Call Me Cub

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“Okay peeps,” she typed to the Main Hall. “We’re going inside. See y’all later.”

Several balloons popped up in response: “Have fun you two!” “Wow, Serena!” “Cubby time!” “Don’t spank him too hard!”

Alex had to wait for her to pull him inside. Another one of the privileges Prodigies had. Their private rooms were not publicly listed in the room directory of a Home. You could only get there if a Prodigy pulled you in.

Soon enough the background picture of the interface changed. Alex saw a beautiful photo of a luxurious lodge. It had large windows looking out over a mountainous landscape. At the top of the picture, it said ‘Serena’s Refuge’.

“Welcome,” she said.

“Very nice,” he said.

“Thanks. You can click on any of the doors here. It will take you to the other rooms. Look around and come back here when you decided which one you want to spend the night.”

Alex swallowed hard. He was panting now. ‘Spend the night’ she’d said. He put his hand on his cock that was pressing against his boxers. “No,” he said to himself, “you can’t touch.” He crossed his legs trying to refrain himself. He concentrated on what Serena had asked him to do. He hovered with his mouse over the clickable areas on the screen. The names of the rooms appeared in small pop-up windows: Playground, Boudoir, Hideout, Walk-In, Green Lounge and Pool. He clicked on the first one. This room showed a picture of a space completely filled with mattresses, cushions and pillows. It was like one of those conversation pits from the seventies. On the wall, there were drawings of glamour models. He clicked on to the next room called Boudoir. It was a colourful bedroom filled with frills. On the king-size bed lay an exquisite plaid duvet with matching cushions. On the wall hung an arty photograph of a young woman in bondage. Alex liked it. Hideout turned out to be the interior of a lavish chalet. It was all wood and adorned with design furniture. It had a huge couch as a central piece. The windows opened up to an impressive panoramic view of a snowy mountain landscape.

Alex had wandered through many rooms at different Homes if they’d been publicly accessible. He liked looking at the pictures people picked out but he had also wondered why people would make all these rooms. Most of the time people spend their time at the main entrance of a Home. That was the place where people met and chatted. The private rooms were of course used for couples to retreat to, but why make so many? They all remained mostly empty. Alex guessed that it was part of people’s virtual fantasy. Like this chalet of Serena. It was a picture she obviously liked. Maybe a house she imagined owning. A chalet like this was a daydream she knew would never materialize in the real world, but here in The Box, she owned it nonetheless.

As Alex continued going through Serena’s rooms he thought about what she had told him earlier. The mess as she’d called it. When he clicked into Walk-In and he saw the picture of a Kardashian style walk-in closet, he knew Serena used these rooms as daydream world of a life she would never have. The Walk-In was Serena’s private avatar closet, and Alex thought about the pictures she chose for herself to wear as avatars. They were always beautiful but foremost strong independent women. Sexy but often defiant. She wore avatars that said ‘Don’t think I’m willing just because I show off my body’. Alex clicked on to Green Lounge. It had the picture of an amazing greenhouse where a lounge set was placed in the middle of all the plants and flowers. This one he liked too. It was different from the other rooms. Luxurious sure, but not ostentatious. The Pool was showier. It had––no surprise––the picture of a pool. Surrounded by large glass windows it gave view to the skyline of a city by night. All around the pool candles were burning on the edges, creating a romantic, sensual atmosphere. It was the kind place that made Alex wonder if there really existed people who owned such an apartment. He went back to Serena who was waiting for him.

“And?” she said.

“They are all very nice.”

“Thanks. But which one do you pick?”

“Boudoir,” he said.

“Great. It’s my favourite.”

Alex typed *S*, indicating he was smiling.

In the Boudoir she changed into a couple’s Ava. It showed a mature woman in black lingerie holding a bare-chested young man in a cuddle. Alex’ heart jumped and he quickly switched to blank, meaning he showed no avatar, only his nametag. By moving the tag over the young man in the couple’s Ava, it made them look as one avatar of two people sitting on the lush king size bed.

“That’s better,” Serena said and she triggered a Kiss-cast. Alex kissed her back.

“You’re so pretty,” he said.

“In this Ava?” she asked.

“That too, but I meant your pic on PVT.”

“Thanks, sweetie. I looked better fifteen years ago, but I won’t complain.”

“Me neither.” He giggled as he typed.

“I know you won’t. You’re a good boy and I’m sure you pleased all your mistresses in the past.”

“I hope so.”

“Tell me where you are now.”

Alex thought about this for a few seconds. Should I tell her the truth? Or should I paint her a picture that is maybe more appealing? He decided to stick to the truth.

“I’m in my living room. On the couch.”

“I want you to go to your bedroom. Undress for me and sit on your bed.”

A pleasant shiver went down Alex’ spine. “Yes Ma’am,” he said. He immediately took his laptop to his bedroom. His apartment was small so it didn’t take him long to get there. He put the laptop on the bed and undressed. He kept looking at the screen while he took his clothes off. When he was just about to pull down his boxers he saw a text balloon coming up. He went over the laptop to read it.

“You undressed yet?” it said.

“Almost,” he typed hastily.


“My boxers.”

“Still on?”


“Keep them on. Now sit on the bed with me.”

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