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The Man's Sky

By OnceUponATimexox All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


Zachary has been strumming his guitar and singing with his blissful voice for the past two years. Having just begun making his debut album, he finds himself lost in the real world as well as the world of music. Each day that passes by is only much more boring than the day that came before until he meets one stubborn girl that needs his help more than anyone he has ever known. A troubled girl is new to alcohol and the responsibilities of adulthood, still pretending to be the mature woman she knows she really isn't. With therapy and no real motivation to work, all she wishes to do is move away. Finally, having reached a decent fund, she's ready to jet off to Italy for the rest of her life. But, how can she leave her drastically ill mother and her only friends behind her to start all over again?

Chapter 1. Musical Debut


Music is bliss to my ears - a treasure that forever lightens my heart with each beating rhythm. However, being forced into a business is never bound to be a good move, whether you enjoy the activity or not. Choice is a splendiferous thing in the world that everyone should have with no forceful methods. I don’t get to choose anything any more.

As a child, people get to choose the basic things; who their friends are, what game they want to play, what club they want to join. But, in adulthood, choice should be a million times easier - career choice, choice of love interest and a choice of life path.

My choices are merely down to my parents, my father more so. He knows I’m capable and smart enough to make my own decisions but, most I assume he’s afraid I’ll leave him at misfortune.

Misfortune - quite the word I don’t hear much of. Success and achievement is all I hear around me with my qualifications and strive for a good life. Yet, it isn’t so much my strive either. I’d rather have comfort, a life with someone I love to reassure me everything is okay. I don’t need the finance or the career, to be happy. It’s not what I want.

Many girls have crossed my path over my life: each one more beautiful than the one before them. But, with their beauty comes their wealth and over confidence. Something about a woman’s confidence is attractive, but too much of it could drown any man in their image.

I ask a lot to want a woman with the right amount of self confidence and the right personality for me. In many ways it makes me feel, no matter what kind of woman my dad places in front of me, that I will never marry the woman I’ve been searching for. Maybe I will never find the woman and maybe I am destined to live a lonely and unhappy life.

“Zachary,” the Irish voice brings me back to reality. “She’s a lovely girl.”

Dominic Grey has been my trusty best friend and loyal manager for the past two years and he has never done me wrong. He landed me this deal and now, because of him, I’m making my debut album. He’s quite the wealthy specimen himself. But, then again, my father would never dream of employing anyone in a poor financial state. Obscure, I know.

“I’m sure she is,” I say in response as I rise from my seat. Walking to the window, I shove my hands in my jeans pockets and continue, “But, Emilie has never interested me in the slightest.”

“Come on Zach, you’ve hardly given the girl much chance.” I don’t have to look at him to know he rolls his eyes. He probably alters his jet black hair as though to make himself seem more... correct.

“I gave her plenty chance. She’s just the same; a foreign gold digger with plenty of money already in the bank. My dad’s idea of love is very different to mine.” I look out the window at the spring flowers that begin to bloom. The birds chirp in the sky and their freedom only leaves me puzzled. Freedom looks beautiful from where I stand but beauty seems to come with a price every time. No matter how easy it is to reach.

“Your ideas may be different but, don’t you believe that you could love the next girl he puts in front of you?” he stands next to me now, a dark eyebrow raised. “If you don’t, how are you ever going to fall in love with any woman?”

“That’s easy for you to say. You’re engaged.” I chuckle as he smiles at my comment. “You’ve got everything you’ve ever wanted.” I don’t intend for the words to bring a depression upon us but, they do almost immediately. “No, I’m happy for you, I really am.” And the words are true. Dom deserves every happiness - big or small.

“Watch Zach, it will come around the corner before you can say Babooshka.” He smiles, walking back towards the sound board.

“Ba- what?” I chuckle at his weird ways with words before following him.

“Exactly. Now, come on, let’s get song writing.” He points to the notepad and pen sitting on the desk in front of my chair. As I sit down, I feel a new wave of inspiration - a song we will make our very first success.

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