The daydream

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A woman is kidnapped by the people who kept her safe for all her life because now their desire for her has surpassed the need to keep her safe and they want to end anything and anyone that is a threat to her. She ran away from her 6 friends and her life to keep everyone safe and now she is back to island kidnapped by the 6 but is confused with the dynamics she shares with them now.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

It was almost 12 years ago but the memory of that night is forever etched in my mind. The night that had altered the direction of my life entirely and had left me without my home and the love I had grown up with.

I had to leave the island before dawn otherwise hell would have rained there. I had to leave in order to protect everyone I held dear and to save myself from the man that still is a threat to my existence. But somehow I feel safer now because a lot of time has passed without any incidents. I somehow feel protected. I can’t really explain it but the love between me and the VI (Six) is what has kept me alive these years, even though it has been that long since I’ve seen them. I don’t know where they are or how they are, the only indication that I’m not forgotten by them are the wildflowers I receive every year on my birthday. The wildflowers that grew behind the The Maindenre, the old castle, on the Island of Kaash.

I still remember the day when I had to leave The Island of Kaash. It was a few hours shy of dawn and time was running out for everyone. His suspicion was getting stronger with every effort my uncle made to convince him that I was not on the island. And all the effort to keep him away were in vain. He had given my uncle until the first light to hand me over, otherwise he would ravage the entire island to look for me himself. His men were present at both the docks blocking every possible exit from the island that was known to them. His gunmen were already ashore and the village went into complete lockdown under my uncle’s instructions. My uncle with every man he had was guarding everything we held dear while the VI were given the task to get me off the island as quickly, quietly and as safely as possible.

I had been living there for as long as I could remember, along with the VI, the seven of us grew up together. The island of Daydreams, it was called, but I never knew why. It was a beautiful place with two beaches and a lot of greenery. we had our own vegetation and the giant greenhouse. There were two mansions, the old one, we had left it to live near the village just a few years ago. The other one was named after my mother, The Resting Rose, it was still being completed so we had moved into my uncle’s house in the village, the seven of us and the staff of 3. There were Lighthouses on the three sides of the island with only two of them working as the one behind the old mansion was swept off the most by the waves and its light was broken one stormy night. It was the place I called home, where I had lived all my life and had grown up with my six best friends. Azreal, Cassian, Eros, Lyssa, Rhysand and Reign. The VI.

My uncle had planned my escape ever since I came here with my dying mother at the age of 1, he had trained everyone for this. The entire purpose of this place was to keep me safe. The occupants of the villages were the families of people working for my uncle on the island. Just the task was now given to the VI to help me out of here. If I was found by him, no one here would be left alive. The lie that was told almost 16 years ago was now at the verge of being exposed and the only way to keep everyone safe was for me to disappear from here.

Reign was already at the rocky shore near the broken lighthouse in the darkest part of the island, with my bodyguard Whylan and his wife, our cook, Marakai, with the bags and survival supplies. I have known them both for all my life. They had prepared a boat with a small cabin that was set for mainland and they were waiting for the rest of the five to bring me to them.

I was being sneaked alongside the old mansion hidden by the darkness provided by the trees. The heated argument between the two brothers could be heard through the noise the gunshots made. And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried for my uncle’s life. The midnight blue was now pitch black in the sky, with the moon hidden behind the stormy clouds. I don’t think i would have made out the faces of my friends if I hadn’t known them all my life.

My hand was held tightly by Azrael while Eros was leading us, carrying his little flashlight. I was behind the two boys and was being followed by Lyssa, Cassian and Rhysand who were carrying guns with them. My legs were about to give out from the run as we reached the end of the old mansion’s gardens and starting of the forest trail. I knew Azreal could sense I was hurting, like he always did. He whispered something to Eros and we stopped right before the hidden trail, leaving me a little confused.

Eros was looking at me with the saddest eyes then looked behind me and it broke my heart in pieces when I realized that it was time for us to part.

Suddenly I was squished in a big hug by Lyssa, Cassian and Rhysand. I could only laugh in the moment with tears falling out of my eyes. A silent goodbye was shared between us and they left to find refuge in the old mansion, running away to enter from the back door.

Eros switched off his flashlight and we ran along the hidden trail through the trees. After 30 minutes or so we reached the edge of the cliff and went down the hidden stony pathway to the broken lighthouse. The moment I saw Reign I broke down crying in his arms. He was trying his best to comfort me by telling me that everything was going to be okay and the seven of us would be united again but it failed to convince me. Eros was rubbing my back and told me he would come find me no matter what and I let go of Reign and turned around to hug him that is when my eyes met Azrael’s over Eros’s shoulders.

Before I could say anything Eros pulled away from me and Azrael took my hand and carried me to the edge of the rocks where Whylan was waiting to pull me onto the boat.

Azrael was looking at me with his ever fierce eyes, he bent down to my eye level and wiped my cheek and whispered in my cheek his goodbye. Just a word, simple and cold as him. Yet it felt strangely comforting. It was all the assurance that I needed. he shared a thousand words silently. A promise to protect everyone and my home after I was gone. It is still present in my memory.


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