His Marine Photographer

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Chapter 4

• Jagged •

I watched as one of the new prospects tried to juggle Blacktip's shot glasses shaking my head in amusement because I knew Blacktip will have their asses when he catches them. He may be my Road Captain but like most of the others, he has what he calls a civilian job. He owns this bar which is ten docks away from our main MC building.

The bar actually use to be in that building but Blacktip thought it was better that we didn't have alcohol where our personal items belong. No one really cared at first but then when stuff started to go missing me and the others weren't willing to lose our stuff. So Blacktip decided to build a bar near the clubhouse and if anyone brings someone into the clubhouse they are responsible for whatever they steal.

None of the guppies are even allowed in the clubhouse if one of the members wants to fuck them they can take them to their room upstairs. I was helping Blacktip get ready for Ma's fiftieth birthday and all of us were trying to get her to leave so we could set up without her knowing. Knowing her she probably already knew but decided to let us shew her out anyway.

I watched as she was walking to the door and right when she was about to open it the door opened on its knocking right into Mom. I bolted up to go help her froze when I saw the girl who must have been the person that opened the door. She was gorgeous her aqua color eyes shown with worry as she helped mom off the floor her plump lips in a frown.

Her nose was a cute button nose and her brown hair was in a braid making me wonder what it would look like down. Her shirt wasn't a tight-fitting one that most women around our club wear it had a picture of a great white shark on it and under the shark was a phrase ' Save the Sharks '. She had blue jeans on that made her curves stand out and aqua sneakers.

She had a camera around her neck and I could tell that it was precious to her because it was as if she didn't even notice it was there. That meant it was something that she wore all the time that it was apart of her and something she would know was missing if it ever was. She had some sort of letter on her face and you could see her anger as she shoved it into ma's hands before spinning around and stalking off.

When mom turned around you should see a disgusted look on her face as she held the letter up and spat out " here's another love letter for you White ".

As soon as she said those words I felt a feeling well up in me and that's when I realized that I was jealous which made no since I only saw the girl for not even a minute. That didn't stop the feeling that welled up in me and I decided that I would find one of the guppies to fuck this feeling out of me later. My dad turned to mom amused and I could tell that the rest were quite amused too.

Usually, I would be to because it's funny the woman that comes here thinking he will cheat on his mate with them and it's even more hilarious when we read the letters out loud. I wasn't feeling it today no I could just feel the jealousy flowing through me.

Dad looked at the letter amused as he said " well open it and let's see what the whore said ".

As soon as he said the word whore I couldn't stop myself from glaring at him, he must have felt my glare because he looked at me with a frown but before he could inquire mom was opening the letter. She pulled the note out and started to read it to herself. We expected her to shake her head and laugh but instead, she turned pale white and clutched the paper tighter.

" Sshe's you daughter ".

" What "?!

Dad was looking at mom shocked at what she just said and mom had tears in her eyes that looked like they were about to fall. It was expected though because children were one thing mom wasn't able to give my dad which is why I was adopted. Something in mom's past had made her barren and she thought her mate wouldn't want her because she couldn't give him kids.

Dad didn't care about that though he told mom that he loved her anyway and that if they wanted kids that they could just adopt one. That's where I came in I was six at the time when my mother was arrested for drug possession and I was about to be placed in foster care. If White hadn't been there for business I would have been but he was and as soon as he saw the marine shifter mark on me he knew he wanted to adopt me.

When he took me home with him I was wary about anything and everyone that's what happened when your mom was a drugy. But after a couple of months I warmed up to everyone and they became my family that's what an MC is a big family. Granted one that was messed the fuck up but we were a family none the less and if you ask me every family has flaws ours just have more than others.

Dad stalked over to mom and snatched the paper from her reading it over himself and I could tell he didn't like what it said because of his red face.

" This is utter bullshit " he growled out.

Mom's hands were shaking and Dad was about to draw her into a hug when a folded piece of paper fell out of the envilope she was holding.

He bent down and picked it up before reading it out loud " Just to clarify White this is not a love note believe me when I say I am in no way whatsoever love you. It is, however, something you need to read, and if you still want nothing to do with our daughter then so be it. I don't know if you remember me but I was the girl that came onto your territory when you were signing a peace treaty with the Dolphine MC. I was Nickolas's mate and we ended up fucking well I thought you should know what was happening. For years I had been running from my sick perverted uncle who wanted to rape me. When I had met Nickolas I had thought I was safe but this woman he was dating before me still wanted me. She somehow got in contact with my Uncle not really sure how and they set me up. She had given me a drink that caused me to go into a very painful heat and the idea was to have my Uncle rape me. She was going to tell Nickolas that I had cheated on him and my Uncle would finally get what he wanted. That didn't happen though because I had somehow gotten away from my Uncle and went to your MC to find my mate. In the state I was I ended up in your room by mistake and well I'm pretty sure you remember the rest better than I do. After we had do it I tried to talk to Nickolas to explain what happened but he just called me a whore and told me to never go near him again. So I left going back on the run again until I figured out I was pregnant and I came back to your MC to tell you about it. Your mate Liv called me a whore and told me to leave the both of you alone and you said the same thing so I went to my sister and gave her our daughter Cora and then took off running again. And besides the photos, I got every once in a while from my sister. The last photo being from her tenth birthday when I had sent a waterproof camera. I don't care if you believe me or not I just thought you should know and if you want to see the photos there on the USB. I don't know how old she will be when she gives you this letter or if my Uncle had finally caught me or not but I hope she's ok. I knew she couldn't stay with me because my life was not for a kid. Plus I'm worried if he finds out about her he will be obsessed with her like he was obsessed with me when I was a kid. It would be easier if he never knew she existed but I have a feeling that he already does he just hasn't gone after her because he hasn't caught me yet. He took everything from me White my childhood, my family, my mate and he took being able to see Cora grow up from me. I wouldn't be able to bear it if he got his hands on her ".

Mom was holding up a USB she must have found in the envelope and Blacktip was already pulling out a computer out from under the bar counter. He powered it on and plugged the USB into the side of the computer before he opened it to the first photo. It was a photo of a ten-year-old girl with long brain hair grinning as she held up the same camera I saw around that woman's neck.

The little girl was in an aqua colored dress and was beaming up to the camera with the widest toothy smile on her face. He went to the next photo and this time a boy was in the photo with her and she was holding a toy plane and if it was a video she would have probably been flying it around. The boy was grinning at her a brotherly type of love in his eyes as he looked at the girl.

He turned it to the next photo and again it was just the girl and she was hugging a great white shark stuffed animal to her chest and on the table in the picture was a card. The card was open and on the inside was written ' To Daddies Little Great White Shark '. Her grin was wide as she looked up in the direction of whoever was taking the photo.

" That great white shark stuff animal is from Shark Cove," Blacktip said pointing to the tag of the toy.

He was right if you paid attention to the tag it had the logo all toys from Shark Creek had if you weren't from here you wouldn't notice it but any local could. When Blacktip clicked to go to the next photo we saw that it was a video instead so he clicked play. It started off right from the last photo of the girl clutching the great white shark toy to her chest.

A male voice can be heard from off-screen " what are you going to name him Cora "?

She had a thoughtful look on her face before she grinned and turned the shark to face her " I dub thee White the Great White shark ".

A female voice was heard this time " White that's quite an unusual name ".

She shook her head " not unusual perfect he will be my protector from the creatures in the sea, White the protector ".

That's when the video stopped and when we all looked at dad he had tears in his eyes as he stared at the little girl on the screen.

Mom touched him lightly " is she your daughter ".

He nodded " yes and we need to find her I don't care how old she is I will be in her life as her father ".

Before anyone of us could respond he turned to one of the prospects and handed him the letter " catch up to Bull and tell him the Prez of the Dolphine MC might want to read this ".

• Cora •

I stalked in the direction of the diner irritated because that woman dared to call me a whore so when my phone rang I knew it could either be my perverted Uncle or my best friend so I answered with.

" What the hell do you want "?

I heard a chuckle before they said " wow s-cuz you don't seem to be in a good mood ".

It was my cousin Nick and he had nearly called me sis again even though I had told him many times not to since I wasn't his sister. I know I'm overreacting and that might be because he was the one who told me my Aunt and Uncle were my parents and he wasn't my brother. What he did ended up shattering the close family I had and it wasn't just because I wasn't their daughter.

No the reason we weren't close anymore was because he said they were forced to take care of which made me thought they didn't want to take care of me. That they were just guilted into taking care of me because they pitied me.

I sighed " hey Nick what's up "?

He was silent for a second before he cleared his throat and said " Cora this man has been coming to me and Lillian's house asking for you ".

I felt dred fill me because I knew it was my Uncle he probably thought he could get to me through my cousin though since I barely ever see him that would backfire. The thing is Lillian is with child and I have no idea what the bastard would do to her so I clutched the phone and said.

" Don't let him near you and Lillian Nick he's the Uncle that was obsessed over my mom ".

He went silent again before I heard him growl out with anger " is he stalking you to know if he even touched one hair on your head I will break every bone in his body ".

In those last few words, I could hear his voice merging with his marine animals which only happened when a shifter is about to shift.

I let out a breath of irritation " I'm fine Nick just keep your mate safe ".

Before he could protest I had already ended the call before I continued in the direction of the dinner where I was supposed to meet up with James and his mate. I felt my phone rang but this time I didn't answer it just in case it was Nick again. It kept on ringing five more times before whoever it was had stopped calling but when I felt a nudge in my mind I knew it was Nick.

The nudge was a little weak since we were so far away from each other but I knew that he would keep doing it until I let him in so I did.

' You can't ignore me forever Cora I want to help '.

' I can and why the hell does you even care you were forced to be my brother remember ' I snapped.

I heard him cursing in the back of my mind ' do you really believe that '?

' You said it ' was my answer.

I heard him sigh ' I said that because I was a teenager that thought hang out with his little sister wasn't cool and I ended up saying something that I will regret for the rest of my life will you forgive me '

I thought about it for a second ' maybe '.

I heard his groan of annoyance in my head ' You are the queen of stubbornness QS '.

I couldn't help but smile when said his old nickname for me and he must have felt it because he started teasing me.

' Are you smiling little sister '.

I wanted to laugh but I pushed that down and said ' no of course not '.

He snorted and muttered ' stubborn '.

Then I felt him become completely serious as he said ' Cora you really need to do something before that man tries to kidnap you '.

' He already tried kidnapping me and I escaped ' I retorted.

Nick went deadly quiet before he roared ' he did what '?

I winced but knew not to interrupt the rant he was about to unload on me.

' When the hell were you going to tell me that someone tried to kidnap you you could have been hurt or even worse killed. And I wouldn't have even known you were or anything until someone found your body somewhere and I just wouldn't have known. If something like that happened I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself and I would probably spend the rest of my life hunting the bastard down like the scum that he is '.

He went on for about ten more minutes about stuff that didn't even relate to what I had told him but I just let him rant. When he was finally done he took a deep breath and said " I am coming down to where ever you are and dragging you back to my house '

I shook my head ' no that would just put you Lillian and the baby in danger besides I have James here making sure I don't get hurt '.

I could tell he was at odds with himself because on one hand he didn't want to risk his mate and his unborn child and on the other hand I was the sister he loved dearly which is what I was starting to believe.

He gave in after five minutes ' fine I want a call from you at least once a day '.

I nodded knowing that he would get his way no matter what I said and this is something he would never waver on if it meant protecting me.


Luca walks onto the stage " hey everyone the author just wanted to say sorry for the late update and that we hope 2021 is going great for you ".

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