Call Me Cub

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Good Boy

So there, Serena thought. That will steer his thoughts in the right direction. Let’s see how he responds.

When she’d come online and saw him at The Hut, she knew she wanted to take a step with him. Their conversations these last weeks had been quite intense. Personal and honest. He felt like a close friend which was weird to her, because she didn’t have any, at least not the kind she could trust. Tonight at the club, business had been slow and her mind had wandered off to thoughts about him – and yes, she admitted, also fantasies. She was curious about what he looked like in real life. He didn’t even use a real picture of himself on PVT. He had finally shown his tattoo after she and Barby had been nagging him for a pic for months. He was reserved and shy, but in their conversations together he’d been clever and thoughtful. He seemed smart like he knew life better than she did. Or at least, he could put it better into words. How old was he? Twenty-four? Jeez. She remembered being twenty-four and how she’d fuck things up for herself back then. She was still living the consequences. She loved her kids no doubt, but she’d rather have had them now at thirty-eight in a stable marriage. Does that really exist? Fourteen years ago she’d been drunk and doped, making out with assholes who both disappeared after she’d started showing the bun in the oven. And with her mom being a pro-life-activist, she’d never even considered not having them.

The already hot Californian desert sun peeped through the shades of her living room right on her laptop screen. She moved from the dining table to the couch and put her feet up. What if this cub could see her now in her old cut off sweat pants and the extra-large stripy men’s shirt she’d found at the gym years ago and she’d since used as pyjamas? He’d probably run. Or would he? She would very much like him to stay. An image popped into her mind where he had just woken and stepped drowsily into the living room finding her on the couch. He would sit down next to her and take her feet up on his lap. Softly massaging her weary feet after her long night standing behind the club’s cocktail bar, he would tell her how he’d missed her. How happy he was to have her close by again. He would then move his hands up from her feet to her ankles to her calves to her thighs… Yes, that would be something if she’d had a cub waiting for her at home every morning. Who’d massage and caress her. Who would kiss her passionately and put his soft wet mouth and tongue to her moist pussy lips. Who knew that part of her that was craving for a man that wasn’t just interested in a hard, loveless fuck. She’d had plenty of those. She was safe in The Box. She could think up these images without being disappointed afterwards. Although it didn’t mean she wasn’t longing for the real thing.

Alex suddenly became aware of himself sitting alone at his kitchen table behind his laptop, thousands of miles away from this woman somewhere near the West coast of the US. Is she in her kitchen too? Or on a couch in her living room? What is she wearing? Has she showered after work and put on a bathrobe? Or just some shorts and a singlet similar to the one her Ava is wearing? He would never ask her directly. Because he did not dare to be so forward but also because it was not his place as a sub to take the first step in asking private real-life questions.

The Box was a way for Alex to act out his submissiveness. It was the place where he’d found out about this part of himself. He loved the idea of women dominating him. It not only aroused him to be owned by a mistress, to be her boy, but he felt comfortable being ancillary. In real life, Alex had never had the courage to act on this desire, but in The Box he felt freer to express it. He’d been with a few mistresses since he started interacting in the adult virtual world. The first was Morgana—an English woman from York whose actual name was Vera—and she had been kind to him. She had taught Alex about the lifestyle and he had laboured to be a good pupil. But after a while, she got pinned to a master, and that man had not allowed her to keep Alex as her cub. He’d never known exactly what age Morgana was, but he’d reckoned she was older than him. Alex had learned from her that cub was a term for a young man who loved older women and he had adopted it as his username after Morgana had let him go. Serena had told him she was thirty-eight and a single mother of two. Alex just turned twenty-four. The thought of becoming her cub made him hard.

In real life, he’d never met an older woman who clearly wanted him and he had never dared to give off the right signals himself. There was a woman at the municipality where he worked that he really fancied. She was one of the senior managers at the city council where he’d started working a few months ago. The offices consisted of open spaces with flexible workstations. It was meant to diminish hierarchy and stimulate communication between all levels of employees. So, it was in fact easy and normal for Alex as a junior to casually talk to a senior like Iris Samuels. But he had not even tried to show her his attraction towards her. It all remained a fantasy. Alex had jerked off in the toilets at work as he imagined her pressing her voluptuous body against his in the elevator. He pictured her rubbing his bulge. She would command him that he could not touch her while she would have her way with him. Her slim, long fingers adorned with perfectly varnished nails massaged his throbbing dick as they ascended floor after floor, all the while taking the risk of someone joining them. Just that thought was enough to make him come quicker than getting a coffee from the machine in the cafeteria. She’d be grinning mischievously like the Cheshire Cat as she brought him to a climax. Feeling his warm cream fill up his boxers while their eyes remained locked, clearly satisfied her. Iris would then cup her hand over her nose and mouth, breathing in the musky scent of his cum that had moistened her fingers through his pants. She would whisper a hot ‘good boy’ in his ears, exit the elevator and leave him gasping and panting. If only, he thought to himself. Knowingly craving for more than just a quick elevator fix.

“I never asked you…” Serena was typing in PVT. “Are you really a sub?”

Her question took him by surprise. He’d assumed that she took it for granted because he wore his username in lowercase.

“Obviously,” he said.

“I mean, in real life?”

Now he got a bit nervous about where this conversation was heading. But he also felt a tingle in his belly that quickly worked its way down to his crotch. He didn’t know how to answer right away, but he knew he shouldn’t lie to her.

“If you don’t want to answer, it’s fine. I’m just being my nosy self.”

She offered him a way out. That was sweet. He was really growing more and more fond of her.

“It’s ok,” he typed. “But no, I’m not living the lifestyle in real.”

“Why not?” she asked.

He had to think about this. It was actually a good question. So, he decided to type it: “Good question.”

“Good answer!” she said, adding a smiley.

They went silent for a bit. He glanced at the main window of the interface where the conversation at The Hut had continued without them, but it did not interest him. He stared at Serena’s avatar again. He knew she didn’t look like Michelle Rodriguez in real life. Her true picture was up on the PVT. Some people had put up their real-life picture on their profile there, others like Alex shied away from it, still preferring to remain anonymously virtual. Serena had told him that she didn’t mind people she added to her PVT-list knew what she looked like in reality. “Even if I’m not a film star”, she’d said. But still very pretty, Alex had thought, studying the little thumbnail of her friendly face with her dark brown hair pulled back in a tight ponytail.

“Sorry hun,” Serena said. “But I have to run. The little one is awake. My mom will be over in 5, so I can crash. Luckily, I’m off tonight, so I guess I’ll be in here again later. We can talk more then.”

“Ok,” he typed, disappointed that she was already leaving.

“You behave,” she said, adding a wink.

“Yes, Ma’am. Sleep well and sweet dreams.” Alex typed slowly, prolonging the goodbye.

“Thank you, cub. Who knows I’ll dream of you.”

“I would like that.” He said it out loud in his kitchen as he typed it and smiled big.

“Sure, you do, you little devil. LOL!”

At The Hut, she cast a kiss on him, said goodbye to the rest of the room and logged off. Her avatar immediately disappeared from the screen.

Alex left The Box soon after. He was hungry. He should make dinner for himself. But he went to a pornsite first and jerked off. When he came he thought of Serena. He wanted to fuck her badly. But will she ever allow me to?

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