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Jordan Miller' s best friend has committed suicide however Jordan does not accept. She goes on a mission to figure out who killed her friend. She goes on this quest unaware of what lays ahead, love and monsters.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Finally I had finished typing my essay. After I clicked on the send button I took my phone out of the drawer on my study table.
As usual I switched off my phone for the whole week to do my assignment. When Prof. Mackenzi gives us long essays like this I go on what my best friend and I call social hibernation. I cut myself from the outside world and complete my essay without destruction (I easily loss concentration so this is necessary).

After my week of social hibernation I spend time with my best friend and only friend, Jennifer. We spend the whole day together catching up on the time we didn't spend together and what I missed out on.

This time it is different. Today I' m going on a lunch date with Alex. I met him at the local coffee shop when Jennifer was ordering our beverages. It was my last day out. I have been really looking forward to today.

I haven't had someone have a liking in me in a long time. And to have a tall, chocolatey masculine man like Alex ask me out... I will have to admit felt good. Unless of course I was just mesmerized by his narrow dark brown eyes and his contagious bright smile.

Alex and I were meeting at an Italian restaurant not so far from the school campus. I wore girl friend jean with a plain white bodysuite and a long black double breasted coat and knee high black leather boots. I accessorized with a long black and white scarf and simple golden hoops. My hair was in a frohawk.

I walked into the restaurant and found Alex seated on a table for two at the corner of the restaurant. I nervously took the seat opposite to him and apologised for being late.
"You're not late, I was early." Which was true. "Here I got you this. A beautiful flower for a beautiful lady," I could feel myself blush at the comment, "or is that formal." He joked as I shyly took the red rose.


Jennifer and I walked in to the local cafè. There was barely a line so Jen didn't mind waiting alone. She joined the line and I sat at one of the window tables and playing with my phone.
"May I join you?" I looked up and there was this man with the body like that of Thor, from the Norse' mythology.
"Yeah, sure," I said. I couldn't stop staring at him. There was a weird feeling in my throat... I think it was my heart beat or something.
"Alexander Forrest," he said reaching out his hand.
"Jordan Miller," I replied, putting my phone down and meeting his hand half way cross the table.
"Pleased to meet you. Ms. Miller may you please go out for luncheon with me on Tuesday. That is of course if you are available?"
"Wow, that's so formal," realizing what I had just said I covered my mouth with the palm of my hand. Damn words just came out. But do you blame me. The man looked barely 24 years and he was speaking like this. Unless he really is Thor and has been around for centuries without aging.

"Is there something wrong with being formal Ms. Miller?" He asked expressionless.

"No, no. Nnoo. No " I replied nervously trying to convince either him or myself that I am not uncomfortable at all. My 'nos' stopped when I saw a little mischievous smirk crack on his face. Once it was fully formed we both laughed at my discomfort.
He handed me his phone for me to save my numbers.

"Jordan Miller."

"You already told me your name." He stated chuckling.

"No. I saved them as Jordan Miller, my numbers."

"Oh. Well I will change them to Ms. Miller later. See you Tuesday, Ms. Miller." Shoot. I forgot about that.

"Sorry Mr. Forrest but I cannot make it to luncheon on Tuesday. This coming week I will be in social hirberbation. I won't be available 'til Friday."

"Well, Friday it is Ms. Miller."

"Hi. I am Jennifer, Jordan's friend. Are you in one of her Arts and Sciences classes?" She asked handing me my cappuccino. Wait, where did she come from. I didn't see her come here.
"No. I' m Alex. I was just asking your friend here out on a date."

"It was nice meeting you Alex but we have to go." I said dismissingly. I have embarrassed myself enough in front of Alex, didn't need Jenni doing anything that could further embarrass me. I know her too well.

End of Flashback

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