His Marine Photographer

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Chapter 1

• Cora •

I took a deep breath breathing in the water of the ocean taking in all the tastes of the ocean, I can taste all the different types of sea creatures in the ocean near me including great white sharks. The ones that I have been looking for I am a Marine Photographer and my specialty is sharks which are quite hard. Not because they are these creatures with hundreds of teeth and they could bit me in half, I'm pretty sure the sharks were afraid that I would bite them in half.

You see I'm what you humans would call a shifter and no I'm not a werewolf I'm not sure they're even real, I am a shifter that can shift into a shark. My shark is a great white shark and most sharks and other marine life that aren't shifters are scared of us even in our human form. That could be because we can do everything a shark can do and more or it could be our smell shifters always smell different than humans.

Then again it could be the power they can feel rolling off of us when we are trying to show dominance to marine creatures. You have to do that a lot when you work with sharks the way I do because most might be scared one of them might think they're strong enough and big enough to attack me and actually win the fight. That wouldn't be a problem for most that have this job since all they have to do is not provoke them and they will be fine.

But for me even being ten feet away from them will provoke them in some way or another and they will go into fight or flight mode. As I said most will take the flight option but once in a while I meet what I like to call an Alpha shark because I'm not sure if they have a name for them. As soon as they would feel my presence they would attack me because they think I will take their Shiver.

While most shifters would probably shift fully when they are in the ocean and going around different marine life but not me I prefer the half shift since I still need to take photos of the different sea creatures I encounter. When I half shift my teeth turn to sharp jagged points, my skin turns really sensitive and I'm able to taste the water around me without even breathing in, I have gills on my neck to breathe in the water, and my eyes turn a very dark blue which to some could look black.

Marine shifters don't need gills to breathe in the water we could do it in human form too but we start getting gills in our half shift anyway because sharks have gills. Most other sea creatures besides also have them and so when we shift we have them. Unless you are a dolphin-like my best friend James or a whale never met one of those though he needs to go up to the surface to gather air every once in a while if he decides to go without his tank.

He is usually with me when I dive but his mate he met a couple of months back doesn't want him near the sharks so there both back on the boat. Which if you think about it it's actually fair even if James doesn't agree because great white sharks are one of the sharks that are a predictor of a dolphin. I remember when I first went diving around great whites with me while they swam away from me they went right after James and if I wasn't there to scare them away they would have taken a chunk from him.

When I told him he couldn't dive with me around the different sharks that hunt dolphins he blew a gasket and refused to talk to me. He doesn't like being told to do anything and I was surprised when he listened to Nick when he refused to let him dive around great white sharks. I wouldn't be surprised if James was giving him hell up there if it was me he would do it but it could be different with mates I don't have one so I wouldn't know hell I have enough time to date with a job like mine much less take a mate.

I travel all over the world to take pictures of marine life and I doubt there is anyone that would willingly uproot their life to come with me to different parts of the world so I can take pictures of marine life. I bet they will want me to stop my job which is not happening I love my job too much to stop doing it. So I can say that I really don't want a mate it will just complicate my life and I have enough of that as is so yeah that's a no way in hell on the mate thing.

Anyway, let's get that out of my head and focus on the sharks, I did just that before swimming in the direction I could feel the sharks were going so fast that I was nearly a blur only slowing down and stopping when I was thirty feet away. The Shiver of sharks were only two of them both fully grown adults and the one that was facing away from me looked slightly swollen in the middle which meant it was a female shark. The other shark was male and was most likely her baby's father.

Neither of them turned in my direction so they hadn't sensed me yet but as soon as I get closer that was going to change and male sharks are even more territorial when the female they chose was pregnant. So if he senses me he will attack and try to take a chunk out of me of course if he bites me I could get another tooth for my collection. I grabbed the camera I had hanging around my neck and started snapping pictures of the two sharks. I slowly swam forward as quietly as I could trying not to shift the water too much I was about ten feet away when the male shark's gaze snapped over to me.

I snapped a picture of it and waited to see what it was going to do if it did attack me I would fight it and when I fight a shark there are very few times it could get an actual bite out of me. Even if it does I'll be fine shifters always heal faster than humans a shark bit would only take an hour to heal. As I studied the male shark and I noticed that it had scars covering its whole body and quite a few of them look like they could have ended up killing him.

That's when I noticed it, right on the sharks fin was the mark of a Marine shifter just a black line that wraps around the base of the sharks fin. My eyes snapped back to the shark's eyes and that is when I noticed the intelligence in them that only a shifter could have. The female had turned towards me and I saw the same mark on her fin.

These two were a wild marine shifter shiver, it was a rare thing to find wild marine shifters not because they aren't out there but because there able to stay away from humans. Centries ago shifters use to be known by humans but after they started hunting us down one by one we withdrew into the shadows. We were split in two on one side where shifters still trusted humans enough to live among them in secret.

On the other side were shifters that decided it was better to go into the wild far away from the humans that have hurt them. These days wild shifters mostly live in their animal side because it was safer for them and easier to hide away from humans. The two sharks were staring at me tense as they expected me to do something and I just grinned at them flashing my shark-like teeth at them.

The tension seemed to leak out of the two sharks and they flashed a mouthful of teeth in what I was pretty sure was a grin. I held my camera up and gestured for them to move closer together and he moved closer to his mate as I took pictures. They gave me another toothy grin for my next photos making me laugh which cause air bubbles to form and rush off to the surface.

The female shark swam right up to me and I felt a weak push on my mind and I figured out she was trying to communicate with me so I let her in.

' Do you mind telling me what you are using those photos for '?

I smiled at her ' Not at all I'm a Marine Life Photographer but don't worry I'll edit out both of your shifter marks '.

She nodded and it was kinda fun to see a shark nod ' I'm surprised that a shifter could have that type of job without getting figured out '.

' I'm a freelance photographer so the people who hire me don't know me personally or I am just taking photos for my blog and the ones who read that barely ever meet me in person '.

' That's great will those photos go on your blog '?

I nodded ' along with the story of how I found you two '.

I felt her about to say something else when her mate swam up to her and nudged her in the side trying to push her to what I assume was their home.

She smiled a sharky smile at me again ' my mate wants me to go rest so I have to go but I hope we meet again someday '.

They both swam off faster than any regular shark ever could and I watched them until they were out of my sight before I swam in the direction of my boat. I got there in not even five minutes and when I broke the surface and breathe in some of the cold ocean air and it hurt my throat. Compared to the water I have been breathing for at least half an hour the air was too dry for me but nothing I can't handle.

I closed my eyes and willed my body to shift into my human form before I grabbed the rail and pulled myself up into the boat. I was greeted with my best friend James sitting down on one of the chairs and glaring at the sunset all the while ignoring his mate. His mate was trying to get his attention with different things but he wasn't having it probably still mad at him.

James was short so short that he was a foot shorter than me at 5'8" which is quite short because most male shifters were at least 6 feet tall. His body was slighly curvy and because of his sholder length hair he looks like a girls from behind. His eyes were light blue and light green and most would call them bautiful though he says they make him look femanin so does his full lips and button nose.

He always wears a long sleave shirt a blue jeans to covers the scars he got while in captivity even though I tell him he shouldn't. You see the way I met James isn't the usual way you would meet your best friend, he was being held in cativity in his dolphin form. I was invited to take photos of marine life in a marine life sancuary but when I got there I saw that all the animals were shifters.

They had black bands on there fins and some even had them around there neck which was a rare place for a marine shifter mark to be. I wanted to get them out as soon as I could but if I freaked out about it they could discover that I was a shifter to. If I got caught then I wouldn't be any help to anyone so I went to the council and begged for there help.

It was a little bit tricky because they had to figure out if the human that owned the so called sancuary knew if these marine animals were shifters or not. There was no way that all those shifters were there and that man didn't know they were shifter. If it was one or two animals with a marine shifter mark then that would be a cawincedence but all those animals being shiters theres no way.

The council figured out that the sancuary was apart of a group who impisioned marine shifters in tanks before they were sold to the highest bidder. They were made into slaves for humans forced to do there bidding and while shifters are usually stronger than human but the collars around there neck make them weak. It was made of a certain type of coral that made shifters weak and quite sick and could even kill them.

James had been there for ten years already and no one had wanted him so he was placed in there experiments that left him covered in scars. I don't know the full extent of what happened there because when I asked he refused to tell me. When I saw the pain in his eyes how broken he was I stopped asking and tried the best as I could to make him forget what happened.

Of course there was only so much that I could do and I was reminded of that when the pain would sometimes break through. I could see it in his eyes the pain he was trying to forget and there are sometimes I think it will never go away. Then he met Lance his mate and I watched as he slowly patched my friend back together fixing him in ways I never could.

James met Lance when I sent him out to get photos of a rare marine animals by himself after he begged me again and again. When he got back he was irritated because and I quote this mucled idiot was making fun of me for being short. I laughed at what he said which made him go on another rant about this muscular idiot that won't leave him alone.

I've never heard him talk about any males before this man and he went from talking about no man to talking about this one everyday. It was obviouse that he liked this person no matter how many times he denied what I said because he would blush when I asked him if he liked this man. It took about a month of this man pestering him before he admited he liked him and even then he refused to act on his feelings.

That's when his mate Lance aproched me and begged me to help him get James to become his mate it was a couple months back. I was just fixing a hole in our boat that was created when we got to close to him pregnant mate and he rammed the side of it. With that much power I could have sworn the killer whale was a shifter but because of them being black it was the hardest marine mark to find.

I was just about done when this man approached me.

" Are you Cora "?

I dusted my hands off and turned torwards the voice " who wants to know "?

The man was a couple feet taller than me at 6'2" and I could tell that to most he would be an intimidating male but that could be because he was a killer whale shifter. His eyes were a light gray with flecks of blue and black in them which signifies he was either a killer whale or a great white. Though sharks are quite big a shark would never be this mans size so he had to be a killer whale.

He had different types of scars on what I could see of his body and his crooked nose added to his ruggedness not that it did anything for me. He had full lips and sunkissed skin which I guess made him hansome but that's not what caught my eyes. It was the tattoo that was poking out of the the top of his shirt and I had a feeling it was the same tattoo that James kept complaining about.

" So your Lance I was wondering when I would meet the man that caught my friends heart ".

The man grinned " he said that "?

I shook my head " no but it's obvious he's in love with you ".

His grin widened before he turned serious " I need your help setting up a date for him ".

" Sure he needs something happy in his life after what happened to him ".

Lance looked like he wanted to ask me what I meant but decided against it and we set to work on making the perfect date for James. It was a complete success though it took many more dates for James to completely let him in but I'm glad he did. I just leaned against the rail watching those two and I couldn't help the smile that tugged at my lips.

While I might not need a mate it was exactly what James needed to make him whole again so I'm glad he has one that makes him happy. James must of felt me looking at them because he turned to me and smiled before opening his mouth as if to say something. My phone ended up right at that moment and I already knew who was on the line so to get it over with I stalked over to the phone and answered it.

" Hello my little Neice your Uncle has missed you so much why don't you come and give me and your cousin a visit "?

Before I could say anything James rushed over and snached the phone from her and growled out " stop calling her you purve ".

He hung up the phone and most likly blocked the number I stopped trying though he always finds a new number to call and text me on.


Abby walked out with Dayton waving to the readers.

" Hey everyone I'm Abby and this is Dayton he goes by Day though I like to call him Dayton ".

He playfully glared at her before turning to the readers " it's Day and we are here to do a couple of anoucements and tell you a little bit about our book, take it away Abby ".

Abby glared before smiling at the readers " the first anouncement is about Sheewholoved she is making a book cover for this book and we couldn't thank her enough, the author did try to make a book cover for this book but it didn't turn out to be the right one so you will see a book cover but it's only there until the author gets the new one ".

Day cleared his throat " you should look at her book of book covers the author thinks it's great and the second annoucment is about the authors new friend Cat also known as people-suck- she is making a book cover for the authors book Ceetah Mine her covers are also great and we can't Cat enough ".

Abby smiled at the reader again " the last anouncement the author decided on was a shoutout to a new follower, thank you Rye_Ochanter_123 I hope you like the books our author writes ".

Day grinned " now it's time to talk about our book but before we do we need to ask for your help because the author has yet to give our book a name and we were wondering if any of you have an idea ".

Abby clapped her hands together " all right me and three other girl live on this farm and while we aren't siblings they are my sister, anyways we run thing where instead of going to jail for minner offences you come here and work for however long you were supposed to go to jail ".

Day groaned " we have to work for you for a year "!?

Abby smirked at him " yep as I was say Dayton and his three other brother got in trouble with taking and dealing drugs and they were sent to our farm to detox and work off that year and supposidly me and Day are supposed to fall in love though I don't know how that's going to work I can't stand the guy, also on the farm I work with the animal so he will be working with them to not the horses though only I work with them ".

It was Days turn to smirk as he said " until I met Abby all womens touched revulted me for some reason but when she touched me well let's just say it was love at first touch ".

Abby rolled her eyes and stalked away and Day followed right behind her staring at her backside with a lustfilled look in his eyes.

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