Needy Nia

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#45 Paper thin walls

I’ve only been in my hotel room five minutes when there’s a knock on the door. I’m not sharing with anyone since Jagger and Khiêm are sharing a room on my left, and Marcus and Bee are on my right, but I’ve got a pretty good idea of who it might be.

Khiêm rushes in, shuts the door and grabs me so he can kiss me. “I told Jagger I was going to see if they had extra big towels at the reception desk,” he growls. “The walls are paper thin here. I could hear you walking around and the mere idea of you being this close had me growing hard.”

“We sleep together every single night,” I remind him. “We last had sex only one night ago.” I don’t object when he pushes me down on the bed, pulling up my shirt and bra so he can flick his tongue over my nipple.

“You look so fucking sexy in your huge sweatshirt and leggings,” he whispers against my skin.

“It’s just my travel outfit,” I breathe, trying to keep from moaning as his hand slips into my pants.

“I don’t know it it’s because we shouldn’t be doing this, or just because you look like a snack, but I need you,” Khiêm grunts, peeling off my clothes. “Now.”

“Yes,” I breathe, yanking down his pants. I’ve been on edge since he told me he wanted to fuck me on the plane, and that cab ride was hours ago. Half a day ago, even. Sure, I’ve had two orgasms since, but all those really did was make me want him more.

As Khiêm gets up from the bed to undress, I roll over and shift so I’m on all fours, my ass in the air for him. I press my face into the blankets as he palms my ass and lines up with me, pushing in right away. My moans are stifled by the blankets, and he refrains from making any sound at all. I can feel he’s not going to last long, but he doesn’t need to. We don’t have time for more than a quicky anyway, and when he reaches around me to rub my clit, I come fast and hard. He follows right after, thrusting into me a few more times. My channel tightens around him so hard that I shiver from the intensity.

Khiêm pulls out with a low grunt, moving to the bathroom to grab some tissues. I collapse onto the bed, and he chuckles softly when he sees me lying there face-down. He rolls me over to wipe me clean between my legs and bends down to kiss me before grabbing his clothes and getting dressed swiftly.

“We’re leaving in half an hour,” he reminds me in a whisper. “Go shower. You smell like sex.”

I laugh, putting a hand over my mouth to stifle the sound. He winks at me and grabs my legs to pull me to the edge of the bed, helping me to my feet so he can hug me. I’m naked and he’s fully dressed, which make the hug a little weird, but I don’t care. I push my face into his shirt, inhaling deeply.

“I wish we could cuddle,” he breathes, kissing the top of my head. “Still, this was…”

“Really fucking hot,” I finish for him, looking up into his dark brown eyes.

He smiles. “Yeah, it was. Okay, we both need to get ready for the party now. See you in half an hour.”

After a few more kisses, he finally breaks away from me. As I pad into the bathroom to take a shower, he exits the room. The walls are indeed paper thin. I can hear him and Jagger and joking a minute later. On the other side of the wall I share with Marcus and Bee, the TV is on. It’s a good thing we were so quiet.

I know we’re playing a dangerous game, but I don’t care. Being with him is just so good – every part of it. I love this reckless, dominant side of him, but I also love him when he crawl back into bed in his boxershorts, covered in cookie crumbs after sneaking into the kitchen for a midnight snack. I love him all serious at his desk, and playful when he teases me as we watch TV together. I love how he makes me feel, and I also love that I make him feel just as special. I love how we bring out the best in each other while at the same time we’re not scared to call each other on our crap.

I love each single thing about him.


When I meet the others in the lobby downstairs, Khiêm’s eyes almost pop out of his head. I’m in a skintight silver dress with matching stiletto heels, and I pulled my hair up into n elaborate updo, allowing a few curls to escape to frame my face. I’ve pulled out all the stops with jewelry and make-up as well, wanting to feel beautiful and powerful.

And to make Khiêm look at me like that. He’s gotten so used to me in casual outfits by now that I think it’s about time I reminded him that I’m also this Nia. The girl that wears padded push-up bras and sexy dresses, her make-up so on point that she looks like a supermodel.

“You’re late,” Marcus tells me, taking in my appearance. “I though you didn’t sleep around anymore. You sure look like you want to score tonight. Are you sure you want to go out like that?”

“Don’t talk to her like that,” Khiêm growls before he can stop himself.

Marcus gives his friends a strange look. “Erm… okay…?”

“She’s allowed to dress up without being criticized by you,” Khiêm goes on. “She looks amazing. Nia’s been living her best life for months now. Can you honestly say the same?” His eyes move to Bee by his side, not leaving any doubt what he’s talking about.

Marcus puts his arm around Beatrice and scowls. “You too? I’m so done with you guys giving me crap for making my decision. I’m with Bee. I’ve been with her for years. Gracie was a mistake.”

“Don’t call her that,” Jagger says, cutting in for the first time. “She’s my friend. You’d better be nice to her tonight.”

“Why is everyone defending the girl Marcus cheated on me with?” Beatrice is speaking up for the first time today, her eyes moving over all of us, shooting fire. “That bitch wants to take my man from me. I’ve been his girlfriend for eleven years.”

“More like five if you subtract all the days you were technically broken up,” I reply, rolling my eyes.

“We’ve always been friendly,” Bee says, and I can tell she’s truly hurt by the way I’m treating her. “I’ve been to all your birthday parties since you were a little girl, I’ve been on vacation with your family, we’ve shared laughs over a glass of wine… Why are you suddenly so deadest on breaking us up?”

“You cheated on him,” I hiss. “It’s bad enough that you broke his heart time and time again, but at least you didn’t sleep with other guys while you were with him – until you did. Which makes me wonder… was that truly the first time?”

“He cheated on me too,” she cries out, taking a step closer to me.

“Only in reaction to what you’ve been doing to him for eleven fucking years!” I yell back, not intimidated by her. “I don’t hate you, but don’t kid yourself into thinking you and I were ever friends. I never liked you for my brother. Khiêm and Jagger feel she exact same way about you.”

“Damn right I do,” Khiêm agrees right away.

“Jagger?” Marcus asks, his voice tight.

“I just want you to be happy,” he says, always the peacemaker. “Bee is a nice girl, but so is Gracie. Just follow your heart.”

“His heart?” Bee exclaims angrily. “He followed his goddamn dick into her bed once already!”

“What about you?” Khiêm reminds her. “You cheated on him first. And like Nia pointed out… was it really the first time, Bee?”

“I won’t stand here and listen to you two treat my girl like this,” Marcus grunts. “Let’s go to that fucking party already. Why did we even come here?”

“Rose,” Jagger, Khiêm and I all say at the exact same moment.

“Right,” Marcus says, his voice and expression softening. “Sorry, Jagger. We’ll save the drama for when we’re back home. Tonight is about your girlfriend locking up Damon fucking Wright.”

“You’re right,” Khiêm says, letting out a deep sigh. “Sorry, guys. Let’s go. We’ll talk more later.”

We all walk over to the bar Rose and her friends rented out for the night. I’m a few feet behind the others because of my heels, but Khiêm sticks with me, of course, his hand on the small of my back.

“You look breathtaking,” he tells me in a low voice. “Don’t listen to your asshat brother.”

“Hey, I’m only genetically related to the guy. Not my own choice,” I tease, not wanting our stupid tiff to ruin the night. “You choose to be friends with him.”

Khiêm laughs. “True. I must be crazy.”

“Crazy for me?” I ask, batting my lashes at him.

“My cheesiness is rubbing of on you, lovely,” he says with a fond look.

He removes his hand from my lower back when we reach the bar, and I instantly moan the loss. Part of me wants to just tell Marcus right now and be a real couple with Khiêm, no matter who we’re with, but now is so not the time. I know Khiêm may give Marcus shit sometimes, but he doesn’t want to lose him, and if we’re stupid about this, that might happen. Marcus hates our guts right now, so we need to repair that first. That was supposed to happen on this trip. So far, we’re not off to a great start.


If anyone knows how to party, it’s Rose Storm. She really threw one hell of a bash. It’s obvious she and all the other girls who testified against Damon Wright needed this night to cut loose and get rid of all the stress that had been plaguing them for months or even years.

Khiêm and I dance like our lives depend on it, and it’s so much fun to see him come up with weird moves that I try to copy. Soon enough, we’ve got a whole routine going, with lots of weird jumps and high fives that makes no sense. Before him, I mostly just grinded against a guy until he asked if he could take me home or pulled me into a bathroom or alley or something. This is so much more fun, and it’s sexy in a very different way. I want him like I’ve wanted anyone before.

Like he senses my thoughts, he moves his mouth to my ear. “Your room?”

“Yes,” I reply, looking around to see where our friends are. Marcus and Bee are basically dry humping in the corner, oblivious to anyone around them, Gracie is dancing with some guy I don’t know, and Rose and Jagger are nowhere to be seen. Khiêm grins when we realize that there is no one who is going to see us leave together. We’ve both been drinking, and we’re a little buzzed, but not too much. We can still find out way back to the hotel without trouble, and I can walk in a semi-straight line in my high heels.

“Did I tell you how gorgeous you are?” Khiêm asks when the elevator doors close, and he pulls me flush against him. “You are without a doubt the prettiest, sexiest, most amazing girl I’ve ever met.”

“You’re okay,” I reply, kissing him softly. “I think you’ll do.”

“Oh, I’ll show you all that I can do,” he grunts, squeezing my ass.

When the doors open, we jump apart, in the habit of hiding our relationship the minute we’re no longer alone, and we both laugh when we realize the hallway is completely empty. I hand him my keycard and hurry after him through the corridor. The moment we’re inside, our lips find each other again, and we stumble across the room, crashing onto the bed together.

Right when I’m about to free his erection from the cage of his jeans, we hear a loud cry from the room on the left.

“That’s my room,” Khiêm says, sounding surprised.

My hand has frozen on his cock. “That’s Rose,” I whisper, recognizing her voice.

“Spank me, Jag!” she cries out, sounding like she’s about to come.

“Holy fuck,” Khiêm breathes. “Damn, she’s loud.”

“Is he… hitting her?” I ask, not able to picture sweet, gentle Jagger spanking his girlfriend hard enough to force the cries we’re hearing out of her mouth.

“Don’t stop,” she pleads desperately. “Harder, Jagger.”

Judging by loud slaps, he’s giving her what she wants. Khiêm and I stop feeling each other up, shifting into a sitting position. He’s laughing quietly at my horror.

“You knew they were kinky, Nia,” he reminds me, amused to no end.

“It sounds like he’s hurting her,” I whisper.

“Sounds like she loves it,” Khiêm replies just when Rose cries out: “Please, please, I need to come. Please make me come. I can’t take it any longer. I need to come.”

“Then come,” Jagger’s deep voice replies. “Come for me, love.”

Judging by their mutual groans, they’re reaching their peak together. God, this is awkward to listen to. Khiêm mostly seems amused. When they seem to be done, he pushes me back down on the bed, hiking up my dress.

“Where were we?” he groans, kissing my neck.

“It’s gonna take a moment to get me back in the mood,” I tell him honestly, not feeling it right now. “That sounded so… violent.”

“I know, lovely.” Khiêm kisses me tenderly. “And if you want to just cuddle or even leave the room and go back to the bar, you know I’m good with that. Just know that I would never do anything you’re uncomfortable with.”

“I know.” I sit back up, feeling a little off. “But… but… I mean… do you think you’ll ever want to have sex like that?”

“Oh God no,” he says, shuddering. “I don’t want to hit you. I don’t even want to pull your hair when I’m fucking you from behind. All I want is for you to like what we’re doing as much as I do, and you like things soft and gentle.” A small smirk appears on his face. “Well… mostly. What we did earlier wasn’t soft nor gentle.”

“I don’t need that every single time, sometimes a hot and fast quicky is nice to,” I admit, smiling at how smug he looks. “Come here, you.”

Just when we start kissing and I feel comfortable enough to move my hand down his chest, the door in the room on our right opens and closes with a loud bang, followed by the sound of a girl moaning loudly while a man grunts. There is a loud crash, some more moans, and then a deep familiar voice: “Fuck, I love you like this. On your knees, baby.”

“Ew,” I bite out, shuddering as I pull away from my boyfriend. “That’s Marcus and Bee!”

“Okay, time to get out of here,” Khiêm says, laughing at my discomfort. “Come on, sunshine.”

As fast as my legs will carry me on my high heels, I run out after him, not willing to hear my brother defile his girlfriend through the thin walls.

Ew. Just… ew.

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