Needy Nia

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#58 This is insane

It’s like we’re frozen in time as I look down at my boyfriend, who is asking me if I want to marry him. The ring is absolutely stunning, just a simple thin gold band with a triangular diamond. It’s tiny and will look amazing around my slim fingers. I bet it has a great wedding band to fit against it, completing the picture.

This is insane. I want to marry him, obviously, but this is not what I was expecting tonight, not at all. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he’d ask me to marry him after only having been together for such a short amount of time.

Logically, my answer should be no. I’m only 22, he’s only 26. We’ve not been together long enough. People will think we’re crazy. We’re both busy with our jobs, and I’m still working my ass off to get my dream of opening my own store one day. We’ve only openly been a couple for less than a month. It makes absolutely no sense to get engaged.

As I look down into his eyes, my heart is singing a love song, and my entire body is trembling. It’s crazy and too soon, but the only word on my mind is yes. There is no way in hell I’m telling him no, because I want this. I want this so fucking much it’s insane. I want to be his wife. Maybe I should tell him no – I think he’s expecting me to – but I can’t.

“Yes,” I breathe, a tear slipping out and sliding down my cheek.

“Did you say yes?” Khiêm asks, looking like he can’t believe the word that just came out of my mouth.

“Yes,” I repeat a little louder. “Yes, I will marry you.”

“She said yes!” he exclaims as he jumps up, taking me in his arms and kissing me. I jump him, my legs going around his waist as we deepen the kiss, both completely oblivious to all the other people in the room.

“Stop humping my sister!” Creed’s voice cuts through the room. “Save that for the wedding night!”

We both laugh and he sets me back down, taking the beautiful slim engagement ring from the box and slipping it onto my finger. It’s a little big, so we’ll have to take it to get fitted, but that doesn’t make it any less perfect.

“You’re sure?” Khiêm asks, taking my face in his hands, his eyes searching mine. “I know it’s soon, and we can take our sweet time planning our big day. I don’t mind waiting for a year or even more if I have to. I just wanted to… I don’t know… make you mine forever, I guess.”

It’s impossible to wipe the huge smile from my face. “I’ve been yours form the start, baby,” I touch his cheek with my hand that is now adorned with my brand-new ring.

He pulls me in for another kiss right when Shaughna starts counting down the seconds until midnight. We’re already kissing when the new year starts, and we don’t stop until the it’s already well on its way. Finally, we manage to break apart, and I’m immediately pulled into my mother’s arms, and she squeezes me so hard it hurts.

“That boy…” she says, shaking her head, tears in her eyes. “Are you sure, honey?”

“More sure of anything in my entire life,” I reply right away.

“Then I’m very happy for you,” she says, shaking her head with a smile. “When I gave him permission to marry you at Christmas, I didn’t think he’d propose this soon.”

I laugh, agreeing with her completely. “I know, but it’s kind of perfect.”

Dad pulls me in for a hug next, picking me up and twirling me around. He’s crying, and smiling, and looking at me like he can’t believe his little girl is now engaged. I can’t quite believe it myself. I’m passed from one set of arms to the next, every single family member wanting to hold me and congratulate me. When Marcus pulls me against him, I clutch him for dear life.

“You knew, didn’t you?” I ask, looking up at his happy face.

“Yeah,” he admits. “He asked for my permission right after Christmas. He’d already picked out a ring by then, and was trying to decide whether to do it at New Year’s or Valentine’s.” He grins. “Your boyfriend is cheesy as fuck.”

I laugh along, my heart soaring. “My fiancé,” I correct him.

“Did my bride-to-be call me?” Khiêm asks, pulling me away from my brother and back to him for a tender kiss. “Still sure?” he asks, brushing my hair out of my face.

“Definitely.” I wish we were alone so I could show him how sure I am about this instead of only telling him.

Our friends are next to congratulate us, and I’m passed from Aimee to Rose, then to Gracie, who squeals into my ear, and finally to Jagger, who looks misty-eyed. He got married to Celeste when he was even younger than I am, and he only found out about me and Khiêm today, so I’m a little worried about what he thinks about all of this.

“Do you think we’re too young?” I ask him as he hugs me tightly.

Jagger pulls back and shakes his head. “If there is anything I know by now it’s that there is not such thing as the perfect relationship, or the perfect time to get married. It’s about the reason you get married. I married Celeste because I wanted to take care of her, because she needed me, not because I loved her so much I couldn’t bare to be apart from her for another moment. And I have a feeling that you and Khiêm are all about not wanting to be apart.” He smiles when he reads the answer in my eyes. “Besides, I’m sure you’ll need time to design and make the perfect dress, and plan the perfect day, so it’ll probably a whole year before you actually say I do. You’ve got time.”

I know me and Khiêm need to talk about this when we’re finally alone later tonight, but the most important thing is that we’re going to be husband and wife, whether that’s a month from now, a year, or three years. I’m his and he’s mine. That feels pretty fucking good.

Rose comes back to hug me again, throwing her arms around both me and Jagger, jumping up and down. Her father Nathan and stepmother Caroline come over as well, congratulation me.

“Caroline was 25 when Nathan proposed,” Jagger tells me. “And they’d been together for… what was it?”

“Six months?” Nathan says, looking at his wife questioningly.

“Five?” She frowns. “No wait, we’d known each other for about half a year, but we’d only been officially together for three, I think?”

“Wow, that’s fast,” I say, Rose’s arm still around my waist.

Nathan chuckles. “Didn’t you just agree to marry the boy you’ve been dating for less than five months?”

Excellent point.

“When you know, you know,” Caroline states simply.

“Do you know?” Rose asks me, nudging me in the ribs.

I wince, pushing her off. “Yeah, I know.”

And that’s the truth. I know. I’ve known from our first kiss that he’s it for me. This is the kind of all-consuming love I thought only existed in movies and books, not in real life. This is what my parents feel for each other, what I see when I look around the room watching all these people in their thirties, forties and fifties sipping their drinks, kissing, and playing with their tired, over-excited kids. Khiêm is definitely my one and only.


When Khiêm and I want to go home, the club is already half-empty – that’s what happens when you party with a bunch of old people with kids – and Marcus is nowhere to be found. I ask Aimee if she’s seen him, and she pries herself away from Trystan for a moment. She’s not drunk, to my relief, and neither is he, so I feel alright leaving her with him. After everything the two of us have been through, it nice that we’re both with good guys now.

“I think he went with Creed,” Aimee replies, frowning. “He left around the same time your parents did. I’m sure he’s just giving you and Khiêm space at the apartment.”

She’s probably right, so I say goodbye to the last people here, congratulate Amy and Quang one more time, who congratulate me right back, both of them glowing. Then I’m off, hopping into my uber with Khiêm beside me. We kiss all the way home, and he keeps lifting my hand to his lips, pressing kisses all around my engagement ring.

When we’re in front of our apartment, he pulls me into his arms and insists on carrying me over the threshold. I giggle when he realizes he can’t open the door like this. I dig his keys out of his pocket and manage to get the door open. He carries me in, kicks the door closed behind us and takes me straight to the bedroom, lying me down on the bed with the utmost care.

“We can take all the time in the world to get married,” he says, lowering himself onto me, kissing me while I untuck his shirt from his pants and run my hands over his back, sinking in my nails a little. “I’m so happy you said yes, Nia. I honestly worried you were going to freak out.”

“I did, a little,” I admit, shivering when he kisses my neck. “But I love you, and I want this. Yeah, it’s soon, but it feels right.”

“My thoughts exactly.”

We kiss tenderly, taking our time undressing each other, kissing each inch of skin that appears when an article of clothing hits the floor. When we’re completely naked, Khiêm pulls back to drink in every part of me, sighing happily.

“Mine,” he whispers, his fingers skimming over my breasts and stomach. “Forever.”

“When do you want to get married?” I ask, my hands exploring his body as well, slowly, paying attention to the way his hairs stand up and his breath hitches with every light stroke of my fingertips.

“Whenever you want,” he groans, pulling me closer and raking his fingers down my spine until I shiver, then cupping my ass and rolling me on top of him, kissing my neck.

“I liked starting the New Year as your fiancé,” I murmur, rubbing myself against him. “Maybe we could get married on the last day of this year, starting the next one as husband and wife.”

“That sounds perfect. I think we just set our date.” He pulls my legs up so I’m straddling him, groaning when I grind against him harder. “Let’s save the venue for tomorrow. I want to make love to my fiancé now.”

No way am I saying no to that. I sink down on him immediately and rotate my hips as slowly as possible while he starts rubbing my clit and playing with my nipple. Our eyes never leave each other as I come, moaning loudly as I spasm around him. He keeps going until I come again, even harder than the first time.

He rolls me over so he’s on top and enters me again, his moves still sweet and controlled, kissing me every few seconds. He tastes like champagne, and I smile against his lips, my nails digging into his back as he starts to pick up the pace.

“Are you ready for me to be the only woman you’ll ever get to sleep with for the rest of your life?” I ask softly.

“Fuck yes,” he grunts, pulling my legs around him so he can push in even deeper. “You’re the only one I want, lovely.”

He comes without warning, a feral grunt slipping out as he empties himself inside of me, thrusting in a few more times until he’s got nothing left to give. We clean up quickly and snuggle together afterward, every inch between us feeling like one too many.

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