Call Me Cub

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His Name

“Come and sit with me,” Serena said to him in the Main Hall of The Slutty Hut.

Alex jumped up from his couch. ‘Yes!’ he whooped to the screen of his laptop. Quickly he clicked on her avatar and triggered his Hop over-cast. It made his avatar jump over to hers in an arc. It looked funny as he landed on her lap. Serena now wore an avatar of Johanna Watts. A stalwart looking picture of the actress in a sexy western-style outfit, squatting down and gazing defiantly into the lens. Alex switched his Ava into a picture of a handsome young man sitting down with his legs to the side, leaning on one hand. He made sure his Ava was smaller than hers, so the hierarchy between them was visually clear. The Ava turned out to be a good choice because it now looked as if he cuddled in against her.

“Looks cosy, Serena,” Barby said. “I didn’t know you were keen on the boy.”

“I’m cold,” Serena answered. “I forgot my blanket.” She underlined her irony with a Cast that showed a picture of a toddler exaggeratedly winking accompanied with the text: WINK WINK! Everyone in the room laughed followed by a lot of sexual innuendoes.

Alex couldn’t believe what was happening. Is Serena really into me? Is she making a move or is she only playing? How can I make sure it’s the former? He would have to be patient and wait and see how things developed. He looked at the clock on the wall of his living room. It was already 1 am. He had to be up in 5 hours to get ready for work. He’d waited for her the whole evening with great anticipation. He’d roamed around The Box visiting various Homes but popping in and out of The Slutty Hut to see if Serena had already logged in. Around midnight he had told himself to log off and go to bed. But he couldn’t make himself do it. He cursed the time difference but stayed. Now it looked like he would be rewarded for his patience.

“Barby told me you were waiting for me,” she said to him in Murmur mode. “That’s sweet.”

It wasn’t usual for Serena to use Murmur mode. If she wanted to talk to him privately she would use PVT. Murmuring was another way of talking in private to another person in The Box. You’d click on someone’s avatar and everything you’d type would only be readable to that person. But with that simple click mistakes were easily made. People would think that they’d be murmuring and unintendedly say something–very often specific sexy things–to the whole room. It was why Serena disliked murmuring.

“Yes, I did wait for you,” Alex said.

“What’s your real name?” Serena asked.

Alex now knew for sure she was taking the next step. Asking for someone’s real name meant you were taking a real interest.

“Alex,” he said.

There was a pause before she responded. “Is it short for Alexander?”

“Yes. I’m named after my grandmother Alexandra.” He eagerly waited for her to tell him her real name. He felt the familiar excitement of becoming close to a mistress. The blood was racing through his veins. Soon it would rush towards his cock, making it hard and eager.

“I guess I’ll have to tell you mine now. It’s only fair.” She was teasing him. “I’m named after my grandfather. He died the year I was born.” She paused and still didn’t say her name.

“I’m sorry,” Alex typed and he waited.

“He was a horse trader. He worked for stables and traded for them all over the world. He also scouted for them, trying to seek out stallions that the stables might be willing to buy sperm from.”

“What a remarkable job,” Alex said with keen interest.

“Yeah, it’s a real pity I never knew him. I would have loved to hear all his stories. It was a horse that killed him. He got kicked in the head by a prize-winning stallion he had taken to France for a buyer. It was bad luck. They’d unloaded the animal and one of the stable boys there made a mistake. My grandad was a really good horseman. I guess he died in the armour. Anyway. My mom had me the same year and she wanted to honour him. He was the only family she had left.”

“That’s sad. I’m sorry.” Alex genuinely felt for Serena after reading her family story.

“Yeah, it’s a bit of a mess where I come from.” Serena paused, thinking how easy it felt to open up to this cub called Alex. “But we shouldn’t be talking about that shit. Let’s talk about happy things.”

She still hadn’t told him her name and Alex now thought she might’ve forgotten about it. But before he could ask her, she’d typed her next murmur.

“You know I like you, don’t you?” she said.

His heart pounded in his chest. “Yes,” he typed.

“These past few weeks I really enjoyed our chats and I think you’re cute.”

“Thank you.”

There was a long pause. Both of them stared at their screens, guessing where this conversation was going.

“Did I made you blush?” she asked.

She’d guessed right. Sitting on his couch with his laptop in front of him he was blushing. He felt thrilled and was eager to let her know how he felt about her. But the words in his head didn’t feel right.

“I want you to come to my rooms with me, cub. I will show you around and let you pick one for us to spend some time in.”

His breath was heavy now and he felt his body tingle all over. He was hard with excitement. His cock wanted to be released from the strain of his trousers. But he refrained himself. It was not yet time. She should tell him when he could unzip and take his dick out.

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