The story about love.

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The love story of tigger and mighty warrior.

Romance / Adventure
Damien Watson
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Chapter 1

There was once a little prince whose father was king over a big country full of mountains and valleys. His palace was built upon one of the mountains, and was very large and beautiful. The prince, whose name was mighty warrior, was born there, but he was sent soon after his birth, because his mother was not very strong, to be brought up by country people in a large house, half castle, half farmhouse, on the side of another mountain, about half-way between its a peak.

The prince was a cute little creature, and at the time the story began, the little boy was about eight years old, I think, but he got older very fast. His face was fair and handsome, with eyes like two bits of the night sky, each with a star dissolved in the blue. Those eyes you would have thought must have known they came from there, so often were they turned up in that direction. The ceiling of his room was blue, with stars in it, like the sky as they could of made it.

These mountains were full of dark places underneath; huge caves, and winding cliffs, some with water running through them, and some shining bright with all colours of the rainbow when a light was taken in.

Not a lot of people knew a lot about them, if there were no mines there, great deep pits, with long passages running off from them, which had been mined to get all the materials from the mountains. When the workers start digging, they came across many natural caves.

in the caves lived a strange bunch of monsters, some called them gnomes, kobolds, goblins. There was a legend in the country that at one time they lived on the ground, and were like other people. But for some reason or other, there were different legendary theories. Underneath the earth, with the gnomes, kobolds or goblins, lived prince tigger.
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