His Marine Photographer

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Chapter 2

• Jagged •

I could hear the grumbling of the club members including my VP Megladon though I shouldn't be surprised since everyone got shit faced drunk. We usually drink a lot around here but since Megladon had come back from jail and all of us had decided to get drunk or fuck the Guppies to celebrate. The Guppies are what we called the club whores that come to our bar hoping that we would make them our old lady.

That usually never happens since all of us are waiting for our mates before settling down forever but I nearly made the mistake of taking the leader of the Guppies as my old lady. I stopped believing that I would ever find my mate and when I met Grace I had fallen in love with her at first sight. It could have been how gorgeous she was or maybe something else but I knew as soon as I met her I had to have her.

It was three years ago when she came into our bar with two of her friends I had a guppie in my lap that was trying to keep my attention on her but I was completely bored with the guppies we had. After you fuck the same girls over and over again it starts getting boring and you want something new. So when she and her friends walked in my gaze was focused on her and her only.

She was gorgeous with her long blonde hair that dropped down in ringlets that framed her heart-shaped face and unlike the guppies, her face wasn't covered in makeup. Her full lips had a little bit of red lipstick and her cheeks were painted with a little bit of blush. Other than that her face was clear of makeup and at the time if you would have asked me I would have told you it made her more beautiful.

Her red dress was glued onto her curvy body but not to where it was inappropriate but enough to make the men imagine what was under that dress. Not only that but when I saw she was wearing flats I couldn't help think that this girl was the opposite of the guppies. That must have been what I wanted because I pushed the guppie on my lap off not caring in she fell and got up to meet the girl who had caught my attention.

She was making my cock hard despite not being the usual girl I go for but something was making me want her and who was I to stop whatever this was. I wish I could have had something that warned me away from that whore but I had no such luck. No instead I made my way over to the booth she and her friends were in and asked if I could sit with them.

She instantly said yes with a gorgeous smile that made her eyes twinkle and as soon as I sat down her friends left so she could get her claws in me. She didn't try to kiss me or rub up against me no all we did for that first day was talk about things and I found myself telling her things that I haven't told anyone. We talked and drank until midnight before she told me that she needed to find her friends and leave in a cab since they were so drunk.

She got up and walked away in search of her friends with a sway in her hips making me look at her delectable ass as she walked away. It wasn't until the next day when I got over my hangover did I remember that I never got a phone number from her. I didn't know what to do besides wait for her to come back to the club since I also forgot to ask her name.

She came back that night and the next day I started dating this girl thinking that she would become the one that would be forever for me. I was so blinded with love that I didn't notice how she started looking like the guppies with all that makeup and too little dresses. The others would try to tell me that she was no good and I figured that out when I found out she was fucking one of the prospects.

I found them in bed together and dragged him out to the middle of the bar and told him to explain why the hell he was in bed with my girl. Before he could even say anything Grace walked down the stairs with tears in her eyes and said that he had drugged and raped her. I nearly killed him right then but I was held back by my VP and my SGT at Arms so he could explain.

I was able to calm my shark down enough not to kill him and I let him explain and what he said ended up breaking my heart. He told me that he and Grace were mates and she had told him that she would talk to me about them being mates. He went to see his sister for a couple of days and had just come back today to find Grace in his room and she told him that she explained to you that we were mates and you were ok with it.

I knew he wasn't lying because he had sworn by The Goddess of the Sea that he was telling the truth and if he wasn't The Goddess of the Sea would have removed his shark or whatever his marine animal from him. He would have dropped down in agony and would have most likely died from lying while he swore by The Goddess of the Sea. He didn't though he just looked at me with the most pain-filled gaze and I knew it was because his mate had betrayed him.

She had most likely meant for him to be killed after she had told me that he had raped her and I would have if I wasn't held back. Grace had left when I went to attack him so I told my VP to go and get her and he did dragging her in here by her hair with tears streaming down her face. She was looking at me with those same eyes as when we first met but everything else was different.

From the makeup she wore to the tight dresses she looked exactly like a guppie would I couldn't kill her though so instead I sent her away. I told her she would never come back and if she did she would be shot down where she stood. She grabbed on to me begging but I would have nothing of it and just brushed her off and in an instant, she turned to the Prospect and tried to cling onto him.

He wouldn't even let her touch him as he went to the bar and started down drink after drink probably trying to forget this ever happened. There was nothing I could ease the pain a pain I suspected was greater than mine because no matter how much she meant to me she still wasn't my mate. There was something I could do and that's what I did, I told HammerHead to call designer and tell her we need a new cut.

When she asked him for a name I said it would be Mino and HammerHead ended up choking on his beer as he started laughing. Once he was finally done he asked why I would call the guy Mino and I said though the guy is still quite big he is still shorter than the rest of us. So now a year later Mino is still a member of the MC and though he hates his name he knows it's not going to change.

Since he is the only one besides me, Doc, and Hacker that doesn't have a road name based on the shark they shift into it's going to stick. My VP is called Megladon and besides me, he is the only one who wasn't born into the MC Hacker is, of course, Hacker and the same thing goes for Doc. My SGT at Arms is called Mako and like all the others he was born into the rank and his road name.

My Road Captain is called BlackTip and his father was Road Captain before him and had died even before BlackTip was old enough to take his place. My Secretary is called Bronze and while he was born into the MC he never met his father because he left as soon as he knocked up Bronze's mother the MC's Princess. My treasurer is called Spinner and well let's just say that his father wasn't there much because he blamed Spinner for the death of his mate because she died giving birth to him.

My Enforcer is called HammerHead and before I was adopted by white the retired Prez he was a likely candidate for the rank. My Nomad is called Bull and let's just say The Sharks Cove MC took everything away from him so when he was old enough to be patched in he asked to be a Nomad and I let him because I had a feeling he would do it anyway. We're a messed up bunch though some are more messed up than others because of their past or the things that happened in the MC.

Take my VP Megladon, for example, he recently went to jail for half a year when someone put drugs on his and guess who arrested him. It was his mate his own mate that sent him to jail imagine my surprise when he told me that when I went to visit him. When I asked him what he was going to do about that he smirked and said that once he got out he was going to spank her delectable ass.

That made me laugh and I had a feeling that he was feeling restless and he wanted to go find his mate and I would to if my mate had tackled me to the ground. Not really sure how that happened since Megladon is a shifter of a shark that went extinct more than a thousand years ago. He is at least a couple of feet taller than me and I would never want to be in a fight with him because I know I will lose.

Which is why I'm glad Megladon is on my side and not anyone else's I usually have him doing different jobs that would get most people killed. He never minded though and I had a feeling that it wasn't because he thought he couldn't die. I think it was because of something in his past that made him feel that he didn't care if he died or not and I'm hoping finding a mate had changed that.

Once everyone was seated at the table I addressed Megladon " it's good to have you back brother though it seems you came back just as shit is about to go down though I guess that is a good thing ".

He frowned " What do you mean what's happened "?

I nodded to Hacker to explain.

He typed something on the computer he always had during church before he said " one of our informants called and told me that he caught someone selling drugs near our border and I think they are trying to get access to someone one who would sell in Shark Cove ".

Megladon's face turned furious " do you think it could be the ones that planted drugs on me "?

Hacker frowned " I don't know I wasn't able to get a clear enough view on the person's face ".

Megladon let out a breath of irritation and I nodded " even if it isn't no one should be dealing close to our border, Hacker check in with the other MCs in the different cove's to see if they have seen anything ".

He nodded and rushed out the door to get in contact with the other MC Presidents and as soon as he was gone the others turned to me.

I looked around at them " for now we will act as we always do but if they get any closer they are as good as dead so be on the alert church dismissed ".

They all rushed out and I expected quite a few of them were going back to sleeping off their hangovers and the rest were either finding a guppie or going to work. Mino however was still there staring at me with knowing eyes as he asked.

" What aren't you telling us "?

I sighed and decided to just tell him " the informant spotted Grace with the dealers ".

His face Hardened in anger and a touch of pain " what the hell is that whore up to "?

I shook my head " I don't know Mino I don't know and I have a feeling I don't want to find out ".

• Cora •

" So where are we going next Cor I'll set the coordinates "?

I nearly jumped in fright before I spun around and glared at James " god James do you have to sneak up on me "?

His eyes sparkled with mischief as he grinned " yep now answer the question ".

I cleared my throat " We're going to Shark Cove and don't worry I'll set the coordinates ".

He frowned " Shark Cove where the hell is that is that even a place "?

I rolled my eyes " of course it's a place and it's kinda in the middle of nowhere ".

His eyes narrowed and I could that he knew there was something I wasn't telling him and he probably would have pressured me until I cracked if his mate hadn't called his name just then. As he was walking away he sent me a glare that told me we weren't done with this conversation and I believed it. He would probably corner me somewhere and try to get it out of me but there's no way I'm telling him.

I didn't want him to know that I had finally read my Mom's letter that was given to me by my Aunt Janice and Uncle Jack when I was eighteen. She had just given me to my Aunt and Uncle as soon as I was born and just disappeared, I didn't even know my Aunt and Uncle weren't my parents until I was about sixteen. It was quite hard to deal with definitely when I was told by my older cousin when he had gotten mad at me.

I had insisted that since I was his little sister that he should let me hang out with him and his friends and he spun towards me and shouted.


I didn't believe it at first definitely when he apologized later that day and even let me hang out with him and his friends but his words stuck in my head. So when my Aunt and Uncle came home I asked them and they set me down and told me everything. It was kinda like my life had shattered and I started distancing myself from them and started calling them Aunt and Uncle.

I called my cousin Nick Cousin from then on to despite him insisting I call him brother and I had a feeling he wished he had never said what he had said. But that's the thing something like that could never be undone and no matter how I would have loved to have the relationship we had before I couldn't help but think that I was just something they were forced to love. It became worse when I met my Uncle Jace he said he had known my mother and that they were close.

I didn't see a problem in getting to know him until he had tried to kidnap me when I refused to go with him to see a cousin I didn't even know about. I had never had a bad feeling around my Uncle before that day but something was telling me not to go. When I refused to go with him he tried to kidnap me I was able to get away by kicking him where the sun didn't shine.

When I got back to the house I packed up everything I was taking with me and started my life as a Marine Photographer. I always had the letter with me but I never wanted to open the letter before today and I'm still not sure why I did it but here's what it said.

Dear my little girl,
I know you probably don't think the best of me and I don't expect you to but I hope you at least let me explain in this letter. I'm not sure what I would start with so I decided to just tell you everything from the beginning way before you were ever born. I met Uncle Jace when I was ten and he was eighteen, as soon as I had met him I was scared of him and I didn't want to be anywhere near him. Of course, since he was my uncle I had no choice they had him babysitting me quite a few times. I stayed as far away from him as I could and made sure I was with my other siblings whenever we were with him. I was too afraid to be alone with him but I never told anyone about the way I felt about him because I thought they wouldn't believe me. Sometimes I wished I did because when I was eighteen he tried to rape me thankfully I got away. Not knowing what to do I ran home packed all my stuff and just took off I went from place to place hoping he wouldn't find me. He always did I'm not sure how but he always did and then one day he slipped a date rape drug into my drink. He again tried to rape me again but I got away and stumbled into the Shark Cover MC bar where I slept with the leader at the time who thought I was just drunk. I left in the morning but I found out that I was pregnant with you a couple of months later. I knew that the life I had wasn't meant for a child and if Jace found out about you he would either kill you or want you. I tried to go to your father but he had found his mate and refused to even talk to me so I left you with my sister where I hoped you would be safe. Then I ran I ran like hell hoping he wouldn't figure out about you and that he wouldn't catch me. One day he probably is going to catch me but until then I'm going to keep running I hope you have a good life and you never meet your great Uncle.

Your Mother

I didn't know how to feel about this but one thing is for sure I wanted to meet this man.


Peter walks onto the stage and frowns when he noticed T wasn't there and was about to say something when she came flying in with her mechanical wings. Peter was looking at them with a frown and if you look closely you could see a sadness in them as he smiled at her.

" Hey, Tink ".

She gave him a smile that didn't reach her eyes " I go by T now so please don't call me Tink ".

He sighed " alright let's start with the announcements, first thing first another shout out to Rye_Ochanter_123 for being the first one to like the first chapter of this book, thank you so much ".

T nodded " yes thank you we were going to do a new follower shout out but we have had so many followers today we decided to do a shout out to pickpiko for being the first one to comment on our author's conversations feed ".

Peter was staring at T but snapped out of it when she glared at him " don't forget about Abby's and Day's book the author asked you to help with and I think that's all for today and thank you to all the new people who followed our author ".

T waved as she flew off and Peter stared at her until she was out of sight before walking off himself.

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