Call Me Cub

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She’s beautiful… Alex watched her spread her pussy lips with her fingers, showing him her slit. She was wet already. How he would love to lick her. To taste the sweetness of her. He longed to feel her shudder to a climax as his tongue would lick and suck her swollen clit. When she started to slowly rub herself, Alex was enthralled watching her and continued to stroke his now hard, throbbing cock.

Fuck, what am I doing? Yes, she had wanted to cybersex with her webcam for some time now. And yes, this young man from Belgium had her excited from day one, but she was amazed at her own forwardness tonight. But it felt natural with him, she had hardly thought about it, she’d done it on instinct. And now, being naked in front of her webcam and watching him jerk off as she was pleasuring herself, she felt so aroused that it wouldn’t take long for her to come. She grabbed her tit with one hand as she kept rubbing her moist lips and clit. She pulled her hard nipple and pulled it to feel the stingy pain that she loved. She kept watching him jerking off his beautiful cock. She felt her pussy getting wetter, her juices were flowing and deep inside her, an orgasm was building up. She wished he was there to fuck her.

“Baby,” she panted, “I want you to fuck me so hard.” She rubbed herself frantically as she wanted to come now. She could see he was close too.

“Come for me!” she moaned.

He jerked fast and hard and called out to her. “Please yes, let me!”

“Do it, baby, give me your load,” she panted.

She saw his cream shoot out of his cock and the sight of it made her come too. She moaned loudly as the pleasure waves shook her body. Her belly contracted and released as she grabbed her pussy hard and clenched her legs together. She saw Alex shaking and how he convulsed while the last of his cum dripped out of his cock. He looks so beautiful. A young man covered in his own cum was something she enjoyed looking at.

“I’m so happy you came,” he said. “You are beautiful to watch.”

“Thank you,” she said. “I loved seeing you come for me, Alex.”

It felt strange saying his name and it made her realize she had never told him her real name. The coincidence was just weird, so telling him about her grandad had been a welcome distraction. She pulled up a sheet to cover herself and she drew her laptop up on her belly. She studied his cute face for a while. Could this develop into something more than a one-night stand? Sure, it was only online, but she could not deal with a real-life relationship yet. This boy far away in Europe somewhere made her happy, made her feel good about herself. She hadn’t felt like that for some time.

“I never told you my name,” she said to him. “Isn’t that bad of me?” She laughed.

Alex said he liked hearing her laugh. He too had snuggled under the covers. He waited for her to continue.

“The weird thing is that my grandad was called Alexander,” she said. “My official name is Alexandra, but I’m always called Alex.” She saw his surprise and then his smile.

“I never believed in fate,” he said. “But this is really something.”

“I know. Next time we come together we can scream our own names. That’d be totally fucked up.” She guffawed.

“Next time?” he asked playfully naive.

She paused before answering him. “Yes, baby. You’re mine now.”

“You make me so happy,” he sighed.

“I am happy too, babe. But our names are confusing.”

“Just call me cub.”

She went quiet when she heard how tender and sincere he’d said it. Could it be that his devotion to me is real somehow? That maybe despite the distance between us I can feel close to him? Closer than I dare to? Or is it just the soothing after effect of the orgasm making me sentimental? She was willing to find out though. But her boy had to sleep first. The Californian sun stood still high and cast beams of light through the shades on her bedroom floor. She’d love to sneak into his dark bedroom and slumber into a long carefree dream. Because there in Belgium it was way past midnight.

“I should let you have your beauty sleep,” she said.

Alex smiled and nodded. “Yes, it’s late here.”

“Sleep well baby,” she said and blew him a kiss. Jokingly she pulled her cover away for a second, flashing him a boob. He laughed and blew another kiss. He had only a few hours of sleep left now. But he didn’t really care. He was on a high. Alex lingered watching her log off from The Box. He stared at his laptop screen as the couple’s avatar disappeared, leaving just his nametag ‘cub’ on the bed of Serena’s Boudoir.


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