His Marine Photographer

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Chapter 6

• Jagged •

We were still in the bar thinking of where Cora had gone when we heard the roar of six motorcycles meaning Nickolas was here. My dad looked surprised that he had came right away and there was a little bit of doubt on his face. The doubt was wiped off when Nickolas, Bull, Jas, Bottle, and Spinner walked through the door followed by someone that I had never seen before.

They did look a little like Nickolas so it must of been one of his kids that he had just found about and is trying to get him comfortable with the rest of the family. He most definitely looked uncomfortable around them so much so he wouldn't step within a foot of them. Jas didn't really care though because she walked right up to him and cuddled up to his side.

He stiffened and looked like he really wanted to push her off but refrained from doing and instead stepped away from her. Bull was glaring at them and I could tell that he didn't really like Jas touching him which means she must be the one he likes. I wonder if he knew they are related or not probably not if he did he wouldn't be glaring at the kid like that.

My dad held out his hand to Nickolas who shook his hand while asking " where is she "?

Dad went to answer that question probably with an I don't know when the phone rang the prospect who was right next to it answered it.

" Hello "?

He grinned " oh hey Grandma A yeah sure ".

He pulled the phone away from his ear and stated " Grandma A wants to talk to you Jagged is that ok or are you too busy "?

" I'll take it " I told him.

He placed the phone in my hand and I brought it up to my ear " hey Grandma A is something wrong "?

She was quiet for a second before she said " this girl Cora- ".

" Cora " I asked interrupting her and probably getting the attention of the other people in the room.

" Yes two years ago when she had been trying to visit me she had gotten kidnapped before she could make it to the town. I don't know the details yet but I plan on sitting down with her and asking her about it were at the dinner right now. I thought you might be able to help her because from what I over heard her friend say there might be a possibility he would struck again. That girl is the sweetest I have ever known you know all the photos I have in the dinner well she took them she's a marine life photographer. She had given me those photos for free when I told her the price was to much for me. She wouldn't take no for an answer when I protested and just hung up and sent me the photos through the mail. I think her boat is at your port some people had seen her boat in your port and told her the port belongs to you. She just told them that there is no sign saying this place is reserved by anyone so she can dock there if she wants "?

I chuckled at that last bit " we will be right there Grandma A ".

I could hear the releaf in her voice as she said " thank you I better get back out there before she decides to leave ".

She hung up on me after that and I placed the phone down and turned to the others " Grandma A is with her at the dinner and her Uncle is already after her ".

Dad's face turned red as he started swearing every curse word he knew and I could see the look of pain on Nickolas's face. Which was understandable if he was after Cora it meant he had most likely grew tired of his mate and disposed of her.

I cleared my throat to get dads attention " Grandma A also said that she docked her boat so have some of the prospects look around for a boat that they have never seen before ".

Blacktip raised his eyebrow in surprise " that's a little daring didn't anyone tell her the port was owned by someone else "?

I smirked and nodded " she just told them that there is no sign saying this place is reserved by anyone so she can dock there if she wants ".

Mom laughed it was the first time today since she read that letter " looks like she's got your stuborness White sweet heart good luck with that ".

Dad chuckled shaking his head before turning to the two prospects " go search for her boat ".

They were up in an instant and out the door to go look for it and Blacktip just walked out after them probably wanting to see the inside of the boat. The rest of us pulled on our cuts and made our way outside to our bikes the only thing that means more to us than sex. A bikers bike is like there baby and the only one that can ride on it is family or our mates.

Since I really don't want a mate nor do I have a sister that I would let ride on my bike no one is going to ever ride on my bike. I had never let Grace on my bike either it just never felt right even if I did love her at the time though I just brushed that feeling away. I would tell myself that once we mate I wouldn't feel like that anymore but thank goddess that never happened.

I don't want to ever see her again but I have a feeling that she's not going to dissappear so easily it's a feeling I have been having since she was spotted with those dealers. I could care less about her it's Mino I am worried about he's already starting to experience blackouts from all the drinking he does. For someone who went from not drinking at all to that well let's just say it's really bad.

I'm also worried that he will start doing drugs along with all the alchol and if he does I will beat some sense into him. Alchol is one thing that I allow if no one is going out to drive there bike but I do not tolerate drugs at all in the club or this town. Not just because I grew up with so much drugs in my life but also because how messed up it makes someone's mind.

Someone who are on drugs are more likely to make mistakes that could get themselves and everyone around them killed. I reved my engine before pulling out and sailing down the road in the direction of the dinner and that gorgouse girl. Not that I would ever do something with her son or not I bet dad would kill me if I try to fuck his daughter.

I will just find a guppie to fuck when I get back to the clubhouse and hope the lust I feel for her dwindles after I fuck someone. As we ride down the street people wave to us grinning and I think I may have heard one of the kids that we drove past if he could be a biker. Unlike a lot of other towns the town we reside actually like us because they are under our protection.

We will protect everyone in this town from any threat and because of that the town loves us plus most of them are shifter like us. Granted none of them were shark shifters but still shifters and our town is like a safe haven for them. The only humans here were the ones mated to shifters either because they are there mate or they chose them.

After a certain age for most shifters and they don't they want to settle down and they find there chosen mate and mate with them. It doesn't kill there other half if they do it at a certain age because the Sea Goddess let them choose if they haven't found there mate. As I said it doesn't kill your other half it just cuts the connection and a new one snaps into place.

From what I heard it's not painful at all and you develope a mate connection between your chosen mate and yourself. It's what I would have done with Grace if she hadn't gone and done what she did though if I wasn't to blinded with love I would of seen it way before. The reason Mino is hurting so much is that the mate bond between her and him is still connected.

It's something you will always feel until you mate with another because you can't break a mate bond there's no such thing as rejection. So if Mino wanted to get over Grace he would have to find a chosen mate and with the way he is at the moment I don't think that's happening anytime soon. He probably doesn't even want a mate anymore like me but the kid needs one.

He's probably going to kill himself without one by drinking himself to death or during one of his blackouts and I like the kid. We arrived in front of the dinner not even two minuted later since this was a little town and we parked our bikes before walking in. I saw Grandma A sitting at the booth near the door with the beautiful girl from earlier and I was walked towards them when Cora said something that stopped me.

" I'm fine Grandma A it's no big deal ".

Those words caused me frown how could almost getting kidnapped by someone be no big deal Grandma A must have been thing thinking the same thing because she was nearly screaming as she said.

" No big deal how could you say it was no big deal when you were kidnapped by a man who has been obsessed with your mother since she was a little kid? He put you in the hospital Cora the hospital and two years later you still don't remember what happened, why were you coming to Shark Cove anyway "?

Cora hesitated for a second before she said quietly " James said I had taken some photos that I thought would look great for your dinner and I wanted to bring them to you in person and see what the dinner looked like ".

Grandma A let out a small cry and slumped down in her seat " so I'm the reason you almost got kidnapped ".

It was more of a statement than a question but Cora answered her anyway as she clasped her hands in her " it's not your fault Grandma A that man had been in my life since I was in my teen I had let him in. I had just figured out that the one's I called mom and dad really were my aunt and uncle and I-i just felt vulnrable. I let him in without really knowing him and once he revealed his true intentions I left. I was actually getting ready to leave anyway since I wanted to start being a marine life photographer right away. I got calls and texts from him but as long as I was out on my boat there was no way he could get. When I had went to visit you I didn't think there was anyway he could have followed me because I hadn't seen him in many years and I hadn't been on land for two months. Neither of us could have stopped what had happened he would have gotten me at a different place if it wasn't on my way to Shark Cove. Do not blame yourself for something you didn't even know until know because it was something you couldn't have prevented ".

Grandma A nodded wiping away the tears streaming down her face " won't he be able to find you now "?

" The necklace she has on has sent blockers in it " was the answer Grandma A got from a boy that was across from there booth.

Cora's eyes snapped to him and I could see her eyes turning dark blue in anger " what do you mean my necklace has scent blockers in it "?

Her voice was threatening causing the boy to wince before he turned it into a glare " it was for your own good Cora ".

She glared right back before grabbing the necklace and crumbling it with her hand using her shark strength to turn it to dust. The boy who had given her the necklace had turned pale but I barely noticed that because her sent hit me like a freight train. It was hard to explain what I was smelling I think it was the ocean air mixed with white roses.

How I knew the roses were white I don't fucking know but I felt my shark pushing out for control as it shouted in my head the word mate. I growled out the word before rushing to her and pulling her into my arms taking in lung fulls of her delicious sent that make me rock hard. I didn't care that not even a minute ago I was telling myself I didn't want a mate she was mine.

I felt her stiffen as she growled out " no fucking way ".

She pulled away from me and was about to say something when the boy who had given her the scent blocking necklace interupted her " don't be rude Cora he's your mate ".

She just glared at him " so what James I can't have a mate because even if I wasn't being stalked by my insane Uncle my job takes me around the world and from the looks of it this guy is the leader of the local MC. Unlike your mate I doubt he would be willing to travel with me and since mates can't stand to be apart he would make me stay here which isn't happening ".

He looked like he was about to argue but really had nothing to that so I decided to have my say and I pulled her against me making sure she felt my rock hard cock.

" You are mine ".

She glared up at me and tried to push me away but I could definitely see a light blush on her cheeks making me grin. I leaned down until my lips nearly brush against hers before I covered them with mine and slowly moved my lips against hers. She gasped allowing me to slip my tongue into her mouth and I tasted every corner groaning because of how delicious she was.

She was my new favorite desert and I wanted to run my tongue all over her body until she's screaming my name as she comes again and again. It didn't take long for her tongue to start dancing with mine and then she was wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me closer. We were inturupted by someone clearing there throat and it must have made her remember she didn't want me because she went to pull back.

I didn't care though because as she gasped for breath I started kissing down her throat with open mouth kisses trailing my tongue against her skin as I went. I started nipping in some places trying to find the place I would put my mark.

" Oh god " she whimpered as I nipped in the right place.

I trailed my tongue against her neck to sooth the burn from the little nip before I went back to nibbling in that certain spot.

A throat was clear for a second time which was starting to irritate me and then they said " as much as I am happy that you found your mate Jagged I really don't want to see my adopted son and my daughter fuck in front of me ".

I winced at my fathers bluntness before pulling away from my mate with a glared that would have put him ten feet under if looks could kill. I so wish they could to because as soon as I had stopped kissing my mate's neck she stepped away from me. I wanted to pull her back to me but before I could my father pushed past me and engulfed her in a hug.

He spun her around causing her to yelp and yell at him to put her down but she was laughing the whole time so I wasn't worried. When he finally placed her on the ground he was looking at her as if she was the most precious thing in the world. That was something I could agree with she was my one and only, I thought I was in love with Grace but the bond I had with her doesn't compare with the bond I have with Cora.

Now all I had to do was convince her to stay and I had a feeling that is going to be the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. Though I am sure the bond would help me convince her and I definitely can't wait until she lets me mark her. A mate mark is a bite and it is something shifters do to complete the bond while having sex for the first time.

The sex part wasn't wasn't my favorite part though it definitely is my second, after a shifter marks there mate and completes the bond there mate was allowed to choose the tattoo design going over it. We can't just show off out marks just in case humans come so ceremonial tattoos were placed on the mark. These tattoos were designed to never fade as long as the other half is still alive.

I watched as the others introduced themselves to her each telling her there names and how they were related to her. I watched the surprise in her eyes when Nickolas said he was her moms mate and when he told her she was now his daughter. I even learned the new kids name was Luck though he didn't hug her he still patted her on the arm.

When they were all done I was about to pull her back into my arms when my phone started ringing so I answered it.

" Hey boss were done looking through Cora's boat " the prospect told me.

Cora must have heard him because she snatched the phone and growled into it " you have better not have touched my stuff ".

She hung up before he could answer and was running out of the dinner.

" Well your friends better hope they didn't touch her stuff or she'll break at least one of there bones " the boy from earlier said.


Teck walks onto the stage " hey everyone just wanted to say that the author is to tired to do a full on authors note plus there's not much to say today anyways ".

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