Treasure lost and found

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Treasure lost and find

sneaking into the dark bar together with Kevin sound kind of exciting Let’s do it ! Prefect !the rescue team is on its way said Kevin noway you just said that said Jane .come on ! These jokes are part of my charm .deal with it ! Said Kevin..That’s actually true .said Jane .. Kevin opens the door at the back of the building and you step inside .welcome back and try not to break anything or else I will be in trouble said Kevin .it looks fantastic when it’s empty said Jane many others places in town alright ,you go left and I go right said Kevin .. you investigate the dance floor and move on to the bar counter area.. can we talk while we’re doing this ? So it feels a little less boring said Jane. Sure M what do you wanna talk about , sweetheart? Said Kevin ..hey Kevin! What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken ?said Jane ..Hmm .beside getting into fight ,this is oh I once had to rescue a friend from a bunch of very bad people I crashed my car the night ,it was horrible.but luckily I know how to make money .so my baby the one that you saw that’s my second car .said Kevin ..wait what ? It’s all sounds like an action movie to me said Jane.. welcome to my life said Kevin .did you manage to save your friend back then said Jane ..oh year .he’s alright now married happily .working in an office said sound like is not a big deal to you said Jane .. well.I guess .I just did what I had to do said Kevin ..I’m really impressed by you Kevin said Jane ...feel free to be impressed for as long as you want .but I’ve just had a idea how about we play a little game ? Said Kevin ..I’m all ears .said Jane ..we keep searching for the necklace and if you find it first I’ll do anything you say said Kevin ..and what if I win said Jane .you’ll owe me a kiss said Kevin said Jane ...Jane decided to explore the area by the bar counter.and look ! Tonight you’re the lucky one ! You spot a tiny sparkling object right behind the bar counter .there you are ! How did it get in there ? If only Kate was dancing on the bar counter gross ! Said Jane .so how is it going said Kevin ..Kevin is walking in my direction said Jane quickly .you pick up the necklace and show it to Kevin ..aha ! Guess who’s the lucky girl .said Jane ..nice one darling ! Now tell me what is that you want me to do ? Said Kevin..I want you to get me a bag of chocolate eggs ! Said are a weird one ,after all said Kevin .. isn’t that what you like about me ? Said Jane sure among other thing said Kevin. Kevin gives Kate her necklace nand for the first time since Jane arrived you see genuine happiness on her face. Oh my god I’m safe I’m safe ! Said Kate are thanks to Jane said Kevin .alright enough of that ! Let’s get going .I’m still planning get some sleep tonight ! Said Jane ..pretty god thinking ! Said Kevin .. on your way back Kate don’t say a word .wow that’s so not like her .I wonder what she’s thinking right now Kate doesn’t look like she wants to talk .I don’t think I should bother her .said Jane .aunt Regina opens the door with a worried look on her face .my baby aunt Regina said .she hugs Kate and they enter the house together .Jane say goodbye to Kevin and join your aunt and cousin in the living young lady what took you so long to get home said auntie Regina.I.. my friend cassy lost her very expensive necklace and I was helping her find it said Kate ..but you could have called me , sweetheart ! I got so worried about you .I nearly had a heart attack! Said auntie ...aunt Regina lifts her hands to the sky as if asking god for help why god why ..why do I have such an irresponsible daughter? Said auntie ..I think aunt Regina could be a dramatic actress a really bad one though ! I’m sorry intervene .auntie but I just wanted to say that I think Kate has learned her lesson .she really loves you and means you no harm so I’m sure next time she’ll call you if she’s running late .said Jane ..Kate seems to be shocked by your brave move .and aunt Regina turns to you still looking furious. ... and you how could you leave my poor baby all alone in the bar ,while she was looking for her friends necklace? Said auntie Regina... but Kate was with her friend said Jane ..doesn’t matter ! Expected you both to be home by midnight didn’t you know that beside ,you could have helped her find the bloody thing ! Said auntie. Didn’t I after all ? Said Jane.. Kate runs towards aunt Regina ,then she hugs her mom .I’m so sorry mommy ! I’m not going to disappoint you ever again ! Said Kate aunt Regina hugs Kate back ,of course I forgive you ,Kate you’re my only sweet child ! And you.I hope next time you’ll think about helping your family if any of us get into trouble said auntie can you call me selfish after I be spend the whole night looking for Kate ..said Jane .aunt Regina hesitates but she quickly find the right answer.I’m not saying I didn’t appreciate it but next time make Sure to come home with Kate .so we don’t stay up till late ! Said auntie Regina..oh my god said Jane aunt Regina claps her hand ..enough! Bed time everyone ! Jane you’re helping me out with the guests tomorrows auntie Regina said .we’ve got guests coming ? Oh okay said Jane ..Kate don’t be late for breakfast! Said auntie ..yes mommy said Kate ...aunt Regina leaves .you intend to leave .too but Kate calls you by your name.yeah ? I just wanted to say ... Thank you for saving me tonight ..said Kate that’s okay .we’re cousins after all have a good night said Jane start walking up the stairs .trying to think over aunt Regina ridiculous behaviour when you hear Kate voice again.but that doesn’t mean we’re friends Jane ! Remember I’m gonna tear you down at the contest said Kate roll your eyes and keep going up the stairs .I’m sure you are Kate I’m sure you are .said Jane

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