Call Me Cub

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He positioned himself half upright against the headboard, his laptop on his thighs, right below his erect cock that stretched the elastic cotton of his boxers. He was so aroused by now that a wet spot had already formed from the pre-cum oozing out of his tip.

“Show me,” he read when he looked at the screen again. He didn’t immediately get what she meant. He typed a question mark. While he waited for her explanation, it dawned on him that she meant for him to turn on his webcam. Alex was quite shy about it. Now Serena was telling him to do it on their first private evening.

“I know you’re shy, cub. But this is what I want. Turn your cam on.”

He felt cold and hot at the same time reading her words. His hand was shaking as he clicked the PVT-button. He saw she was logged on already, waiting for him. Suddenly her voice sounded through his speakers:

“There you are.”

Serena’s webcam was not on, but she had turned on the audio function. She had that typical low female voice that reminded Alex of Hollywood actresses from the fifties like Lana Turner. It sounded sexy as hell to him, and he gasped as he heard her talk to him.

“It’s the little icon on the left, cub,” she said teasingly.

Alex stared at the camera icon waiting for him to click on. He felt like a 12-year-old afraid to ask a girl to dance with him. But in contrast to his childhood counterpart, the Alex of 24 was very aware of the sexual urge that was rushing through his body. It’s only stage fright, he told himself as he turned the camera on. He looked up to the little black dot on the edge of his laptop screen that was his webcam.

“Baby, you’re cute,” she said.

It made him smile and blush.

“And there’s that blush,” she said. “God, you are adorable. Are all Belgians as pretty?”

“Just me,” he said out loud. As he wanted to type it, he realized that his voice was audible to her too.

“Lucky for me to have found you,” she said. Alex could hear her giggle.

No one online or in his real-life had called him adorable before. Alex felt overwhelmed by Serena’s fondness for him. His inhibitions about the webcam fell away.

“Come closer,” she said with a slight moan in her voice and he chuckled. He leaned forward towards the camera. He pointed to his tattoo.


Serena blinked a few times as she stared at her screen. She’d fantasized about how Alex would look, but now that she saw him she couldn’t believe how gorgeous he was.

“Yes baby, I can see you alright,” she said.

Alex took the time to show off his tattoo and torso. He inhaled deeply to heave his chest. He was slightly built but not skinny. He had told her that he worked out by swimming twice a week, so his muscles were well developed. Serena felt a glowing warmth flowing through her. She wanted to touch that torso. To feel his skin as she’d let her fingers glide over it. To explore every inch of it. She’d love to put her lips to his nipples and taste him. Kiss him, lick him, making him have her way with him. In a short flash, she envisioned herself crawling up to him. Pushing him into his pillow, she would spread over his face showing him her moist pussy. Her knees on either side of his head, holding on to the headboard, she would slowly lower herself towards his mouth. He would be eager and stretch his neck for the touchdown to happen. But she would tease him and just graze his mouth with her pussy lips. It would make her wetter and he would be able to smell her hot desire for him. The smell would drive him crazy and she would finally lower herself…

Serena shook away the image and with a broad smile on her face she said to her laptop: “Cubby, what are you doing to me?”

He smiled into the lens of his webcam. His blue eyes sparkled. She could see that he was enjoying it to show himself off to her. It made her want him even more.

“Kiss me cub.”

He pouted his lips and he brought the lens slowly to his mouth. He kissed it. Then he held it about 10 centimetres away and stuck out the tip of his tongue and slowly licked his upper lip. Her grunt must’ve echoed through his bedroom.

“Hold the cam up looking down on your body,” she said. “I want to see how you’re lying there.”

She watched as he took up his laptop and held it next to his head. He positioned it so that it showed what she asked for.

“Is that what I think it is?” she said as she noticed the bulge in his boxers. “Are you hard for me? Are you horny from hearing my voice?” She paused. “You think you can fuck me, cub?”

She spoke slowly, making sure that every sentence registered with him. It was teasing. She wanted her words to echo in his head. She noticed how the laptop in his hands must be shaking because the webcam was.

“Let me see what you got there,” she ordered.

Alex pressed his lips together in nervous anticipation. He put the laptop down again on his thighs. He slowly pulled up the elastic band of his boxers. His cock was eager to be freed and the head popped out. It made Serena gasp. He pulled his boxers further down so his dick stood erect within the frame of his camera. He felt it throb. Showing himself like this to her excited him immensely. It was stronger than ever before.

“That’s a nice one,” she gasped. He could hear that her voice had changed. She was excited now too. Her breathing was heavier.

“Touch yourself for me, baby,” she whispered.

He took his cock in hand and started to slowly stroke it. He focused on the screen of his laptop. They were still on the bed together there in the Boudoir. Feeling his actual sheets beneath him, made it easy for him to imagine lying there with her. Feeling her skin on his, her hot breath close to his ear. She would softly moan watching him jerk off. Whispering how she would love him to cum on her tits.

“Baby, that looks so hot, I wish I could taste that sweet fucking cock of yours.” She sighed saying it and he could feel the effect it had right in his crown. It made him jerk faster.

“Yes, like that,” she said. “I want you to get that cock harder and pine for release.”

He had been so excited already since she’d logged back on that evening that it felt like he could come right then and there. But he wanted to make it last for her and slowed down a bit. He saw more pre-cum oozing out and leaned in towards the camera to show her. He got up on his knees so his dick was right in front of the camera. She got a close up now. Alex rubbed his tip with one finger smearing the juice so it made it glisten. He then fell back again so she would see his face and stuck his finger in his mouth, sucking it clean.

“Fuck…” she groaned.

He continued jerking off.

“Stop. Wait.” Serena was out of breath. “Let’s do this together.” It was too much watching him like this without getting into it herself. And she wanted him to see her desire. As she put on her webcam she saw him lean in to click on “accept incoming webcam”. He was panting with anticipation, eager to see her. She’d also lied down on her bed with her laptop. She only wore her old sleeping shirt. She positioned her laptop between her spread legs. She covered her slit with one hand and with the other she opened her shirt. She smiled naughtily towards the webcam as she saw him staring at his screen. She knew he liked what he saw. Her perky boobs out in the open, her nipples erect.

“There we go baby,” she said.

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