Chaotic Destiny

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Anvi is an ordinary teenage girl with an ordinary life. Well, she also has a crazy bunch of friends and an even crazy family. Her life is pretty sorted so far, but things take a turn this particular summer, when a new boy shifts to her town. Karthik is like the guy, every girl wants in her life. Well every girl, except Anvi, who has a very bad case of 'fear of commitment'. She hates making promises and not being able to fulfill them. But with Karthik, things are a little different. Her brain and her heart are in a constant refusal to co-operate. With destiny knocking on her door and chaos ready to take over her world, will Anvi be able to smile her way out of the situation? Is being sarcastic even an option?

Romance / Humor
Sharwari Pandit
Age Rating:

I watch action movie

Do you ever feel that life is just unfair?

I mean those foolish, harmless birds like Dodo have gone extinct but those vengeful, blood-sucking, disease spreading mosquitoes are still roaming this planet freely.


Then probably you have never volunteered to mend the garden for your mother.

Lucky you.

Here I am, stuck with huge gardening scissors on a wonderful summer afternoon, mending the garden and donating my precious blood to these hungry mosquitoes in the process.

Flaying and clapping my hands around myself I sat down with a thud on the muddy ground.

"I am never going to allow mother to sweet talk me into this ever again." Sighing I leaned over a nearby table.

Looking down at myself I noticed that the pink pajamas that I were wearing had an ugly brown stain on them and my yellow T-shirt was sticking to my body.

I guess it's time to take a shower.

I was about to get up when the doorbell rang.

Ting Tong
Ting Tong

I opened the door to reveal two guys cladded in CR7 Jersey.

Both of them were beaming at me, triumph clearly visible in their eyes.

"I feel like there is going to be a victory party tonight,"
smiling at them I turned around and sat in a corner of our living room, not daring to seat on our sofa in my current mud-stained state.

"There better be!" Ved slouched down beside me. "I shot the last winning goal."

Ved is my younger brother. He is always calm and gentle and humble. Honestly, I don't know how he manages it on everyday basis.


"Thanks," Grinning, he took a look around the room, "Mum's not home?"

"No, she called me a while ago and told me that she and dad won't be home tonight."

"Oh, is that so?" Turning at the voice I noticed Tej, who was slouched on the sofa in his sweaty clothes, giving me a mischievous smile.

Tej is, I am not very glad to say this, my twin brother.

Not because he is a bad brother or something. He just gets on my nerves most of the time.

I can't help but eye him with suspicion. It does not happen often that our parents leave us home alone.

Generally our grandma stays with us, but she is out on a trip, that leaves only us kids in the house.

And knowing my brother, he is definitely planning something.

"What are you up to?"

"No need to give me that look," he said while taking his shoes off, "I was just wondering we could have a movie marathon tonight."

"Yes!" Ved jumped up at the mention of the movie, "I will select the first one."

"Hmm..Movies don't sound so bad, I am in."

Tej grinned at me and slouched down back on the couch.

"I am heading up to take a shower," I announced getting up from my position, "Get off that couch Tej, or mum's gonna kill you and for God's sake take a bath, both of you, you stink."

Smiling sweetly at both of them I headed upstairs towards my room.

Our house was a two storey bungalow situated on the outskirts of a small town.

Out of the four rooms that we had, I claimed the one that overlooked the back garden and had the most amazing view.

The boys had their room across me and our parents had their room downstairs beside our grandma's room.

Walls of my room were covered with a sky blue wallpaper having intricate designs of silver on it.

My study table stood in one corner and my bed in another. Beside my table there was a shelf filled with books that I intended finishing this summer.

Good luck with that.

I sighed and marched into the shower.


Nothing can be compared to a South-Indian movie's fighting scenes.

I mean come on,

Flying cars -check
Crying heroine- check
Rowdy villaine-check
Dashing hero- check

I just don't understand one thing, the thugs are firing bullets after bullets at our hero and he simply manages to dodge each and every one of them. Do these thugs know how to aim at all?

I popped another popcorn in my mouth watching as the hero plunged across a burning bridge to rescue his damsel in distress.


And here comes the song.

I don't know why these two love those action movies. So much of bloodshed.

Well I made them watch Frozen, so I can't really complain.

Alexa play evil laughter.

Well Tej made me watch some creepy psychological thriller in return, which I am terrified of, so we are even.

"It is my turn again to choose the next movie." I started reaching towards the remote.

"Not―" Tej blocked my move, "―another of your fairytales."

"Oh don't be such a spoilsport," I smirked, "Even Ved likes those movies."

"No I don't!" He complained from besides me.

I gave him an accusatory stare.

"I am not watching another of your happy ever afters followed by a creepy serial killer!" He said and snatched the remote from Tej's hand. "Play some decent movie or I am off to bed."

He has to be the bloody peacemaker.

"Alright, alright." Sighing, I took the remote control from his hands, "Let's watch Avatar."

"Is it okay?" I asked Tej after getting a pointed look from Ved.

"Cool." He nodded and turned to start the movie.

"Great!" Ved, slumped down beside me, grinning.

This guy! What is the fun in watching a movie that everyone enjoys!

He needs to get his dictionary checked for the definition of 'fun'.

Still, I don't know why, but the night turned out to be better afterwards.


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