girl yells, excited to see me. "Hey, baby. Why are you up so early?" She looked up at me with a big grin, "I asked Uncwle Kam to put the clock on."

I chuckled at her, "Why are you up so early?" I asked her, emphasizing the word why.
"I want to go to scwool too." She looked at me with pouty lips. "Do you know that it is hard to say no to you?" She smiled up at me, thinking I was saying yes.
"But you can go to school when you are older. I will see you when I come back." She pouted again, "But granny has breakfast downstairs, and you're so lets go." She smiled and started to pull me down the stairs.

I walk down the stairs to see my mom and dad at the table. "I already fixed your plates." my mom says before we even get words out.

"Good Morning, granny and papa," Maria says,as she sits. "Good Morning, Momma and Daddy," I say as I sit down and start eating."

They both speak back, and then we start eating. The only thing you can hear is the forks against the plates. My mother is a good cook, as they say you always learn from the best. My father was first to speak up, "Make sure you keep your head in the books and not worried about boys or parties." He always does this. "Yes sir." I tried to keep it simple.

"I just wanted to make sure you know, we don't need you bringing anymore babies home." I looked up from my plate ready to talk, but my mom cut in, "Marcus stop."

"Momma its okay." I got up from the table, I lost my appetite. "Leanna, I want to make sure her focus is in the right direction."

"Daddy my focus is in the right direction, you've been giving me that same speech since freshman year," I said starting to get heated. "Apparently you didn't listen freshman year either." I couldn't jut have a good day. "I have to get to school. I'll see y'all later, love you." I leaned down and hugged and kissed my baby girl.

I looked at my phone again to see that I had 15 minutes to get to school,it was only seven minutes away. I got into my truck and called my best friend.

"Hey sis," I said as she answered the phone. "Heeeyy,"she drug out the word.

"What you doing?" I asked and pulled off. "Now girl, I know you see my phone on the dashboard, so what you think I'm doing?" I chuckled at her, " If its on the dashboard ,you doing the same thing I'm doing, where 'bout you at though?"

She looked up at her phone, "I'm about two minutes away, what about you," she responded. "I'm pulling up now, see you when you get here," I told her and hung up the phone. I wasn't being rude we do it all the time.

I parked and waited for her to pull up beside me. About a minute later she pulled up, and we both got out of our cars. We hugged without saying anything. We locked arms and started walking toward the school. I'm glad we're seniors because we get out at 12. We were almost to my first hour when she asked, "What lunch shift do you have?"

I looked at her and laughed, "Unless you come for last hours you have first lunch shift." She just looked at me. "I forgot," she looked at me and grinned she looked up and stopped. Her grin dropped and turned into a frown. I looked up and saw what she was looking -no- staring at.

Jaquan Robbins standing there in the flesh. I've been avoiding him around the school for three years so why is right now any different.

My day went off without a hitch. All I had was lunch then it was time to go. I didn't even want to go to lunch, but Kayla was hungry, as always, and wanted to go. He had the audacity to walk up to us. Why?

"Hey," he spoke. i just looked at him and ShaKayla just looked at her food. He waved at me and I finally spoke, "Hey."

"I'm having a party for back to school, I wanted to invite you two." This time Kayla spoke,"We're good." He just chuckled at her. Then he looked at me and smirked, "Come on, remember what happened the last time we were at a party together, cause I can't forget."

I stood up as Kayla did the same, "That party was three years ago ,and like she said we're good." We walked off without another word.

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