His Marine Photographer

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Chapter 3

• Jagged •

I walked out of the church room and saw that all of my men had either grabbed a guppie to fuck or was at the bar drinking. Mino who had come out behind me went right to the bar and gestured to the guppie who was running the bar to pour him a drink. She got out a shot glass and was going to pour him one when he grabbed the bottle and took a swing from it.

I shook my head frowning because though everyone here drinks so much definitely sense it takes a lot to get a shifter drunk. That being said Mino had never touched a drop of alcohol in his life because his father was a drunk and he never wanted to be like him. Me and the others always made fun of him and tried to get him to drink but none of us was happy when he started drinking after what happened with Grace.

Grace broke his heart enough to make him drink himself to where he blacks out by the end of the day and quite a few of us wish he would go back to the way he was before. Don't think I am a sappy person because of this I just care about the members of this MC because they are my family. I am also worried about him because of what Grace did to Mino.

Yes she had hurt me but I doubt she had hurt me as much as she had hurt Mino with what she did and I'm not sure if the kid will be the same. Anyways enough with this sappy shit or I'll start to sound like a girl or something like that.

" Jagged why the hell is my kitchen destroyed "!?

I winced and walked into the kitchen, my mom and dad were standing in the middle of the room completely surrounded by broken plates and everything else in the kitchen on the floor. Not only that but quite of the few cupboard doors were coming off of their hinges. I heard someone clear their throat from behind me and we all turned to see Mino.

He had a sheepish look on his face as he said " I think this might be my fault, I think I may have blacked out and trashed your kitchen I have been blacking out when I got too drunk recently ".

Mom gasped and rushed to hug him " oh my god why haven't you told us you've been blacking out "?

He just shrugged her off as gently as he could before he said " I'll clean up the kitchen for you ".

Mom looked like she was about to argue with him but Dad caught her eyes and shook his head no making her huff before spinning and stalking out of the room. Me and dad follow after her as she sat in one of the booths near the door. When she set her glare on both of us I knew we were in for it because despite being at least three feet shorter than most here you don't want to face her when she's angry.

She might look like the kindest woman with light brown eyes that would usually sparkle with kindness and all the other feelings she had. She has a button nose which my dad would call cute and I would pretend to gag when I heard that. In reality, I was glad they were like that because it gives hope to others that someday others can find a love like there's.

Of course, if you get on her bad side you might end up six feet under not entirely dead, I'm not joking either she has actually done that to someone. One of the Prospects had turned out to be working for some drug dealers that were trying to deal on our territory. The prospect had nearly killed my dad by planting a drug cocktail in his drink the same drug they were trying to sell on our territory.

It had recently gone on the market and has been killing quite a lot of its buyers but no matter how many people died more buy it because of how addictive it was. This man Dalik Wane was known as the top drug and was feared by most of the other dealers. They feared him because of all the rumors he had swirling around him the biggest being he single-handedly killed his whole family.

When mom figured out that the prospect was the one who had drugged dad she knocked him out and buried him in the backyard. Thankfully we are friends with the police and they help us when they can so when we dug him back out they made sure he didn't talk. If the cops hadn't been looking for him I doubt she would have dug him back up.

Though I guess that wouldn't be a surprise since they are the other half of each other and my dad has done quite a few things like that. They both have a reason to do the things they and since most people in the town are different types of Marine Shifters. None of them are shark shifters like us but they are shifters none the less and under our protection.

After mom had glared us down for at least five minutes before she said " I'm assuming neither of you knew this was happening ".

It was a statement but both of us knew she wanted an explanation on why we didn't know this was happening and I was just about to answer when someone cleared their throat. We all turned towards that person and saw it was Bull, he inclined his head at my mom and dad before turning to me.

" Prez I was wondering if I may go back on the road I'm needed back at the Dolphin Cove MC ".

I was about to agree when I thought of something " you've been going over to the Dolphin Cove MC quite a lot lately do you have a whore there you've been fucking ".

I expected him to smirk at me but his expression turned murderous as he growled out " she isn't a whore ".

His eyes have turned a dark blue in anger and if looks could kill I probably would have been more than six feet deep. Bull was not someone I would want to mess with because he is the only other shifter besides Megladon in this MC that was taller and had more bulk than me. I knew that neither of them would ever want my position and that they would always have my back.

Of course, that didn't mean they wouldn't kick my ass if I had gotten them mad enough and at the moment Bull looked mad enough. So I held my arms up in surrender " alright Bull I didn't know you had found a sweetheart is she your mate "?

He let out a sigh " it doesn't matter I doubt there Prez would let me touch her ".

I nodded " you can go and if you see something make sure to contact me ".

• Cora •

It didn't take as long as I thought to get to Shark Cove and it was unlike any place I've been before and most definitely the smallest place. It didn't have much besides a dinner, a doc, a little hospital, a farmers market, mechanics. different types of little stores the MC, and houses. We were at the dinner at the moment and it was called The Shark Cove Dinner.

It's not very original but it was definitely one of the coziest places I have ever been to and since I travel a lot I've been to quite a few places to eat. It had a marine wildlife theme to it with different types of marine animal photos on the wall. Those same walls were painted and ocean blue with different types of coral designs mixing in with the marine life photos.

The seats at the bar and the booth were also ocean blue and the tables were made out of glass with marine life photographs trapped in between. It was the same with the front counter, people from the town were sitting around and just chatting about different things. We are in the booth closest to the door and James was trying to get the attention of the waiter who was bustling between different tables.

From the looks of it, she is a sweet old lady who looked to be in her sixties with her gray hair up in a bun and the laugh lines that surrounded her eyes. When James was able to finally get her attention and I saw a look of surprise in her motherly eyes before she bound over her and wrapped me in a hug.

" I can't believe it you have finally come to visit ".

I wasn't sure what she was talking about and then I remembered that a couple of years back a nice old lady had called me for using my photos for her dinner. Her name was Arial but she told me to call her Grandma A since everyone in her town had called her that. She then went on to explain that she wanted to use my photos to decorate her dinner and then asked me what about a thousand or two photos would cost.

When I told her what the price was she was dishearted because she wouldn't be able to pay that price and I couldn't bear to see her sad so I gave the photos to her for free. I had a lot of money since the only thing I usually bought was clothes and food since I could fix the boat myself. Though there are times I need to buy a new part but that's all since the only personal items I have are from my childhood.

She tried to refuse so I just hung up the phone packaged the photos and sent them to her by the mail, it must have taken a couple of days since that was how long it was before I got a call from her. Of course, she tried to get me to either let her pay for them or send them back but I refused. I told her the photos were hers whether she put them up or not.

She was not happy about it but got over it when I said that I would come to see her dinner when I had the time and I was going to before I ended up in the hospital. You see the Uncle that likes to leave me those unsettling voicemails and messages had found me while on my way to visit Grandma A. I don't even remember what happened I just knew I had gotten away from him because I woke up in the hospital.

James was in the chair next to my bed sleeping and when I woke him up to ask me what happened he threw himself on me and started sobbing. Once he was able to stop crying he handed me his phone telling me that my Uncle sent him a message, it went like this.

She might have been able to escape me this time but one day I will get her just like I got her mom so tell Cora that she should be prepared for me.

This was before I had told James about my Uncle who was hunting me and I knew he was about to demand an answer when the doctor came in. He was relieved to see me awake and then told me that though it was obvious I had been beaten I not been raped. I nodded and then proceeded to tell him that I had no memory of what had happened to me.

He said it was a fifty-fifty chance that I would ever remember what had happened to me and so far I still have no idea what that sick bastard did to me. I went back to the hospital and they said it was probably my mind trying to protect me from what happened. I'm not sure I want to know what happened to me but at the same time, I did.

I ended up having to spend a few months in hospital and as soon as I was released James made me tell him what was going on. I was hesitant at first to tell him but I knew he wouldn't leave it alone so I broke down and told him about my Uncle. I actually didn't know a lot since he never really wanted to talk about himself and I never really paid attention to that since I was a kid.

He refused to ever let me go anywhere alone for the next year and even now I had to tell him where I went and how long it would take. If you ask me it's a bit much but I do as he said because if not he will be calling me every second I'm gone. He knows I don't like answering my calls since my Uncle always called me but he said he needs to hear my voice to make sure it's me.

I hugged her back " hey Grandma A ".

She pulled back with a grin " oh so you do remember me I was starting to think you had forgotten since you didn't come to see me ".

I winced but covered it up with a smile and was about to make something up when James stood up holding his hand out and said " Grandma A it's nice to meet you I'm James Cora's best friend and another Marine Photographer ".

I gave him a small smile in thanks before I burst out laughing when she pulled him into one of her body crushing hugs. When she released him he glared at me as we both sat back down and Grandma A got out her notepad to take our order.

" Um we all want the shark burger and fries, they want everything on it and I just want cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, " I told her with a smile.

She smiled right back as she took our menus " I'll be right back with it what sauces do you want "

" Honey mustard for me and ketchup for the others ".

I turned back to James and Lance to see James looking at me with horror causing me to roll my eyes and ask.

" What is it "?

He looked me straight in the eyes as he stated " you just ordered a shark burger ".

I shrugged and took a sip of the water I brought with me " so "?

He sputtered " so so isn't that like cannibalism since your also a shark ".

I burst out laughing probably making quite a few people stare at us before I realized he was serious " it's not cannibalism, it would be if we were eating a shark that was a shifter but this is just a regular shark ".

He opened his mouth to argue with me but before he could Grandma A came back with our food and set it down in front of us. It looked exactly like a regular fish burger and I love those so I'll probably be coming here when I'm hungry. James made a disgusted face at me when I picked up the burger so I made sure to take an extra-large bit and I could taste all the spices she put on it making me moan from how delicious it is.

I scarfed the rest of it down before eating my fries, James was looking at me in horror while Lance just looked amused at his mate before he asked me.

" Is there any supplies we should stalk up on "?

I nodded " yeah why don't you and James go get food from the farmers market while I go do some personal things ".

Before either of them could answer I placed some money down for the bill and was out the door and walking in the direction of the MC. I had already searched up the address and where it was so it would be easier to ditch James and Lance to go there. I would usually involve James in things like this but I think this is something that I need to do alone.

Besides, the guy might not even bother to read the letter and then I will leave in a couple of days after I took some marine life photos. As I walked I looked around at the different places and people and I have to admit that this place was looking quite homey. There were families walking around teens that are getting into trouble and people just having a nice walk like me or working.

As I walked I could see that the town was quite nice even as I started getting close to my destination, it seems to be by the dock where we had our boat. I could actually see my boat from the place and it was called Sharkies Bar still not that original but hey who am I to judge. It actually looked like a warehouse building with a shark with its jaws open showing its teeth above the name of the bar.

The outside looked quite old with weather-worn bricks filled with different cracks and the door was also weather-worn with peeling paint. It looked empty though that was probably because most bars are active during the night and it was daytime. I took a deep breath before pushing the door open and walking inside, someone must have been right behind it because it knocked right into them making them fall to the ground.

I gasped and quickly helped her up " I'm so sorry I didn't mean to knock you down ".

She smiled at me her motherly eyes sparkle " it's all right dear what brings you to the Sharkies Bar "?

I cleared my throat " I'm here to see White I think that's his road name ".

She froze and the smile she had before turned into a glare " and why do you want to see him, my dear ".

The last two words were quite forced but I ignored it as I said " I'm here to give him a letter ".

She looked at me in disgust " a love letter I suppose I really don't get why you whores won't leave him alone he already has a mate ".

It was my turn to glare at her as I said: " Look lady I don't care if he reads it or not I'm just here to deliver it, it's up to him if he reads it or not ".

With that said I grabbed the letter from my pocket and shoved it at her before spinning around and walking off not caring to hear what she was going to say.


Cat and Lincon walked in waving at the crowd as Cat said " we only have two announcements for today ".

Lincon grinned at her " we are making a shout out to TanaJenkins0 not only are they a new follower but they are also new to Wattpad so let's all welcome them, welcome Tana we hope you like Wattpad ".

Cat Glared at Lincon before smiling at the readers " to everyone reading this book we hope you had a great Christmas and have an even better new year, also in the last part there was a cover reveal for this book ".

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