Needy Nia

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#2 Hot divorcé

There is one guy I’ve had a crush on since forever. He’s kind, a true gentleman, absolutely gorgeous to the point of me starting to drool every time I see him, and until a few months ago, he was married. When Marcus told me his friend Jagger got divorced, I did a little happy dance in my mind. I know Marcus would kill me if I got with one of his friends, but Jagger is worth the risk. Men like him are rare. He never treats me like Marcus’ little sister, always takes time to talk to me when we see each other, and he used to get his hair cut at the hair salon where I work, always asking especially for me, which means I know how soft his hair feels when you pull your fingers through it. Really fucking good, let me tell you.

Jagger doesn’t normally go out, so when I spot him in the club, my heart skips a beat. He looks a little worn, just like he did when I ran into him in the grocery store a few months ago, and I bet it’s because of that cunt of an ex-wife of his. She’s an alcoholic, in and out of rehab all the time, and he took care of her until it destroyed him. He’s a live-in nanny now, which is a little weird, but who am I to judge? I live at home and barely make enough money to pay for my car insurance and my drinks at the club.

Instead of heading straight for Jagger, I greet my brother first, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He completely ruins my carefully styled curls by ruffling them like the asshole he is, and I scowl at him, putting both hands in his wild hair, but it’s not like I can mess his haircut up even more than it already is. He never allows me to fix his unruly hair, and that’s a shame. He’s got pretty hair, just a little all over the place.

Jagger is already looking at me when I step away from my brother, and I shoot him what I hope is a seductive smile. Next to him is a guy who looks Chinese, I think, I’m not sure what part of Asia his almond eyes and smooth light brown skin are from. He’s slightly overweight, wearing an ugly shirt with a logo from a game on it, and he’s looking at me like he wants to lick every single part of my body. Ew.

When he offers me his hand, I take it just to be polite. He pulls me in his direction, smirking at me like he thinks I will fall for his charms. He’s not at all the type of guy I ever go for. He’s a nerd. I don’t care what a guy looks like, what color his skin is, and he doesn’t need to look like an underwear model or anything, but I don’t like his shirt, or the way he looks at me, or anything about him, really.

“Hey baby,” he says, winking at me.

Ew ew ew.

Marcus shoves his friend away from me, luckily. “Dude! That’s my sister!” While he tells off the creepy dude, I turn to Jagger.

“Hi Nia,” he says, grinning at me.

It’s a good thing I’m wearing a push-up bra that makes it seem like I’ve got actual cleavage, and I know my curves look better than they are in this tiny little red dress. I catch his gaze lingering on my neckline for a moment, but he catches himself before it turns into staring, and he gives me one of those real smiles, that’s just for me, not because he feels the need to be polite, but because he actually wants to smile at me.

God, he’s gorgeous.

I pull him in for a hug like I do every time we run into each other, but this time I make sure to hold onto him just a little longer than I normally would, pressing my breasts against him, hoping tonight will be the night I finally get to hook up with him. I bet he could make me come like no other man ever has.

Jagger breaks away from me after a while, and he squeezes my hip before letting go completely, giving me another panty-dropping smile. I vow to myself to make a move on him today. I’ve wanted to so many times over the years, but back when I was 16, he was already 20, so I knew he would think I was too young. And then he and Celeste got married, and even though I know for a fact she cheated on him, Jagger isn’t like that, so I didn’t stand a chance. Now he’s single. Divorced. Going clubbing. Tonight, he’s mine.

To make sure I don’t blurt out something stupid like “fuck me now, you beautiful man”, I turn to my brother. “Bee is here with some friends,” I tell him, gesturing to where I saw his ex-girlfriend dancing earlier tonight.

“No boyfriend?” he asks, grabbing my arm and looking at me with a desperate expression in his dark eyes. I feel for him. He should let her go, but he’s so in love with her can’t seem to wrap his mind around what a horrible girl she is. He deserves better.

“No boyfriend,” I assure him. It’s ridiculous that Bee dates a million other guys when she breaks up with Marcus, while he mopes around until she takes him back. “Go get your girl, man,” I tell him, knowing he will end up with her no matter what my opinion on the matter is.

“Dude, cut that cunt loose!” the creepy friend yells after him, and I have to say that comment earns him some points in my book.

“Your hair looks hot!” Jagger shouts, laughing at Marcus who is trying to manage his unruly hair, failing spectacularly.

“Fuck off!” Marcus yells over his shoulder. “Just wish me luck, will you?”

“Good luck!” I shout dutifully. “You’ll need it,” I mutter right after, which makes Jagger laugh.

Fuck, that smile. I’ve wanted to get with this guy since I was 16. It’s six years later, and finally I’m getting my chance. “Dance with me?” I ask, offering him my hand and doing a flirty hair toss that hopefully looks sexy.

The creepy nerd tries to take my hand, but I don’t even deign that ballsy move with a response. I grab Jagger’s hand and tug him with me to the dancefloor. His friend follows us to where Holly and Ayaan are dancing with two hot guys, while Aimee is so far gone already that she’s dancing on her own like she wants to make love to herself and doesn’t need a man. Good for her.

Jagger isn’t the best dancer in the world, but he’s pretty decent. His hands stay on my hips, not straying anywhere they shouldn’t, even though I wish they would. I know that while I don’t have many great qualities, dancing is one of the few talents I do possess, so I pull out all the stops. Judging by the way Jagger lets his eyes roam over me every few seconds, it’s working. Maybe tonight really is the night.

The guys Ayaan and Holly were working on take off to meet some friends, not inviting them along, so they join me and Jagger.

“Fuck you for telling Marcus Bee is here,” Ayaan tells me, shouting in my ear. “You knew I wanted to hop on the Davis train.”

“I’m a Davis, hop on my train,” I tease my friend.

She rolls her eyes. “I’m horny and drunk, but not so much that I’d do you, bitch. I guess you’ll just have to share Jagger.”

Holly is already grinding against Jagger from behind, and Ayaan plasters herself to his front. Fuck. That was my spot. He doesn’t seem to care who he’s dancing with, his hips moving in sync with theirs. I know if I tell them to fuck off, they will, but then Jagger will know I’m into him, and I don’t think chasing off other girls will make him fall madly in love with him. I’ll just have to wait for a while and try to seduce him later.

“I’m free to dance with you, babe.”

I turn to see who’s talking right into my ear and smile politely at the nerdy guy from earlier. Oh goody, he’s still here.

“Khiêm,” he introduces himself. “You’re Nia.”

“Yes,” I confirm, starting to move again because I feel silly standing here like a statue in the middle of a mass of writing bodies. I make sure to keep my distance from Khiêm, though.

“You’re hot,” he says, his eyes moving over me appreciatively. “Too bad you’re Marcus’ sister.”

I laugh and shake my head at him, moving my mouth closer to his ear. “You wouldn’t have a shot with me no matter whose sister I am.”

“Oh, I think I would,” he says, way cockier than I expected him to be. He doesn’t look like he’d be arrogant. He looks like he should be at home with a gaming console in his hands. Or watching some kind of fantasy elf porn or something, jerking off into a dirty sock.

Marcus and Bee join us then, handing me and Khiêm shots. I down mine immediately and grab another one. I could use some liquid courage to make a move on Jagger later. I dance with Khiêm for a while, since I’m not interested in anyone but Jagger anyway. Khiêm is a horrible dancer, but he has a lot of fun jumping around and making up all sorts of weird dances. I like that, so I join in, which he finds hilarious. When he tries to pull me against him, I break away, not up for that even though he’s not as bad as I first thought.

It’s time to get back to the only guy I’m truly interested in. I pull Jagger away from Holly and Ayaan, and he puts his arms around me, looking a little relieved.

“Holly and Ayaan are pretty aggressive,” I say in response to his deep sigh when they move away from us. “Oh look,” I go on, wanting to distract him so I can move closer without making a big deal out of it. “Marcus and Bee made up.”

He turns to see the reunited couple kissing intimately. I press myself up against him, moving against him on the beat, and when he turns back to me, I sneak my hands around his neck to pull him closer.

He doesn’t pull back, which is a good sign. Very good indeed.

“You look good.” I brush my lips over his cheek and press myself against him even more, feeling the bulge in his pants. He’s not erect as far as I can tell, but he sure feels big. I can’t wait to have him inside of me. It’s been six years since I had my first sex dream about him. This is long overdue. “I was sorry to hear about the divorce, by the way.”

“Thanks,” he says, looking a little unsure.

“You look sad.” I tilt my head up so his lips are closer to mine than ever before. Okay, here we go. All or nothing. “Let me make you feel better, Jagger.”

Without warning, he pulls away from me completely, breaking all contact. “Nah, I’m good.”

Fuck. I must have read the signs wrong then. I mean… come on! He danced with me, didn’t pull back when I was obviously trying to get him to kiss me, he didn’t seem to mind me grinding on him all damn night. And now he’s good?

“Suit yourself,” I bite out, trying to not let on how awful I feel. This always happens. Guys never like me for more than a quick fuck, and Jagger doesn’t even want me for that, even though I’d rather have him for one night only than not at all. I know I’m not the prettiest girl here, or the sexiest, or the most successful. Hell, I’m not even the nicest. Still, he didn’t have to dance with me, did he?

I take off when he doesn’t say anything else, and put my arms around Holly and Ayaan, dragging them with me to the bar for more shots.

“No luck?” Ayaan asks knowingly.

“Guess I’ll have to find some other guy to keep me company tonight,” I say, pretending I’m not hurt. Why doesn’t anyone ever want me?

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