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Emlyn Sylvester, a woman who was broken down by someone who she was supposed to trust, finally escapes her personal hell. With no trust in men, she struggles with the idea of a strange man who offers her help wanting nothing in return. Or so she thought. With secrets that she can't share and a man who seemed to have a fair share of his own, how will she be able to let down her walls and accept the help she so desperately needs? How will she stay true to herself when the man seems to be everything she wants but can't bring herself to have? How will she stay strong when the devil himself had found her and threatened to take her back to hell? . . . Callan Godfrey was a man known for the power he held. As the sole proprietor of Godfrey Publishing House, Callan enjoyed the nefarious life he was able to live. With a publishing house making him millions, and connections to the underworld, he was a man feared by anyone who managed to cross his path. After almost getting scandalized for his sexcapades, Callan had managed to keep his private life just that; private, using the women who groveled at his feet. That all changed when he stumbled across a woman on the brink of death. A woman who managed to tempt him without even knowing. A woman who showed no interest in him and in return made him want her even more. Suddenly all the women in the world couldn't fulfill his needs.

Romance / Erotica
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I couldn’t take it any longer. I no longer had a sense of what day it was, and couldn’t even try to guess the time of said day. My hands were bound behind me, connected to the heavy chains that led into the wall behind me.

I tried my best to remove the blindfold that rested over my eyes, my breathing labored and my body sore. After a few more futile attempts, I finally shifted the cloth from my right eye with my shoulder, just enough to see my surroundings.

I was in the basement, of course; it was where my punishments took place whenever he felt I had disrespected him. The room was dark, no light streaming in from any direction due to his decision to barricade the two small windows that connected me to the outside world.

The gag in my mouth was secured tightly behind my head, stretching my mouth so wide I felt as though the corners of my lips would crack. I was freezing. It seemed as if even my body heat had chosen to leave me behind in this prison, finding an escape I too wished I could obtain.

I knew that would never happen. After so many years, how much longer could I hold on to hope? My fire was burning low, there was no oxygen left and eventually, it would go out.

My head snapped to the side as I heard the heavy bolts on the door start to move. I quickly slipped the blindfold back down knowing it would only irritate him further if I looked as if I was trying to be defiant. I tried to steady my breathing as I heard his heavy steps coming down the stairs.

He was humming that tune he knew I hated. It just meant that he had me where he wanted me and there was nothing I could do about it. He was pleased with himself.

“Good night, my love.” My body tensed instinctively and I let out a shuddered breath trying to calm myself. All I had to do was tell him what he wanted to hear, not like I could talk even if I wanted to.

I knew he was close, I could smell the vodka radiating off his skin. Even better. Having him drunk would just make it easy for me to lie to him and him not see through my facade.

He pushed some loose strands of hair away from my forehead gripping his fist against my skull and forced me to look up at him. I was still encased in darkness and sat there silently, only a grunt escaping the back of my throat.

“You look beautiful,” he murmured. I felt disgusted. He brought his free hand to my face, tracing the gag coated in my saliva, and hummed in approval, “yes, you do.”

He let go of me before he sloppily removed the gag and the blindfold. A heavy sigh left my lips as I was finally allowed to use my mouth again. My tongue ran over my chapped lips before I grudgingly met his eyes, blinking a few times to clear my vision.

“Thank you.” Whenever you’re complimented, show your gratitude.

He gave me a disgusting grin before he patted my head. As if I was a dog who deserved a treat. If only I could be the dog to bite their owner. Never bite the hand that feeds you, he would say. I hated him.

He was supposed to be my protector, and I guess he was in the beginning. But when he slowly disconnected every other relationship I had outside of him, I realized he was only thinking of me as some prize he had won at a fair. His favorite toy he would never dare to throw away. I was his prized possession.

“Are you ready to come back to bed with me? I admit I miss staring into those beautiful green eyes.” He slipped a hand in his pocket, showing the key to the handcuffs that held me hostage.

Tell him what he wants to hear. “Yes, I am. I’ve missed you too.” The lies tasted bitter on my tongue and I had to refrain from scowling at him. I kept my face neutral, a gift I was graced with after so many years of practice.

“And what have you learned?” That you’re a narcissistic asshole who needs to be admitted into a fucking mental asylum.

“That I was wrong. I shouldn’t have disrespected you, especially when we had guests. I was an embarrassment. It won't happen again.” He had a few ‘friends’ over and they all got a bit too carried away with the liquor. One of the men tried to touch me and I pulled my body from his slapping him across the face before I could register what my body was doing. It was an act of self-defense and I would do it again.

“That’s what I like to hear.” He stumbled behind me and I could hear the key entering the hole and he wiggled around before it finally came loose and I fell to the floor with a thud. My hands stung from being held in the same position for so long and it was a feeling similar to when my foot fell asleep.

I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth, trying to quiet my groans of pain as I forced myself to stand. He watched me fondly before he secured his hands around me and carried me to his bedroom. I never really considered it mine. I only slept in his bed when he felt like he wanted to pleasure himself through me.

I allowed my eyes to fall shut as he moved through his house. When we got to the bathroom, I saw he already had a bath waiting, bubbles floating on the top, and the disgustingly sweet peach scent he adored so much. He slipped the worn dress off my body, my underwear following soon after.

He helped me slip into the tub and I couldn’t help the sigh of content that breezed past my lips. The hot water consumed me, flowing through every crevice of my being as it wrapped me in a soft blanket. I slid further down until the bottom half of my face was submerged leaving my nose for air to breathe.

“I’ll be waiting.” He leaned down to place a chaste kiss to my head before he left and closed the door behind him. He must have been really drunk. I wasn’t allowed to close any doors, I no longer remembered what is was like to have privacy.

There are no secrets between us, he would say.

There was no need to close doors, he’d say as he stroked my hair. I would nod, and let him kiss me in return for my good behavior. Tears slipped from my eyes as I once again got the chance to analyze my situation. I was no longer my own person and I missed that freedom. Everything was snatched away from me and I wish, that I could go back to being a fifteen-year-old girl enjoying a day at the mall with her friends. That was all gone now. It had been gone for seven whole years.

As badly as I wanted to stay in the tub forever, I knew if I took too long he would come looking for me. So with that thought in mind, I washed myself, my hair, brushed my teeth before I exited the tub. I stood in front of the his and hers mirror that stretched across the wall and assessed myself.

Other than the slight bags under my eyes, I looked the same. My hair curled back into its natural state after being touched by the water. I still had the thin almond shaped eyes, the freckles I hated so much still spilled across my cheekbones that were too sharp for my liking.

My body hadn’t changed much either, my breasts still held their size; round with nipples hard from the cold air that brushed against them. My hips were still flared leading to ass I wish I could give away because it were his favorite part of my body. Maybe if it wasn’t as ample, he’d be willing to let me go. Maybe. I knew that wasn’t true.

I pulled the robe left for me over my body and the glisten of my piercing caught my eye. The belly piercing I once adored and grew to hate. I wasn’t allowed to take it out, he said my body would lose some of its beauty and that was never an option in his eyes.

When I entered the connected bedroom, I realized he was passed out on the bed and my heart skipped a beat, could this be it?

There was no room for me to be rash, I had to think through the situation and think about every possible outcome that could happen if I tried to run.

My gut was telling me it wasn’t the time, it was too easy, but what if it was? What if I could finally run far far away from this haunting place and never had to return? Could I really escape his clutches?

I sighed shaking my head and decided against it remembering the last time I tried to escape. It was too soon and I was too weak. Instead I found my way to the kitchen and filled myself a glass of water. I downed the first glass before getting a second and made my way back to his room.

When I got there my heart shattered and my mouth fell open. Told you, my subconscious whispered proudly. He was sitting at the edge of the bed, wide awake with a sick smile playing on his lips. He was playing me. He was never drunk.

“I’m so proud of you, my love. Come here.” He expected me to try and run away. Had I done it, he would have surely caught me and the thoughts of that punishment caused my head to spin. “Come. Here.”

My legs moved on their own, coming to stand between his open legs as his hands ran up my thighs. My grip on the water tightened as he stared at me darkly, possessively. It made me want to throw up all over him but that would just be another punishment.

He took the glass from my hand and placed it on the floor before his hands continued their trail only this time they snaked under the robe to caress my ass. He shifted us so I straddled his legs and we were in closer proximity of each other.

His face rested in the crook of my neck inhaling my scent, “I love peach on you. It does something to me.”

I could tell what that something was as I felt his member press against my core, his jeans the only thing that kept us separated. I was grateful for his jeans.

He slipped the robe off my shoulders and his eyes glistened as they glanced over my body. He was happy with my appearance. Of course he was, he made sure that no harm came to my body, where the eye easily saw at least. He had a more twisted way in which he marked me.

As he sat there fondling my breasts, kissing and sucking, I sat devising my escape out this godforsaken place. He expected me to try and escape today and I would use that to my advantage to escape tomorrow. He probably thought I was too frightened by today to ever try something. Always thinking he was one step ahead of me.

I’d play him just as he played me and he’d never see it coming.

After he was satisfied with the hickeys that littered me, he glanced up at me still in a daze. “You must be tired, lets continue this tomorrow?” I nodded and did what was expected of me, I kissed him. I kissed him but this time it was no ordinary kiss, it was my warning. He took nothing of it, smiling as though I’d finally submitted to him.

He couldn’t be more wrong.
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