Needy Nia

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#35 My sweet girl

He makes a soft grunting noise and takes off his sock, pants and shirt, slipping into bed in his boxershorts. “Fuck, I’m so lucky.”

“Yes, you are,” I tease, kissing him eagerly. I’m already moving my hand down his chest, stroking his rapidly hardening cock through the thin fabric, but he grabs my wrist and gently pulls me away.

“Not so fast,” he breathes, looking into my eyes. “It’s been eight months, so I’m going to have to pace myself if we don’t want this to be over in five seconds. Plus… I mean... it’s you.”

“Can I at least get you naked?” I ask, tugging at the elastic band.

“Only if I can undress you too.” He unsnaps my bra and pulls the straps over my arms, his eyes widening when he sees my breasts for the first time. “Holy… hell…” he breathes. “You’re so beautiful.”

I get distracted from getting him naked when he starts caressing my breasts with soft, gentle touches, looking at me the whole time. Fuck, that feels good. He grunts when I start to moan, his fingers deftly rubbing my nipples, causing me to moan even louder. He scoots down a little so his face is between my breasts and he kisses my collar bone, then the tops of my breasts, all around my areola, until finally his tongue softly flicks over my nipple.

“Good?” he asks, looking up into my flushed face.

“Yeah,” I manage to choke out.

He does it again, paying close attention to my reaction. “So pretty,” he breathes before moving on to my other breast, giving it the same treatment. One of his hands joins his mouth, caressing my breast while he keeps licking and sucking on my nipple, while the other slowly moves down the side of my body until he’s at my thong, tugging it gently down.

When I lift my hips, he sits up to pull the flimsy fabric off my body, gazing down at my now completely naked body in awe. I’ve never felt more beautiful or desired than I do in this moment, with his eyes drinking in every part of me. He gently pulls apart my knees so my legs fall open, and he inhales sharply when he sees my slick folds and throbbing pussy.

“Nia…” He looks back up to my face as he moves a hand up my leg, stopping when he reaches my inner thigh. “Are you sure?”

“More than sure,” I whimper, already so aroused that I can’t think straight.

“Can I taste you?” he asks, running the tips of his fingers along my folds, setting me on fire with one the lightest of touches.

“Yes,” I moan. No one has ever asked me that before.

He kneels down between my legs, but he doesn’t get straight to work. Instead, he touches every part of my body, stroking my arms, my shoulders, my chest, my breasts again – oh God, he’s driving me crazy – my stomach, my sides, down to my hips, then my legs… He caresses the sides of my legs first, before crossing over to my inner thighs, until he finally slides one single finger over my wet folds.

“Ah!” I cry out, aching my back. This is exactly what I like. Not fast and hard, but soft and gentle. I guess I should be grateful for Ayaan, Holly and Aimee spilling the beans about my preferences and issues that night they met Khiêm. It got me my first orgasm from masturbating, and now this…

“So pretty,” he whispers, finally lowering his face to my core, pressing a kiss to my clit that causes me to writhe beneath him. “If I do anything you don’t like, will you please tell me?” he asks, his hot breath fanning over me.

“Yes,” I moan.

“Good,” he murmurs. His tongue flicks out to slowly move over me, licking every single part of my slick folds multiple times, pausing from time to time to whisper how sweet I taste, how lucky he is to be allowed between my legs, how beautiful I look, how much he wants me.

I move my hands into his hair, pushing him a little harder against me. Soft and gentle is all good, but he’s driving me insane this way. I’m so on edge I feel like I’m going to faint soon.

“Patience,” he mumbles against my skin, running his tongue over my inner thigh before moving back to my slit. “I’ve been waiting for this moment since the day you moved in, lovely. Longer even. I didn’t think I’d ever get to do this. Let me enjoy it.”

“Hmm,” I protest, unable to form a sentence, or even a word.

Finally – fucking finally – he pulls my lips apart with his fingers and sucks my clit into his mouth. One thick finger slips into my pussy, rubbing me from the inside as he flicks his tongue over my swollen bud again and again.

With a soft cry, I fall apart, bucking my hips against his face. He keeps licking me until I finally go slack, spent from the most intense orgasm of my life. He murmurs something about how good that felt, and then he’s back at it, blowing softly on me before using his fingers to get me off again, so patient with me, not demanding or hard or anything like I’m used to.

My second orgasm rolls over me, and as he keeps pleasuring me through it, a third follows not long after, leaving me breathless. Finally, he seems satisfied with himself, lying down beside me and pulling me against his warm body.

“So good,” I murmur, trembling all over. “Best… ever…”

“Really?” he asks, sounding a little smug now. “Best ever?”

“Hmm,” I moan when he moves his hand down my back, over my ass, and right back between my legs. As I’m wrapped around him, lying on my side, he pulls my leg over his and starts to finger me from a different angle, his mouth capturing my soft moans as he makes me come for the fourth time.

I haven’t touched him yet, he’s still in his boxershorts, yet he doesn’t seem in a rush to fuck me at all, perfectly content with giving me the most intense pleasure ever.

“Khiêm,” I whimper as he rolls me onto my back again, kissing and fondling my breasts. I feel like I can’t even move at this point, my whole body turned into putty.

“Yes, lovely?” he replies, smiling against my skin.

“You promised you’d get naked too,” I complain, tugging at the waistband of his shorts.

“Well, if I promised…” He sits up to undress, and then he’s back against me, rolling me over so I’m on my side while he pushes up against me from behind. One hand softly plays with my nipple while the other moves between my legs, two fingers moving in and out of me so slowly and carefully that I can’t stop myself from moving against him, forcing him to go a little faster and deeper.

“Hmm, it should be your turn,” I murmur, feeling a little bad for making him spend so much time on me instead of going after his own pleasure.

“Touching you is exactly what I want,” he assures me, kissing my neck. “I want to make you come at least one more time, my sweet, sweet girl.”

Not good girl. Sweet girl.

Tears well up in my eyes, but they are soon forgotten as Khiêm starts rubbing my clit while kissing my neck. Soon enough, I’m coming again, and this time I roll over right after so I can wrap my hand around his rock-hard cock, stroking it until he’s grunting and panting.

“Oh, Nia,” he growls, his arm coming around me as I settle with my face on his chest, looking down while I keep touching him, eager to find out what he likes.

“Tell me if I need to do something different,” I tell him. “I want to know what you like.”

“This,” he grunts. “You. I’m not hard to please.”

I chuckle softly. “You feel pretty hard to me, Khiêm.”

He laughs as well, but the sound turns into a moan when I add my other hand to play with his balls. Judging by his almost pained expression of pleasure, he likes that. A lot. I sit up a little to press a my lips to his before slowly kissing my way down his body. When I press featherlight kisses to his stomach, I can feel him watching me almost nervously. I guess I’m not the only one scared that my body may disappoint.

“Tonight is perfect,” I say as I look up into his eyes. “You’re perfect.”

I’m not as vocal as he is, nor as good with words, especially not when I’m trembling from five orgasms that rocked my entire body, but I can tell he knows what I’m trying to tell him. His hands knot into my hair when I flick my tongue over the head of his cock, tasting the precum that’s leaking out. I moan a little at that first taste – salty, but not unpleasant – and then he suddenly grabs the back of my head and bucks up his hips, filling my mouth completely.

“Sorry,” he grunts, his tight grip easing up a little. “Ah fuck, sorry, I got carried away.”

I let him slip out of my mouth so I can meet his gaze. “Get carried away all you want. Just because I like things gentle doesn’t mean you have to.”

“Are you sure?” he asks, sounding a little unsure. “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to.”

“Oh, I want to,” I assure him, flicking my tongue over his shaft before taking him inside of me again. I start moving, picking up the pace with each time I bob my head, and after a while he grabs my head again, holding me in place as he shifts into a much faster rhythm with his hips, grunting as he fucks my mouth. Hard.

It’s hot as fuck to feel him lose control like this, showing me what he likes. I take him deeper than I thought I’d be able to, fondling his balls while he keeps moving.

“Ah fuck, fuck, fuck,” he cries out when I suck on his cock hard and long while he keeps up the pace. “No, no, no…” He pushes me away, breathing hard. “Don’t… wanna… come… yet…”

“But it’s so good,” I tease, pressing a kiss to the tip of his cock, enjoying how he writhes and pants from just that simple touch.

“I want to come inside of you,” he growls, pulling me on top of him. “What position do you like?”

“I prefer to be on the bottom,” I reply, feeling a little shy now.

“Why?” Khiêm asks, pushing me up a bit so I’m sitting on top of him, straddling him. His erection is pressing firmly against my wetness, making me moan.

“My breasts… they don’t… bounce,” I explain, feeling a little silly admitting this.

“So?” he asks, a surprised look crossing his face. “Do you mind that my belly moves while you grind against me like this?”

I look down at his naked torso while I keep rubbing myself over his cock. “No, of course not.”

“Then why would I care if your tits bounce?” he asks, grabbing my ass to help me move a little quicker. “You look so fucking sexy like this.”

For the first time, I truly feel sexy while I’m on top. He’s looking at me like he wants to devour me whole. I shift up a little, grabbing his cock to line him up with my center.

“Condom,” he groans, firmly holding onto my hips to stop me.

“I’m clean,” I assure him. “Are you?”

“Yes,” he says right away, his eyes widening. “Are you sure?”

“I don’t want anything between us,” I whisper, needing to be as close to him as possible.

“IUD, right?” he asks, just to make sure we’re not missing anything.

I nod. “We’re good.”

“Yeah we are,” he groans, loosing his hold on me so I can finally sink down on him.

Holy. Fuck.

We both moan when he’s completely inside of me, filling me up entirely. I know it’s sappy and stupid, but it feels like he was made for me.

“Okay?” he asks, searching my face.

“More than okay,” I moan as I start moving. His hands on my hips help guide me up and down, but he allows me to set the pace. When I’ve found the perfect angle and rhythm, he moves one hand between us to rub my clit. His eyes never leave mine as he watches me come undone, clenching around him so hard that I can tell it’s taking everything he has not to come just yet.

“So… good…” I moan, collapsing on top of him. “Your… turn…”

He chuckles and kissing my neck. “Trust me, I’m more than ready for my turn. That was six for you, none for me, in case anyone is keeping score.”

I giggle. “Guess I win then.”

“I’m inside of you. I think we both win, lovely,” he murmurs.

“How do you want to come?” I ask, pressing a kiss to his lips. “What’s your favorite position?”

“Doggy style,” he admits, pulling out and flipping me onto my back. “But tonight, I want to look into your eyes when I come.” He draws my legs up around him and enters me again. This time, he’s not as gentle. Not at all. He pounds me hard and fast. I’m so wet and ready for him that it’s perfect. I rake my nails down his back and sinks them into his ass, forcing him deeper inside of me. His eyes never leave mine, making sure I’m okay. When he comes, the most beautiful look of wonder crosses over his features.

I did that.

I remember what he said on his podcast about sex being better when both parties participate, and I couldn’t agree more. I thought I was good at sex, that it was a way to please and hopefully keep a guy, but I think that I’ve mostly been passive these past years, allowing guys to do whatever they wanted, without wondering I wanted or what I could actively do to please them.

With Khiêm, it’s all so natural that I don’t even have to think about what to do. When he rolls off me, I immediately, snuggle against him, not caring that we’re making a mess. He’s breathing hard, his eyes closed, holding me tightly against him.

“That was amazing,” he whispers in awe. “You’re amazing.”

“No, we’re amazing.”

He smiles and opens his eyes to look at me. “Yes, we are.”

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