Needy Nia

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#3 Such a good girl

The guy I end up going home with is nothing like Jagger, which is exactly why I picked him, of course. He’s hot enough to turn me on at least, but that’s all he does. He gets me going, but he doesn’t seem able to finish the job.

“Come for me, baby,” Xavier grunts into my ear, pumping two fingers in and out of my pussy in a hurried pace. He’s getting impatient. I can’t even blame him, it’s taking extremely long tonight, but come on am I supposed to come from what he’s doing? Fingerfucking me like this does nothing for me. Less than nothing, actually. It even hurts a little.

“Careful,” I hiss out when his moves become even rougher. “Be gentle.”

“Gentle,” he repeats, pulling out his fingers and giving me a kiss. “Okay, fine, gentle it is.”

We kiss for a moment, and he’s a fairly decent kisser, thank God. His scorching hot kiss in the club was the main reason I said yes when he asked if he could take me home. That and the fact that I want to prove to myself that someone does want me. Jagger doesn’t, and a million other guys don’t, and Xavier is probably only in it for the sex, but at least he wants to fuck me tonight. It’s something.

Xavier kisses his way down my body until he’s between my legs, and I shiver in anticipation when his hot breath fans over my slick folds. He grunts against me and then starts licking me. I love oral, it’s one of the things that I can actually get off from, but he’s still being so fucking impatient, flicking his tongue over me way too fast. And then he slips in two fingers again and fingerfucks me like I’m supposed to fall apart from it.

Ugh. Men.

“Gentle,” I remind him.

“Can’t I just fuck you?” he asks, looking up at me with eager eyes.

“Fine,” I sigh, opening my legs further while he grabs a condom and rolls it on. He’s not going to get me off anyway. Might as well get this over with and go home. When he pushes into me, I moan. Damn, okay, that feels good. Maybe this night will end on a high note after all.

“Coming,” he grunts after only a few thrusts, and then he shudders, relieves himself into the condom and rolls off me with a grunt.

That’s it. That’s all I get.

“Thanks,” Xavier says, throwing the condom in the trash. “You wanna crash here or should I order you an uber?”

I don’t want to show up at my parents’ house in the middle of the night, so I guess I’m staying. After a quick trip to the bathroom, I huddle under the covers with Xavier, who spoons me and kisses my neck. It’s kind of nice, actually. He may not be a god in bed, but his huge muscular body fits around my small slim one perfectly, and it’s nice to fall asleep in someone’s arms for once.


The next morning, I wake up with Xavier’s morning wood pressed against my ass, and I wiggle against him, making him grunt. His arm is still around my body, and he runs his hand over my breasts before sliding it down between my legs, slowly rubbing my clit. His moves are soft and sleepy, which is perfect for me. I love the sloppy, light touches, and I open my legs for him, eager for more.

“So wet,” Xavier grunts. “Want to be inside of you.”

“Not until you make me come,” I say, bolder than I feel.

“Oh, I will,” he vows, kissing my neck while he keeps pleasuring me. “What’s your name again?”

What. The. Fuck? He forgot my name?

Then again, what did I expect? I went home with him fifteen minutes after meeting him. We hardly talked at all. At least he’s asking me for my name instead of just calling me baby for the rest of the morning like most guys would have done.


“You’re a very good girl, Nia,” Xavier whispers into my ear, circling my clit so slowly it’s turture. “You’re going to let me fuck you again, aren’t you, Nia?”

“Yes,” I moan, finally getting closer to the edge. The pressure is perfect, and I like it when men talk to me during sex. It doesn’t even really matter what they say. It’s something about the lust in their voice that turns me on, I think.

He pulls up my leg, and rubs the tip of his cock against my clit, making me moan. “I’m going to fuck you like this, Nia,” he growls. “You’re so wet for me. Such a good girl for me. So willing. So fucking tight. You felt so good last night.”

I just moan, leaning back against him. His moves are still slow and sloppy, and this is precisely why I love morning sex. Men tend to be gentler in the morning when they’re sleepy, I think. Less inclined to push right in and have their wicked way with me without even making me come.

“I’m going to make you come, Nia,” Xavier promises, playing with my nipple while he keeps up a perfect pace between my legs. “I love your tits, and your beautiful curls, and of course your tight little pussy that is going to invite me in soon. You want me inside of you, don’t you, Nia?”

“Yes,” I breathe, so close to the edge I can feel the start of my orgasm. “Almost there.”

“Come for me, Nia,” he orders, kissing my neck softly. “I want to feel you fall apart in my arms. And then I’m going to slide right into that wet cunt and fill you up so good, baby. Come for me, let me feel how much I turn you on, Nia.”

I let out a strangled cry as I come, trembling so hard it’s like there’s an earthquake in his room. Xavier pulls away for a second to put on a condom, and then he’s back, entering me from behind while he spoons me. I’m still riding the last waves of my peak, which makes him feel pretty fucking good inside of me. He takes his time, not taking me hard and fast like last night. His trusts are deep and possessive, and when he starts circling my clit with his fingertips, I fall apart again, my pussy milking him, forcing him to join me.

“Oh, good girl,” he growls. “Such a good girl.”

“Hmm,” I murmur, rolling onto my back while he gets up and moves into the bathroom. His bed is very comfortable, and I doze off again.

“I hate to do this, but I’ve got to get to work,” Xavier says when he gets back, waking me up with a kiss. He’s freshly showered and dressed in a crips blue suit. Fuck, he’s pretty hot.

“I’ll get out of here,” I promise, sitting up and looking around for my clothes.

He hands me my panties and bra with a wink. “This was fun. I’d love to do this again sometime.”

“Sure,” I say. “Why not?”

He smirks. “Exactly. Why not? Give me your number, Nia.”

I cite the number for him while I pull my dress on, and my phone beeps in my purse when he texts me so I’ve got his number as well. He orders me an uber and pays for it online despite my protests. He kisses me while we wait, his tongue exploring my mouth hungrily, even though I didn’t have a chance to brush my teeth or anything. He tastes fresh and minty, and after a minute, he picks me up, sets me down on the kitchen counter and slips his hand under my dress, pushes my panties aside and slips in a finger, grunting when he finds me wet.

I expect him to try and get me off again with his fingers, but instead he unbuttons his pants, helps me shimmy out of my underwear and bunches up my dress so he can enter me again. At this point, it’s all fine with me. We already fucked twice, what’s one more time, right?

“Fuck, this is a nice way to start off a long day at work,” he says, his hands on my ass to hold me firmly in place. “You’re such a good girl for me, Nia.”

Maybe him calling me a good girl all the time should be a turnoff, but it’s not. I’m such a huge disappointed to myself and my parents all the fucking time. At least this is something I’m good at. Not that having sex is hard, I guess, but still. Xavier calling me a good girl makes me happier than it should.

Fuck, I’m so messed-up.

He comes with a feral grunt, and when he’s done, he pulls out and we both look down in surprise when his cum leaks out of me.

“Ah fuck, the condom,” he grunts. “You on something?”

“Yeah, IUD,” I reply while I clean up and pull my panties back on. “We should get tested, though.”

“I got tested last week,” he says, wiping off and pulling his pants back up. “You clean?”

I shrug. “Last test was a few months ago. I always use condoms, though, but you never know. I’ll get tested and let you know.”

“Thanks.” He glances at his phone. “Ah, your uber is here.”

He walks me to the front door and gives me one last kiss. He squeezes my ass and grunts into my ear one last time before letting me go.

The uber driver gives me a knowing look when I get into the passenger seat. I hate driving in the back when it’s just me and the driver. Feels so awkward. I always ask if I can ride shotgun instead.

“Fun night?” he asks.

“Some much fun that you’re going to need to drop me off at the free clinic,” I tell him, slumping down and sighing. I know they opened half an hour ago, so I should be able to get tested this morning and get the results next week, just like all the other times I had to get tested for STDs. This is my… fifteenth time, I think? Normally, I fuck up the night itself, while I’m drunk, not in the morning once I’m sober.

“Damn,” the uber driver says with a grin. “Classic walk of shame.”

I shrug and scroll through the messages on my phone. A few from Marcus, asking if I got home okay because Mom apparently called him when she didn’t find me in my own bed this morning. Seriously? I’m 22, not 16. I laugh when I read the text Xavier sent me when he asked for my number in his bedroom

I’m about to call you an uber and try to see if I can get you to fuck me in the kitchen while we wait. In case you said no, sorry for being a horny asshole. In case you said yes, thanks for an amazing morning. Wanna meet up at 10 pm tonight? Text me your address.

Maybe I should play hard to get, but I’m not and he already knows that. Besides, for the first time in a long time, a guy actually wants to see me again. I’m not saying no to that. No way.

You’re welcome. How about 7 instead? Don’t you think I at least deserve dinner before you fuck me again?

Deal. Still waiting for that address.

I learned the hard way that guys don’t like picking a girl up at her parents’ house when they assume she’s old and mature enough to have her own place.

I already know where you live. I’ll just meet you there.

Fine, but that means we’re staying in, and if I cook, you might end up with food poisoning.

Order pizza, I text, shaking my head with a smile. I’m not that difficult.

Oh I know, he shoots back with a winky face.

Did you just call me easy, you asshole?

I wouldn’t dare. See you tonight, Nia.

We pull up at the free clinic and I thank the driver, walking in for my STD test while still wearing my hooker heels and the slutty dress from last night. Sadly, I’m not the only one in there looking like that. Sometimes I feel like my generation is doing something wrong. Where is the romance? The love? The wooing? It’s all just clubbing, fucking, and STD tests. Morning-after pills, getting condoms from vending machines, blowing someone in an alley…

With a sigh, I tell the nurse why I’m here and sit down to wait until it’s my turn. Let’s just hope Xavier didn’t give me anything. My life is enough of a mess without adding chlamydia to the long list of things that are fucked-up about me.

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