Needy Nia

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#54 Don’t you have any self-control?

“Okay, he’s gone,” Khiêm grunts, pressing himself against me in the kitchen while I bend over to grab a bowl for the salad I’m making. “The trip to the store should take about thirty minutes, so let’s do this.”

I laugh at his eagerness. Marcus has been with us for five days now, and he’s hardly left the apartment since he took the week off before going back to work after the holidays, so I think it’s safe to say Khiêm is ready to burst.

“What if I’m not in the mood?” I tease, straightening up and turning around.

“Not an option,” he says, grabbing me around the waist and hoisting me up so I’m wrapped around him. “You. Me. Bedroom. Now.”

I giggle as he carries over to our bedroom, almost running us into a wall since he’s trying to kiss me while he walks. He’s rock-hard against me already, and I’m more than in the mood. Not being able to have sex with him for five days makes me want him even more than I normally do. The moment he kicks the door shut behind us and throws me onto the bed, we both undress as quickly as we can. He takes in my naked body with hungry eyes, kneeling beside the bed and yanking me to the edge by my ankles. I spread my legs and he starts eating me out like he’s starving.

Fucking hell, I feel like I haven’t had sex in months instead of days.

“I missed you,” he grunts against my slick folds. “You’re so hot.”

I moan in response, grinding shamelessly against his mouth. It takes him all his self-control to keep things gentle, and I love him for being so sweet. He must want to push into me and fuck me hard, ready to get off more than ever, but instead he takes care of me first.

It doesn’t take long for me to come. Not at all. I cry out, yanking him up by his hair as the waves of pleasure start roll over me. “Get inside of me,” I order him, voice hoarse and full of need. “Hurry.”

He doesn’t need to be told twice. He’s on top and inside of me a few second later, grunting against my neck. I wrap my legs around him, forcing him deeper. Normally, he’s got stamina, but right now, he’s not even trying to hold back. He comes after only a few trusts, cursing loudly.

“Fuck, that’s embarrassing,” he grumbles as he rolls off me.

I laugh and look at the clock, realizing we were so fast today that we’ve got time for one more. “How long before you can go again?” I ask, already stroking him, not caring how sticky he is.

“Three seconds,” he says, his cock already twitching. “Turn around.”

The second I’m on all fours at the edge of the bed, he stands up ad grabs my hips, entering me with a low moan. “Fuck, you feel good.” He moves one hand around me to rub my clit while he fucks me. With his cock rubbing that perfect spot inside of me, and his fingers on my swollen bud, I come hard and fast, my pussy milking him for all he’s got, forcing him to join me.

The second we catch out breath, we hurry to clean up and get our clothes back on. Two minutes later, we’re back in the kitchen, where Khiêm scrolls through the news on his phone and I go back to the salad I was making for lunch. When Marcus walks into the apartment with his arms full of groceries, Khiêm and I smile at each other secretively, both way more relaxed than we were half an hour ago.

“Jesus, what did you do to your hair?” Marcus asks me as he hands me two bottles of sparkling water. “You look like you were just-” His eyes widen, and he looks at Khiêm, who is trying to keep a poker face. “Ah fuck, never mind, I didn’t notice anything. Your hair looks fine.” He shudders. “It’s the middle of the day, guys. Don’t you have any self-control?”

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers too,” Khiêm and I say in unison, grinning. I don’t even have it in me to feel embarrassed. Marcus should be grateful that we didn’t do anything while he was still in the apartment, not even at night when he’s asleep.

“Fair enough,” Marcus says, shaking his head. “It’s a good thing I can go back to my own place soon, I guess. Thanks for putting up with my grumpy ass.”

“You’re welcome,” Khiêm says, taking the plates with lunch salads from me and putting them on the table while I pour us all some juice. “I bet you’re going to miss having Nia make you food three times a day, right?”

“Damn right I am,” Marcus agrees, digging into his salad. “You’re a lucky bastard.”

“He is,” I agree, pressing a kiss to Khiêm temple before sitting down next to him. His hand moves into my lap right away, grabbing me between my legs while he keeps eating like nothing is going on underneath the table. I bite my lip to keep from moaning. Fucking hell, Marcus really needs to get his ass back to his own place or I’m going to explode. I’m horny again, even though we just fucked. Twice.

“Bee texted me earlier. She found a studio apartment close to the high school, and she asked me to help her move,” Marcus tells us with his mouth full of chicken. “I told her to find someone else to do her bidding, and to take me off speed dial.”

“Good man,” Khiêm praises with a smile. “Make this one stick.” His hand is still in my lap, rubbing me through my clothes, driving me nuts.

Marcus nods, looking up at us with a small smile. “Every other time, she was the one to break things off. It’s kind of empowering to be the one doing the dumping. If I ever decide to take her back, can you guys please talk sense into me?”

“Yes!” I cry out way too loudly, because Khiêm’s fingers are dangerously close to getting me off. “Yes, we can do that.”

Khiêm chuckles and removes his hand, leaving me on edge, feeling like I’m going crazy. Marcus looks at me strangely. “Okay… thanks.”

We finish lunch, and then Marcus announces he’s going for a run. I’m so antsy for him to leave that I’m pacing up and down the living room while Khiêm watches me from the couch with a smug look on his face. The second we hear the front door shut, we’re back at it, not even making it to the bedroom this time. I yank off my pants, tug down his sweats, and straddle him, riding him while he plays with my nipples through my shirt.

“My sweet, eager girl,” Khiêm teases, kissing me while I moan.

“Gonna come,” I whimper into his mouth, so on edge that I can barely think straight. “Rub my clit.”

He complies, pushing me over the edge without difficulty. Instead of following behind, he lifts me off him and bend me over the armrest of the couch, pushing back in from behind and allowing himself to lose all control, taking me so hard I’m screaming into the cushions, forced to come again even though my body isn’t even remotely ready for it.

“Fuuuuck,” Khiêm growls, unable to stop himself from coming with me. “So. Fucking. Tight.”

Again, we clean up and get dressed as quickly as we can, and we snuggle on the couch under a blanket, turning on the TV even though we’re not watching. I keep kissing his neck and face, wanting to stay close to him in our perfect little post-sex bubble. He looks at me like he’s mesmerized by every single detail of my face, brushing strands of hair behind my ear and kissing me tenderly.

“You’re everything,” he whispers into my ear, pulling me even closer. “I’m so lucky I found you, Xīngān.”

I touch the necklace he got me for Christmas and smile. “I feel the exact same way.”


The dress is done. With great care, I take it to my brother’s night club in the morning, where he helps me find a safe place for it behind the stage of the karaoke floor that will be used for the party tonight. Downstairs will be the big celebration that will earn Shaughna and Dshawn a lot of money, and upstairs the big family gathering is going to take place, including all the kids, who are way too young to be in a night club on a normal night.

One building to the left, my brother and his girlfriend own a party center that is closed today, of course, and Dshawn put a whole bunch of mattresses and cots on the top floor, so it’s now basically a place for the kids to go to sleep. The adults will take turns watching them so the others can party, and at midnight all the kids get to come to the party in the club. It will be an epic night for sure.

When I get back home, feeling a little sneaky about helping Quang with his surprise for Amy without Khiêm being in the loop, I walk into the living room to find Marcus and Khiêm on the couch, heads bent over something.

“What are you looking at?” I ask, throwing my purse onto the table as I unbutton my coat.

“Nothing,” they say in unison.

“Very convincing,” I tease, watching Khiêm put something in the front pocket of his jeans. What is he hiding from me? It’s not like him to be secretive. Then again, I’ve been hiding the fact that his dad is going to propose to his mom, so I’m not really one to talk. I decide to let the boys have their secret, and I join them on the couch, putting my feet in Khiêm’s lap so he can rub them. He does so without complaining, throwing me a wink. Marcus rolls his eyes at us, but he’s smiling. Even since he came around about the whole thing last week, he’s been a great sport about how touchy feely the two of us are. I guess it must be the Nia bug Mingmei was talking about.

An hour later, my friends show up to start getting ready for the party. We’re having a spa day at home with face masks, manicures and of course we’re doing each other’s hair and make-up. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Ayaan and Holly, so I expected to have a lot to catch up on, but all they talk about is guys they fucked, parties they went to, funny things that happened when they got shit-faced drunk… Aimee and I exchange looks. We’re both so over that. She’s now dating Trystan, taking things slow, which is a nice change of pace for her.

Khiêm decides to go into his studio for some audio narrating, kissing me softly before leaving us girls to do our thing. Marcus sticks around, drinking beer and letting us talk him into getting a face mask as well. Aimee and I even manage to convince him to let us give him a haircut, and we finally tame those wild curls of his into a shorter, neater hairdo. It’s been a while since he last shaved, so I groom his beard as well. When we’re done with him, he looks less like the sad pathetic mess that crawled out of bed this morning, and more like… well, a hot guy, honestly. I don’t see him that way since he’s my brother, but judging by the way Ayaan and Holly are suddenly eyeing him, he must look pretty good.

I remember that Ayaan told me months ago that she wouldn’t mind getting her claws into Marcus, so I pull her and Holly apart before we leave for the party. “Look,” I tell them, feeling a little silly. “Marcus recently broke up with his girlfriend and he’s shaken up about it, even though he pretends to be fine. Please don’t make a move on him, okay?” He’s got enough shit in his life with losing both Bee and Gracie, and I don’t want my friends to complicating things for him further. Especially not since Gracie is coming tonight, tagging along with Rose and Jagger.

Holly rolls her eyes. “Fine. Is Jagger single again, by any chance?”

“He’s very much taken,” I tell her.

“But Marcus isn’t,” Ayaan says, looking over at my brother who is currently trying to pick out a shirt, with some useless advice form Khiêm. Neither of them has any idea about fashion.

“I’m asking you not to go there,” I beg Ayaan. I know that I was annoyed about Marcus telling Khiêm to stay away from me, and now I’m warning my won friend away from him, but this is different. Khiêm and I weren’t looking for a quick fuck. We fell in love. Marcus is heartbroken and already buzzed from drinking beer all day. I’m all for him getting Bee out of his system, but Gracie is going to be there tonight, and I doubt Marcus wants to ruin any chance he’s got left with her by getting drunk and having rebound sex with Ayaan, who is definitely only looking for a good time and not something serious.

“Fine.” Ayaan rolls her eyes. “You’re such a party pooper.”

Khiêm calls me over to help him pick out an outfit, and I walk over, telling Marcus he needs to change as well. They both humor me, and fifteen minutes later, we all look our best. We’re ready to party and raise a glass together at midnight. I can’t wait to see everyone.

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