Someone’s Sun

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*This is a spin off story of Somewhere Above the Clouds. However, it can be read as a standalone.* Maria Nihon never expected her freshman year of college to consist of anything other than studying and exams. But when she meets a handsome solider during his brief assignment to her town, she gives into her desires. No real names were exchanged, just one carefree night. A year later they meet again, and in the least likely of ways. As it turns out, he's her best friends brother.

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"Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out, chase that."

- Gemma Troy


Maria Nihhon


It really wasn't as unattainable as everyone thought. I'd been a people pleaser my entire life and I had become very good at it.

Perfect daughter.

Perfect friend.

Perfect student.

Until one day I met someone who made me want to throw my perfection away. I didn't want it anymore.

I wanted the heat of the sun on my face with only his body to shield my skin from the rays.

I wanted his sweet disposition and the sense of security that only he could give me.

But I wanted too much.

Much more than he was capable of giving.

Because behind his sweet security, there was darkness that I didn't see coming.
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