His Possession

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She was there at the wrong time. He saw her and wanted her. Will she love him? Or will she hate him?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Diane’s POV




I was awoken by that irritating beeping noise.
Slowly opening my eyes, I quickly turned off my stupid alarm ringing from my phone.

I check the time, 7:45 Am.

I forced myself to get off of the bed, walking into the bathroom that’s connected to my room like the dead person I am.

Honestly, it’s hard to wake up in the morning. Who made waking up in the morning a thing?

I swiftly brush my teeth, reminding myself to take a shower later because I am too tired to take one now.

I walked out of the bathroom and headed towards my closet.

I think I should wear all black, it’s just too sexy, I can’t pass it up.

I quickly pulled my black-tee over my head and black sweats on. I grab my roundish/squarish brook brothers glasses and put them on.

I walked through my empty hallway with rooms on every side and headed downstairs.

I descended from the stairs and went straight to the kitchen, like come on, food is necessary.

I get my jolly old Cinnamon Toast Crunch box. It smelt heavenly as I opened the box.

I pour some into my bowl, then grabbed the milk.
Pouring only 1/3 of the bowl.

I don’t like my cereal DRENCHED in milk, it gets soggy way too fast.

After I finish my cereal, I placed it in the sink.

I swiftly put my black cardigan on along with my white Air Force 1’s.

I grab my black face mask and black champion hat and put it on and headed out.

The mall was literally calling my name, it’s been a while.

If you are wondering, I like to wear a face mask, helps with my nonexistent breathing.

I can’t breathe well so wearing a face mask helps me breathe more.

I texted my best friend Leanne to come pick me up since she knows how to drive in this friendship.

She came zooming in, literally, she’s at my front door waiting for me acting all cool.

“Hey Diana”, yes she calls me Diana

“Hey Lens”

“Which mall today?” She asked me

“Does Golden Gate JB Palace sound good to you?”, it’s a very famous and newly opened mall around. I wanted to check it out.

“Ooooo, has your taste gone rich?” She smirked

“Pshhh, it’s a new mall. I need to rate it”

“Ah, you and criticizing” she teased

“I do not criticize” I huffed at her

“No? We will see about that one” with that, she got into her car.

I looked at her in disbelief, I swear I’m not a critic.

I walked to the car and opened the car door and slipped into the front passenger seat.

“Ready?” She asked


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