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This is a intimate draft for two young characters in a story in writing called Pandemic. Please let me know if I should add it to the final draft. <3

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Forrest and Amanda draft

"How are you feeling?" Forrest asks as they walk through the forest, swiping branches away from their faces.
"I'm fine." She answers, walking as fast as she can with the bullet in her leg and her shirt wrapped around her thigh, tying it off.
"You're not. I think I've got you figured out by now." She stops and turns around, her face revealing all her feelings to him.
"Know me? You just met me. How the hell could you know me?" She turns back around and storms forward.
"Figuring out how a girl works isn't as difficult as everyone says it is. You offered me what you had, you let me stay with you. You obviously have empathy, your kind. You were kind to me. And it seems like you sure as hell have a temper."
"Damn right. You lied to me."
"I'm sorry okay, but what would I have told you? I was being injected with test cures, injected with the virus? I escaped and ran through the woods? I died twice and was revived for testing?"
"Shut up." Amanda stops and holds her hand up.
"No. I wouldn't have come this far-"
"Shut up, look." She points ahead and he stops, looking at the small house in the middle of the woods.
"Let's go." Forrest runs ahead of Amanda, who limps after him. They are both looking through the windows and seeing nothing but shack walls.
"Let's go." Forrest says, stepping through the door and looking around. Amanda follows him in and searches around with him, finding nothing but an empty room containing a few blankets, some buckets filled with water, a small furnace, a little coat closet, and a mattress on the floor in the corner.
"We could stay here for the night, couldn't we?"
"Yeah. I guess so." Amanda responds. She sits down on the edge of the mattress and sighs.
"Listen. I wouldn't have come so damn far if I didn't… if I didn't need another person. If I didn't need you." He pauses and looks at her for approval. She ignores him and peeps away the bloody clothing sticking to her leg. She rips it farther and takes a look at the hole in her leg that's gushing blood.
"Are there any towels?" She asks. He looks at her, surprised, but tosses her a towel. Why won't she listen to him? He thinks, upset she's ignoring him.
She pats some of the blood away and extends her leg, the excruciating pain spreading upwards.
“What else do you need?” Forrest asks, giving into her ignorance.
"We don't have anything else. This should be fine in the meantime." She takes a knife and slices the towel into strips and then wraps it around her wound, wincing as she pulls it tight.
"Here." He hands her a plastic water bottle and she gladly drinks half the bottle.
"Thank you." She says gratefully.
"Your welcome." He sits down next to her and looks out the window. The sunset made the sky orange reminding him of his mom's hair. "I know she's out there somewhere Amanda."
She stays looking at the ground with her elbows on her knees.
"I'm sorry I didn't come for you sooner. I would have if I'd known they'd moved the facility to the school."
"It's fine." Amanda lets down her defences. It's not like she's known Forrest her whole life, she would have totally different expectations if they were best friends but they don't know each other. They are just acquaintances and she feels like to him, she's the last priority. First his mom and his brother, then her, she wants to feel appreciated and loved and to her it seems like this boy she's just met can't do that. To her it seems like the only people who could do that were her family, but they're gone. I'm loveless. She thinks.
"What are you thinking?" Forrest asks, looking at her now and not the darkening sky through the window.
“How are we going to find your mom? And, and how do you even know she's alive?” She asks, changing topics. He bites her fish hook.
“When I went to my house, i never checked her room. I didn't even look at her door but when i saved you,” Saved me? She thinks, “and we went to my house and I came into her room. She left a note, said id know how to find her.”
“Well do you?” She questions.
“No. Not exactly.” He confesses. She sighs. “But, there were a few places I knew she loved, we could go there and look for her.” Amanda nods, maybe he's getting somewhere. But then it occurs to her she can't do anything.
“I can't go.”
“What, why?”
“Because Forrest, look at me, i'm a mess, i'll just slow you down.” Forrest sighs. He won't leave her again, not if he has a choice.
“I guess you're right.” He looks around at the dark ceiling and sighs, considering what other options there are. Amanda is totally discouraged, she feels like a burden already considering Forrest had to go through hell to get to her. “But I won't leave you here, we can just stay here in this… little shack.” He says.
“No, I can't do that to someone who I just met. You need to find your mom and Henry.”
“They can wait. It's decided, we can stay here till your leg gets better and then we'll look for them.” He concludes.
“You can't make that decision on your own, I'm not some mindless girl, it's my choice too. And I say you need to find your family before they end up dead.”
“Who says they aren't already?” He directs his attention back to her. “I'm going to bed. You can have the blankets.”
“Im fine.” She says, laying down facing away from him. He thinks about the human touch he's longing for and wonders if she wants it too.
"Yeah?" She responds.
"Would you ever kiss me?" He questions.
"I barely know you, I only kiss people I know." She answers him, although her longing for someone else's love rises into her throat. He spins around and puts his hand on her neck, feeling her warmth spread to him.
"You know me enough." He says, leaning down and kissing her. Amanda is surprised, she wants to pull away but she misses the interaction so she sits up and scoots closer to him. Forrest feels ecstatic and he feels like a bull. He doesn't like the pants around his waist, he wants to take them off, same as a bull who wants to throw the rope off. He holds her neck with one hand, continuing to kiss her, pushing her back down on the mattress, and laying in between her legs.
The nights long and they fill it with their howls, and their screams from the human touch they wanted so badly. Forrest feels finally in touch with life, with Amanda as he lays down next to her, breathing heavy.
Their lungs gasping for air echo through the cabin as dawn sets in. Amanda feels wanted, she's not quite sure what she's just done and what it means for them but she feels wanted by someone. They lay for an hour or so, Forrest arm draped over Amanda's nude chest til the sun is so bright they can't possibly sleep anymore. When Amanda wakes her leg aches and she wishes she had some medicine for it.
“I'm going to go exploring around here.” Forrest proclaims, sliding his dirty clothes back on.
“Okay, be right there.” She says sarcastically.
“Here.” He says, holding out his hand. She takes it and winces as he pulls her up off the mattress. “Sorry.”
“It's fine.” Amanda slides her shirt on and carefully slips on her jeans, trying not to disturb her leg. Once she's finished she walks through the front door, and once again, Forrest thinks she’s crazy. She makes a bullet wound look easy to handle despite the griping and crying.
Amanda walks stiff legged holding onto Forrests arm for support as they walk through the woods. She thinks of him differently now, she knows how he feels and she must admit she could probably still walk fine without his arm, but she holds it tight. Human touch. Forrest thinks, liking the feeling of her clinging onto his arm. Last night was his first and he wonders how Amanda feels about it, if it'll happen again.
“Listen…” They stop and listen to the running water coming from ahead. “Lets go.” He says, trying to speed up but giving in and slowing down for Amanda whose leg has a bullet in it. They come upon a river and he sits her down on the bank to go wash off his face. She watches him play in the water, splashing it on his face and kicking in it, running around.
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