Needy Nia

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#40 So fucking perfect

“Oh my God,” he breathes. “You… you love me?”

“Of course I do,” I say, feeling a little shy because of the way he’s looking at me. “You’re incredible, and so sweet, and you… complete me, as sappy as that sounds. I totally overreacted tonight, and I was way out of line, yet you didn’t shout at me or tell me I was stupid or anything like that. You just… let me be angry. That’s like…” I shake my head in wonder. I still can’t believe he reacted so calmly when I got upset for no good reason.

“You love me,” he repeats, a smile lighting up his entire face now. “And you painted it on my wall. No – on our wall.”

Khiêm only had some black, grey, and white paint in the storage unit in the basement of the building, so there is now a light grey heart on the wall, with “I love you” in black letters across it. It’s quick-dry paint, so I got pretty fucking lucky with that. I think it looks exceptional for a project I only took up an hour ago. It’s sweet, but it’s also quite understated. No flashing red, and not taking up the entire wall or anything.

“Erm…” Okay, this is taking too long. “You don’t have to say it back if you don’t feel it, but could you at least say something?”

“Right!” he realizes, grinning. “Obviously I love you too, Nia. How could I not?” He gestures around the room. “Look at all this… A simple sorry would have sufficed, you know. I’m not a vindictive guy.” He looks at the heart behind me again. “I can’t believe you said it first. No one has ever told me they loved me without me saying it first.”

“No one has ever said it to me at all,” I say, but I don’t feel sorry for myself right now. It led me all to him, so I’m pretty fucking happy. “In fact… you’re the first person I’ve ever loved.”

“Oh Nia…” He rushes over to finally take me in his arms and kiss me, lowering us onto the bed carefully. “I love you so much.”

Our kisses start out soft and tender, but since I’m already in skimpy lingerie, Khiêm gets me naked pretty damn soon, and I tug off his clothes as well. As our moves become more and more frantic, I decide to hit pause, even though I want him inside of me more than anything. We still need to talk.

“Hmm… what?” he murmurs when I pull away from him right when his hand moves between my legs, rubbing my clit. My mind goes blank in an instant.

Screw talking. We can do that after.

“Nothing,” I moan, wrapping my hand around his shaft.

He pulls my hand way and pushes me onto my back so he can caress every inch of my skin without being distracted by my hands on him. I groan and reach for him, but he chuckles and presses a kiss to my lips. “Why are you always so resistant when I try to take care of you first?”

“Because I want to touch you too,” I complain with a moan as his hands move over my breasts.

“Okay,” he agrees with a chuckle, lying down on his back beside me, no longer touching me. “Have at it.”

“Have at it?” I repeat, sitting up so I can glare down at him. “Seriously? Wow, Khiêm, you’re getting me all hot and bothered with your dirty talk.”

“You wanted to touch me,” he teases, not moving a single muscle. “So touch me.”

I’d love to banter so more, but he’s right about me wanting to put my hands all over his body, so I stop complaining and move so I’m straddling his thighs, his erection poking up a few inches north of where my wet pussy grinds against his upper legs. I grab the massage oil from the nightstand and drip some of it onto his upper body, rubbing my hands with it before starting to coat him with the slippery substance. He looks up at me with so much tenderness in his eyes that I can hardly take it.

“You’re so beautiful,” he mumbles as he takes in the way I move on top of him, massaging his shoulders, arms and chest.

I take my sweet time, lulling him into a state of complete relaxation before I lower my body onto his, rubbing my breasts against his chest. His arms come around me, but I sit up and grabs his wrists. “No no, you said it was my turn to touch you, not the other way around.”

“That was forty-five minutes ago,” he grumbles. “You’re torturing me.”

“No, I’m massaging you.” I rub my hands over his chest again, down his stomach, until I reach his cock that’s jumping to full attention the second I touch him. He groans in approval as I run my slick hands up and down his shaft, all the while looking into his eyes.

“Torture,” he grunts out as I slow down my pace so much that he’s bucking up his hips for more friction. When he can no longer take it, he puts his hand over mine and moves up and down frantically, basically jerking himself off with a little help from my hands.

“I wanna watch you come,” I whisper, gazing down at him.

“Fuuuuck,” he bites out, already on edge. “Like this?”

“Yes,” I murmur. “Like this.”

“We’ll make a mess,” he protests, but he doesn’t slow down. Not in the least.

“Not necessarily…” Right when he’s getting so close his face contorts into a look of almost painful pleasure, I lean down over him and wrap my lips around the tip of his cock. He comes almost instantly, filling me up with his salty cum, his grunts frantic and deep.

“Hmm,” I moan when I sit back up, licking my lips. “See? No mess at all.”

He looks up at me through hooded eyes. “You’re… fuck, you’re everything.”

“I love you,” I whisper, still getting used to saying those words. They feel right, but damn it’s weird to know I’m in a committed relationship with a guy this great. What did I do to deserve someone as perfect as him?

“I love you too.” He rolls us over so I’m now on my back, his kisses hot and wet against my throat. By the time he’s kissed his way all the way down to my body, I’m already desperate for him. He parts my legs with his strong hands, softly blowing on my wet folds so I writhe beneath him.

“So pretty,” he murmurs right before slowly running his tongue over my clit.

His touch is slow, gentle and perfect. Over the past few weeks, he’s learned exactly how to play my body like an instrument, knowing just when to stop and when to keep going to drive me so mad that my orgasms last for what feels like an immeasurable amount of time. This time if no different. With nothing but his tongue, he works me into a frenzy, slowing down each time I get close to the edge so it takes a long time before I finally cry out with my release.

I’m still trembling when he covers my body with his, and I’m surprised to feel his erection poking between my thighs. Khiêm can keep going for a very long time and he’s extremely patient, but he usually only comes once each time we make love, needing a few hours to recuperate. This time, he’s hard a rock, ready to go again, sliding into me the second I wrap my legs around his waist.

“I was scared I was going to lose you,” he murmurs against my neck, his moves slow and deliberate. “You were so angry at me earlier.”

“I was hurt,” I correct him between moans. “I wanted to prove myself to you so badly.”

“Lovely, I already think you’re the most amazing woman ever,” he whispers, gazing into my eyes. “There is nothing left to prove. Not to me. And I’d never do something to hurt you. Not on purpose, at least.”

“I know,” I reply, taking his face in my hands as I kiss him softly. “I’m sorry I ever doubted you.”

We keep kissing as he picks up the pace, taking me hard and fast now. Just when I think he’s going to come, he pulls me up so I’m straddling him as we both sit up in the middle of the bed, and he lets me ride him while he rubs my clit until I’m coming with a barely audible moan, barely able to hold myself up. Instead of following behind me as my pussy contracts around him, he shifts so we’re lying back down with me on top. My body has long since melted into a puddle, so it’s all him guiding me up and down his cock, his grip firm and possessive.

He warns me right before he comes, and I nuzzle against his neck the way he likes when he’s close, running my tongue over his earlobe before softly nibbling on it. With a grunt, he forces me down on him one last time, shuddering with his release.

“Perfect,” he groans, his arms wrapping around me. “I think our first fight was a huge success.”

I giggle softly and keep kissing his neck while he squeezes my body tightly against his. “I think we’re just really good at making up.”

“No,” he argues, rolling me off him so he slips out, but keeping my body close to his the whole time. His fingers move up and down my back as he gazes into my eyes. “You’re really sweet even when you’re mad at me, you know that?”

“I was anything but sweet,” I counter, shivering a little now that we’re no longer in the heat of the moment.

Khiêm immediately covers me with a blanket and pulls me closer against him, rubbing me until I’m all warmed up. “You told me in the middle of screaming and crying that you were more hurt than angry, and even explained why you felt that way,” he says, sounding amazed. “Literally no one has ever done that before, not with me. And then after, when I took off to be there for Marcus, you took over for me with streaming, even though you must have still been pretty angry with me.”

I shrug and press a kiss to his lips. “A little, but I always knew we were going to make up, even if you’d done what I thought you did. Which you didn’t, which is why I’m the one groveling tonight.”

“You’re very good at groveling,” he grunts, squeezing my ass. “Seriously though, Nia, you don’t seem to realize how special it is that even when we’re in the middle of a fight, you put me first. You didn’t run into my studio shouting and crying because you knew I was recording an audiobook and would have to delete my files if you stormed in, you kept it together in front of your brother, you even assured me we’d talk later, and even though you got all heated in the middle of the argument, you never told me I was worthless, or awful, or ugly, or anything like that.”

“Has anyone ever called you those things?” I ask, pulling back a little to look at his expression. “Oh Khiêm…” I breathe when I see the hurt in his eyes. “Your ex?”

He nods. “Our break-up was… pretty brutal. Took me a while to get back to feeling like myself. When we fought, she would…” He trails off and closes his eyes. “I’m past all that, I like who I am, I know my worth, and you’re nothing like her, but when you started yelling, it reminded me of her for a moment, until I realized you weren’t saying any of the things she used to say.”

“Give me a name and an address and I will kick her ass for you,” I vow, only half-kidding. “You saw what I did to Randy. Trust me, I can take the bitch.”

He grins, the mood lifted. “I know, lovely, but I’d much rather stay in bed with you than visit my horrible ex-girlfriend. She’s one of the reasons I don’t like Bee for Marcus, you know. The way Marcus feels every time she walks out on him… I felt like that for months when thing got bad between me and my ex. It’s not good for your self-esteem, your happiness, your sense of self-worth… But you know all about that, of course.”

I shrug. “This is my first real relationship, but I do know a thing or two about being treated like shit. I think it was party my own fault though. You get treated the way you allow people to treat you.”

“Yeah… sometimes,” Khiêm agrees. “Allowing things to happen can make a situation worse. Harder. More gut-wrenching. But some people are going to treat you like shit no matter what you do or don’t allow them to do. All you can do is walk away when you realize it’s never going to get better.” He sighs. “Enough sad shit, though. I’ve got you now, and you’ve got me, and I think it’s safe to say this relationship has been going pretty well so far.”

“Pretty well?” I tease, ticking his side, causing him to laugh hoarsely. God, I love that sound. “I think we’re pretty close to perfect, Khiêm.”

“Not close,” he murmurs. “We’re it. Perfect. So fucking perfect.”

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