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Chapter 5

• Bottle •

As I look around the club at the different woman I couldn't find one that caught my interest at all and if I didn't neither have my twin Spinner. We have always done things together and we are one hundred percent sure that the Sea Goddess granted us the same mate. We haven't found her yet so we are stuck with the club whores or as we call them Herrings.

We have to find a girl that we both like and that would be willing to take on both of us though I know the Harring's are more that willing. Nothing is catching our eyes though I would have felt it through the bond if my brother had found something that interested him. That's how it is when you were a twin you have a conection even human twins can feel.

It's much more intense when your a shifter you aren't able to have any secrets because even though we are two people it's like we have one mind. All our thoughts and emotions are on display for the other to see and feel even when our connection was closed. Which doesn't happen but there are times that sharing a mind becomes to much and closing the link lessens it.

Not by much though but that's alright we usually don't keep it closed for long because a twin connection is special since it's the only deeper than a mates. A lot of the woman we fuck are jelouse of our connection and has tried to split us apart by trying to fond over one of us more than the other. They don't understand that some slut is not going to make us jealous.

I doubt anyone would be able to tear us apart not even our mate if she can't deal with our twin connection that's her fault not ours. Though I do hope she accepts both of us if she does we will shower her with all the love she can take and more. She also has to get along with our baby sister Jasmine she's the MC Princess and anyone here would lay down there life for hers.

Including that nomad Bull from the Shark Cove MC actually I'm pretty sure there mates but he hasn't made a move on her. I know Jas wants him to by the way she tries hard to make him jelouse everytime he was here by running around with her fake boyfriends one of the clubs new prospects. Bull doesn't know this but he's gay and if that little guy doesn't stop eye raping Killer then Killer's gonna jump him.

Well I think we will it's hard to tell with Killer ever since his mate was killed a couple years back he hasn't been the same and until the little male prospect had come Killer hadn't taken an interest in anyone. As soon as that kid had walked through the door a couple months back he couldn't take his eyes off him. Killer had just gotten back from an assigment we had sent him on.

Someone was doing drugs in our territory and well I'm pretty sure you can figure out why we had sent him without going into detail. He had ordered a shot and was about to throw it back when it froze halfway to his mouth as he stared at the door. We were right there next to him at the time and looked to see what he was looking at.

There in the doorway was a young man that looked to be four inches shorter than Killers 6'4" which wasn't that bad of a height for a shifter. He was lean and he looked like he was more of the swimmer type which was why me and my brother was wondering why he was in our MC bar. He was searching the room for someone and when he saw Killer his eyes lingered for at least six seconds longer than anything else.

His seafoam colored eyes studied Killer before he saw killer eye raping him to and blushed his hand reached up as if to brush the black hair out of his eyes but dropped back down when he felt nothing. That made us think that he must of cut his hair and since he was use to it being in his eyes it was a reflex. He moved on from looking at Killer and kept looking around until he spotted our dad.

He went up to him and when dad noticed him I could see the surprised look in his eyes and I knew that he had to know this man. Dad got up and pulled him into a hug before he pulled the man into the office to talk to him telling us that he knew him personally. My dad wasn't one for hugs so when he hugs it's because hr really cares a lot about you.

I could feel the same confusion coming off of me coming off of my brother and I knew we both had the same questions about this man. One who was he, two how did he personally know my father and three what was he doing here. Killer was looking at the office door lust fully trying to get another glimpse of this man and I was kinda shocked.

None of us here care about sexuality but I have never once seen Killer interested in a man but he is definitely interested in this one. I do want to know who the hell this man was so when my father had pulled him out of the office I was about to get up to intercept them when my father shouted prospect. He was holding the kids hand up in the air causing everyone to turn to him.

I could tell the kid was uncomfortable with what my father did but he looked us all in the eyes and nodded to us as if agreeing with my father. Killer was still just staring at him as if he was something he wanted to eat which as I said was a first for him. His mate was female and when she died a couple years back he had withdrawn and it was like he had turn off his emotions.

While it was good for him to do that during the jobs we assign him it's not something that should be done everyday. Now it's been months since he first came here and Killer is just sitting at the bar staring at him with lust filled eyes. I could even see him slightly glaring at my sister who was sleeping in his though anyone who was paying attention could see he was uncomfortable.

He doesn't really likes to be touched at all you can tell when he shifts away from everyone even if they were more than a foot away. He tolerates my sister touching him but there is also times he will move away from her and glare at her when she tries to touch him. I think something happened to this kid that made him hate to be touched and when we asked dad since it was obvious he knew him he just told us to leave it be.

His hair was back to being long now at least long enough to place it in a little ponytail I watched as he started to tense more as my sister snuggled into him.

" I thought I told her to stop snuggling up to that kid to make Bull jealous if he pushes her off it's her fault ".

It was our father he must have sat down while we were watching the prospect with our sister, Spinner glared at our father.

" If he pushes her off I will kick his ass ".

Dad countered with a glare of his own " no you will not ".

We were both staring at dad would only act like this with his fami-.

Our heads whipped back to the kid and I started seeing the similarities to us same black hair, same eyes and a few other things.

" Is he " I started " our brother " Spinner finished.

Dad's shoulders slumped " he's your half brother yes ".

Spinner looked back to were our sister snuggling to him and asked " does Jas know "?

He nodded again " she had saw the DNA test he had brought with him thinking that I wouldn't believe he was my son but how could I not he looks more like me that his bastard mother ".

He spat out the word mother as if it was the most disgusting thing in the world causing me and my brother to exchange a glance. For some reason I had a feeling his mother was the one who caused him not to like to be touched. Before we could ask what happened even though we both know he wouldn't tell us Bull made his way in and looked around.

His eyes lingered on Jas in the lap of our half brother and I could tell he wanted to rip her off of him and kick his ass. He continued searching and when his eyes landed on my father he walked to us and handed him a piece of paper.

" The exprez thought you might want to read this ".

Dad took the piece of paper from him with a frown and I watched his confusion turn into hurt and anger and I watched as the two emotions war on his face.

Anger won and he stood up and growled out " Angel ".

Angel was our mom though if you ask me she was just a slut that dad accidentally knocked up he loves us but not our mom. Not that I blame him she would do anything for power including threaten to cut out her own daughter from her stomach if he didn't mate with her. She had to be restrained for the rest of her pregnancy so she didn't try to cut Jas out.

Dad said she was diagnosed with split personality disorder and that she was trying to get better but we didn't care as soon as she tried to hurt our baby sister she became dead to us. Though that didn't stop her from trying to make things up to us we don't care. Mom rushed out of the kitchen frowning at dad as she asked.

" Is something wrong Nickolas "?

He didn't say anything as he slammed the paper he was just given by Bull into her chest mom grabbed it and started to read it over. What she read must have upset her because she went pale but she didn't try to clutch onto dad for support and instead drew into herself.

" I think I remember that happening I can't really remember anything that happens during that time I'm so sorry Nickolas I'm such a horrible person ".

I was about to agree with her when Bull stood up and clasped her shoulder " no your not ".

I glared at him but he just continued taking as if he couldn't feel it " my brother was diagnosed with split personality disorder not until quite a few years into his life though, I had always thought he did those things on purpose. It wasn't until I found him trying to hang himself in our room that I realized how messed up he was, I asked not to do it but he shook his head saying he needed to kill himself so he never hurt anyone again when I tried to stop him he plunged a knife into his kneck he had grabbed from the kitchen just in case someone tried to interrupt him like I did he was my twin "

Both me and my brother winced at those four last words neither of us knew what that type of pain would feel like and we didn't want to know.

Mom was looking at him with tears in her eyes as she whispered " thank you ".

He just smiled at her before going to sit down next to me dad shook his head as he grabbed his cut and said to us " lets go ".

Before either of us could say anything another voice said " take your mate and tell her to stop cuddling up to me to make you jealous ".

It was our half brother and he pushed Jas right onto Bulls lap before turning to us and handing us two pictures the background was a coral reef split in half and in front of each half was a different type of dolphin. Mine was a bottlenose dolphin and my brothers was a spinner dolphin. There was different types of fish swimming around the sharks.

The reef was filled with all types of coral and under the sea plants anyone could tell that time was put into something like this.

He looked at us kinda uncomfortable " it's a tattoo design I'm not good at many things but I can draw somewhat good. I meant to give it to you on your birthday a couple days back but I didn't think it was done hell I wouldn't have given it to you today if it wasn't for Killer saying it's good. He had saw me drawing them and tried to let me let him see them you know and I refused but he was able to snatch them away from me. He said they were perfect and then even offered me a job at his tattoo pol- ".

" Luck your rambling again " Jas said interrupting him.

He turned towards her to glared before he turned back to us rubbing his neck " anyways I hope you like ".

He spun around probably meaning to walk off but instead knocked right into Killer who must have walked up to us while we were distracted by Luck.

He smirked down at the kid as he asked " have you thought about my offer "?

Luck cleared his throat and stepped back slightly " that depends which offer are you talking about "?

" Bother " Killer all but growled before he cupped the back of Luck's head and kissed him right in front of us.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and just stared at the two men kissing and I knew that was why Killer had chosen to kiss him in front of everyone. It was like staking his claim on Luck so no one tries to grab him from him before Luck lets Killer mark him. Though I could see some of the people looking on with pity and it was easy to figure out why.

Killer might want to mate with Luck but he still wore the ring that his mate had bought him on his finger which meant he was not willing to let her go yet. You see while we don't get married like humans we can still buy rings to connect our souls. It doesn't have to be rings though it could be anything you wear though once you put it on you can never take it off unless the other has died.

You see the things you buy for the other for the mating ceremony are used to contain a piece of the soul so you can feel the connection anywhere. When a mate dies the other keeps whatever had been given by the one that had died and wears it to signify they are in morning for there mate. Once they plan to move on though they take the object off and place it on display somewhere to show that they are moving on with another but will always remember them.

Killers ring was still on him though right on the hand that was cupping the back of Luck's head as he kissed him and I don't think he's going to be removing it anytime soon. Dad stalked up to them and pulled Luck away from him as he said.

" Your coming with me, Jas, and the twins to the Shark Cove MC ".

He frowned at dad who was dragging him away from Killer but decided not to argue and just let dad drag him away. Killer was looking after him with a lust filled gaze so he didn't see Jas coming up to him until she slapped him.

Before he could ask why she did that she growled out " you have no right to go after him when you are still wearing the ring from your dead mate stay away from Luck ".


I met up with James and Lance in front of the dinner to get lunch before we left I wanted to be long gone from here but I wanted to say bye to Grandma A. Plus I wanted to eat some more of the food it is really good here and I'm gonna miss it. I know when I got close enough to see James clearly that he was mad at me because he just kept glaring at his feet.

When I went up to him to give him a hug he stepped away from me and kept glaring at the floor making me sigh as I said.

" You can't stay mad at me forever and besides I'm fine ".

His head snapped up and he glared at me " yes but what if you weren't your Uncle tried to kidnap you when you went to visit this place? What's stopping him from doing it again Cora what because I really don't think he will care if you are around all these people. I wouldn't bear if you got kidnapped agai- ".

" You had gotten kidnapped " someone gasp from behind us.

It was Grandma A she must have came out to greet us and heard what James as said " um no someone did try to kidnap me I'm fine though it was two years ago ".

She ignored what I said about it being fine and pulled me into the dinner while fussing over me and setting me down in one of the booths.

" Sit here sweet heart while I go make a call real quick and we can talk about it ".


Eric walked out with Angela both waving at the crowd.

Angela smiled " hey I'm sure you heard of us by now if not the description of our book is posted on the authors feed ".

Eric nodded " the author has decided that she will posting different descriptions for books that are going to be on here later on though unfortunately some like ours don't have titles and are being pushed further down her list ".

Angela sighed " it sucks but what are you going to do, anyways we have a couple shout outs to do themysticalqueen thank you for reading our authors book I'm sure she will get to reading your book soon to ".

Eric nodded in agreement " the next shout out is to MacabreReads thanks you for doing the covers for our series Elemental Animals and Guinealove2005 for placing our authors book in your reading list ".

With that said Eric grabbed Angela and flew off with her.

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